Well I'm not sure why I started writing this, but I think it came out OK. I might even turn it into a proper story, and write about all the next generation's sortings. Let me know what you think.

The Sorting

"That's her!" Someone hissed, and for a moment I considered turning around and looking at them. But James had said it was best to ignore them, and that they'd get over it quickly.

"There? The redhead?" Someone else whispered.

"Yes. Lily, her name is. Potter's kid."

Potter's kid. Fantastic. That's going to haunt me forever, isn't it? I haven't even been sorted yet, and already I'm known as Potter's kid.

I'm famous, you see. Not for anything I've done, however. No, I'm famous by association. My father, the famous Harry Potter.

My mother, famous Quidditch player and writer for the Daily Prophet.

My uncle, the creater of the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

My entire family, mostly, war heroes.

Maybe I should have got to the platform alone, rather than arriving with not only my mum and dad, and my Uncle Ron – famous for his place in the war and for his role in the WWW – and my Aunt Hermione – famous for her place in the war, and for her career, and all the books she's written – and Teddy, who everyone at Hogwarts will have known. Or at least heard of. Plus, there was James and Al, who even sat on the train with me, as though I was afraid to travel alone.

As a result, I met no one on the train, and my fellow first years are strangers. Bar Hugo, of course, who is not only my cousin but my best friend.

Anyway, I am famously related, and so am already being pointed at, whispered about, and labelled as Potter's kid.


I sort of feel kind of sorry for those being sorted right now. No one's paying them any attention, staring instead at me. Huh. I'm going to develop severe paranoia at this place.

Beside me, Hugo shifted nervously. Honestly, we're only on the Ds. He's got a while to wait yet. Besides, since my dad told me that you can practically choose your house, me and Hugo made a pact that we'd go into the same one. So whichever one I get into, he has to ask for. I'd do the same, obviously, but Potter comes before Weasley, therefore Hugo is playing the sheep.

"Maverick, Joseph." The deputy head announced, and that caught my attention. Maverick? When did we reach the Ms? Oh no, oh no, oh damn no...

Yes, that's right, Harry Potter's daughter – Ginny Weasley's daughter – is absolutely terrified of putting a raggedy hat on her head. And no, not because the thing could be lice-infected.

My entire family is Gryffindor. Even Molly, who I really didn't think would end up there. So, even though Hugo should follow me, I don't want to be the first none-Gryffindor. And what if Hugo doesn't follow me? What if he breaks the pact and I end up somewhere else and all alone?

"Nearly Potter's turn." I heard a whisper. "Where do you think she'll end up?"

"Gryffindor, for sure." Someone replied, and I frowned. What if I didn't? What if I ended up somewhere else, different? Would I still be seen as Potter's kid, or would I finally be just Lily, a real, separate person?

I think my own identity would be worth even Slytherin.

Something to think about there.

"Parker, Elizabeth."

Not a lot of thinking time, though. That's...problematic.

Another student...and another...and what if I don't hear my name and I just stand here like an idiot –

"Potter, Lily."

Oh. There it is. No need to worry about missing it –at the very mention of my name, the noise starts up. And Hugo nudged me forward, but the people of Hogwarts talking would have been enough of a clue. I walked carefully forward, hoping not to trip – can you imagine what a ledgend that would become? Potter's kid tripped on her way to the sorting...fell flat on her face then was bright red for two hours, while the students of Hogwarts laughed.

I was so distracted with the don't-fall-over thing, that I barely noticed when I sat on the little stool, or when the hat was dropped onto my head. Ergo, I jumped violently when a voice spoke in my ear – my head? – and very nearly screamed.

I doubt that you falling over is legend material, Miss Potter.

"I...You're probably right." I replied after the initial shock. "But all they've done since I got here is talk about me. It wouldn't surprise me."

Only to be expected, isn't it?

"No. I'm not my father – I didn't do any of the things he did. I'm not my mother, either, and I haven't done anything she's done. I'm just me, and I haven't done anything, and I don't deserve to be famous."

So you want to earn your fame?

"I want to deserve it. If I wasn't already famous I doubt I'd want it – do you know the Daily Prophet has pictures of my seventh birthday party? That's just weird. But since I am famous, I want to have it for the right reasons. Not just because I was randomly born to Harry and Ginny Potter."

Good. That's very good.

"Smart, too. Maybe I'm Ravenclaw material."

You don't want Ravenclaw, Miss Potter.

"Lily. It's Lily. And why don't I want Ravenclaw?"

You're not the studying type. And I think you'd be very frustrated when you attempt to enter the common room.

"Hey, I'm not stupid-"

Oh, I know that. But you're not a Ravenclaw, Miss Potter. Trust me.

"It's Lily, I told you. And OK, so I'm not a Ravenclaw. How's about Hufflepuff?"

Now, be honest. The general opinion of Hufflepuff isn't very high, is it?

"So? There's lots of great Hufflepuffs."

And you think that it would be easier to prove yourself there? That if you were in that house, people would expect less of you?

"I – no..."

Besides, you're not a Hufflepuff.

"I'm really loyal!"

But you're not a Hufflepuff.

"Fine. Slytherin?"

Miss Potter, you don't wish to be there. I can see, don't forget. You fear them, slightly. And dislike them.

"But no one expects me to be there-"

You don't belong there, Miss Potter. You do not have their qualities. You know where you belong. Where you want to be. We both do.

I sighed, because the stupid hat was right.

"So it's Gryffindor, then?"

That's right. Trust me, it's where you belong. Ready?

"Wait! Wait. I – Do I belong there because of me, or because of my family?"

Because of you, Miss Potter.

"Then why keep calling me 'Miss Potter'? Why not just Lily?" I asked, because that had really annoyed me throughout our conversation.

It laughed. The hat actually laughed at me.

OK, Lily. I am sorting you because of you, and you only. Ready?

"OK. I'm ready."

Good. Oh – and Lily? You're going to earn that fame. Be patient. GRYFFINDOR!

The hat was pulled from my head, even though I wanted to ask about that last remark. With a slight smile directed at Hugo, I made my way to the Gryffindor table, where James and Al had left a space for me.

"That took forever." James said.

"We were talking." I replied, half-smiling.

"About what?" Al asked incredulously.

"Things. Now shh." I replied, my attention on the next sortee.

Even though half the attention was still on me, I relaxed. The hat said I was going to earn this, and I believe it. Even if I don't make a habit of listening to hats, usually.