Message from to all my fanfic reviewers:

ME: Hello, everyone! I was about to update my next chapter of Mythology League but I'm afraid I can't do it today. I'm felt very sick since something happened to me since last night: I can't sleep, cramp, and worst of all I'm vomit twice.

Serena: Hello, Diamond1984! I'm so sorry you not feel well.

Ash: Me too.

Pikachu: So do I [give me a cup of orange juice]

ME: Thanks, Serena and Ash. [laugh and smiled to Pikachu] And you too, Pikachu.

Serena: Now, girl, you go right into your bed and rest.

Ash: And once you'll feel better, you can continue your next chapter.

ME: Okay. Oh! I forgot! Happy birthday, Serena.

Serena: Today's my birthday? [She took at my Naruto Shippuden calendar of June.] Oh! Today is my birthday.

Ash and Pikachu: Happy birthday, Serena.

Serena: Thank you, everyone! Now, girl, get some sleep.

ME: Al-alright! [*YAWN* and I feel sleep in my bed]

Ash: [turn to you] Shhhh! Let's get her some rest until she's better.

Serena: And be patient until next chapter comes out.

Pikachu: See ya until next time. [Then they left my room.]