Okay this story takes place after series one finale, sometime during series 2

Okay this story takes place after series one finale, sometime during series 2. It is un-beta'd and un-Americanised, so if there is any mistakes then I am sorry.

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A/N this is not a deathfic, you might think it is but it's not I promise. You'll get my jist when you read the next chappie.

Dean, sat in the corner of the room, covered in blood, sweat and grime, fresh tear tracks running down his face, and a gun lying discarded on the floor. It was over.

Agent Hendrickson and his FBI crew, sneaked up to the cabin, they had received a tip-off, that gun shots had been fired, and a black impala was parked outside the cabin. He had put two and two together, and had called every available officer. Gesturing towards his comrades they stood up guns raised and exploded in the cabin. Immediately they were met with gunfire,

"FBI put your hands in the air or I swear we will gun you down."

He yelled, fully expecting the tirade of gunfire to continue, but instead it stopped and they entered the small room.

Dean Winchester was sitting in the corner looking up arrogantly, his gun, coked lazily in his hand, pointing straight at him. They stared at each other for what felt like hours but can't have been more than 5 seconds, and Dean lightly threw his gun across the room, towards Hendrickson's feet.

"Get down on your knees; keep your hands where I can see them"

Hendrickson cuffed him, silently. The cocky attitude seemed to have evaporated since he had last seen him.

"Sir, we have found something" came a voice from the other room,

Hendrickson stood up, and raised his gun slightly into the other room, expecting there to be some kind of stand-off with the other brother. Sam Winchester was in the other room along with three other men and one woman; each of them sporting multiple bullet hole to the chest, Sam was tied in a chair and had just the one bullet hole through the centre of the forehead. Suddenly Hendrickson understood where Dean's attitude had gone, the man was crazy.

3 hours later

Dean lay on the bed in his cell, it was hard but hard mattresses were the least of his worries. The Guilt was overwhelming, and the same images kept flashing through his head, his dad had warned him about it, now he was the last one left, his mum dead, his dad dead because of him, and he has shot his own brother in the head. Dean Winchester the last solider fighting on in a strange and lonely world. Everything was different now, he would probably never leave jail again, this thought was comforting at least in jail he couldn't hurt anybody; he couldn't save anybody either but that thought never crossed his mind.

"Dean Winchester" he looked up, "come with me to the interview room" the nameless man looked down on him like he was some filthy animal, not looking him in the eye, but in Deans eye he was an animal who had followed his Father's instructions no-matter who got hurt. Dean had tried everything to save his brother, but there had to be something else, that he just hadn't thought of. Not moving, he shut his eyes.

"Dean just kill me please, I don't want to be like this, I don't want to kill anyone else" tears were streaming down Sam's face.

"Sammy I can't; there has to be something else we can try" Dean half begged half sobbed.

"I can feel it coming, the evil is covering me, painting my soul black, soon I won't be me any more, I'll be a monster. I don't want to die as a monster I want to die as me, Sam Winchester. Not a daemon leader." fingers trembling Dean Felt his hand pull on the trigger, and with a bang, Sammy's eyes went dull, and he stopped moving.

Dean opened his eyes, the guy at the door was saying something, but for the life of him he couldn't see the point in listening. The guard marched into the cell and pulled him up gruffly. Dean felt like he was watching it from an outsiders perspective, a broken man, an obsessed cop and a tape recorder whirring round and round. The small room was suffocating, and the dead inside man, was seriously pissing off the cop with this silent treatment. The colours of the room were blurring and spinning and the world went dark.

Dean fisted Sam's t-shirt, his body was almost lax in his arms, and his head lolled in Deans chest. Dean felt guilty leaving his body tied to the chair, desperately he began to untie his wrists, but Dean's hands were shaking so much, he managed to undo one knot before he lashed out in anger at the nearest object, which happened to be a coffee table. One of the legs broke off, and Dean used it to smash the table to splinters. Looking around the room at Sam and the dead Daemon hosts, he fled from the room and began smashing up the one next door. What seemed like hours later his anger disappeared and turned into heart-wrenchingly painful guilt and sorrow. He curled up in a ball and just sobbed, until he had no more tears to give.

Dean woke to a bright light shinning in his eyes.

"He has a concussion, I think it was a mixture of exhaustion and the concussion that caused him to pass out" The nurse said,

Dean nose was itching, he reached up to try and scratch it only to find he was handcuffed to the bed, what did they think he would try and escape. Hendrickson walked into the room and told the guard "Take him back to his cell." Hendrickson was left fuming, the son of a bitch had just stared at him the entire interrogation it was like he didn't even know what was happening. He had known the man was insane, but to murder his own brother well that was just psychotic, even for the famous Dean Winchester. The press was crawling over this case like rats. One of the reporters who had been following the case since the very beginning had, discovered that Dean and Sam's dad was also responsible for a string of deaths and Dean could have committed his first murder at 15. It had become apparent over the night that Sammy boy had left his crazy family and run away to Stanford, this had to be the most bizarre case he had ever worked on. Hendrickson made himself a promise that night, he was going to find out everything he could about this family and then he was going to make sure that Dean Winchester got the punishment he deserved.

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