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: Alright, here's the next chapter, Language warning,

"He's not responding sir" he hasn't even flinched.

Getting his gun out of the waistband of his pants, Hendrickson advanced on Dean, and put the barrel of the gun on his forehead.

"Now, stop this funny business or I will shoot you, do you understand"

"Sir, I don't think there is any reason for this"

They all looked down at Dean he hadn't even flinched

"Shit, what's wrong with him, is he sick or something" the deputy asked, obviously worried

"Maybe, he is probably just trying to play the criminally insane ploy, 10 years in a lunatic asylum is a lot better than the electric chair. Well he can't fool me, he's faking it"

"Well shouldn't we get a doctor in anyway, that way we would know for certain" the deputy, couldn't hide his concern now, and the other people in the room were giving him funny looks.

"Why do you care so much about a serial killer" at that he went silent, it was a long story and he didn't want to end up in a padded room, along with Dean.

Dean couldn't see a thing, as far as the eye could see it was white, with no discernable difference between walls and ceilings.

"Hello again Dean" Dean swung round to see his mother standing about 10 feet away from him.

"What you not going to give me a hug" her arms were outstretched,

"You're not her, stop it"

"Well aren't you a clever one, but Dean now you are at my mercy, I don't like being locked up. Sam was fun to play with, I need a new toy now" and with that she walked away into the horizon of white.

"Sam's alive" Dean couldn't help but smile, unless it was all a trick. He wouldn't put it past that thing. The being with no-name, it was true. Smiling to himself; he began to laugh, hysteric insane laugher, in trying to frighten him that bitch had told him that Sammy was still alive. Now all he had to do was break out of this prison.

Dean had suddenly started laughing, it was cruel and malicious, and his eyes open and darting around like an animal in a cage, for the briefest of moments his eyes went black.

"What are you doing in my cell gentlemen, I know I am cute an all but do you have to watch me sleep" Dean smirked, slightly breathless from laughing. The glare that Dean shot them after that was one of pure venom. The deputies and the sheriff backed out, leaving Hendrickson and Dean alone in the cell.

"You had better sleep with one eye open, 'cause when I am through with you, you're going to wish you'd never been born. I know what you did, what you are" and with that Hendrickson followed the others out of the cell block, leaving Dean alone, with nothing but the distant sound of a woman talking, but it was so quiet he couldn't distinguish the words.

Now he knew Sam was safe he had to get out of this damn cell, no way was he going to prison for a crime he did/didn't commit, Sam was alright and that's all that was important. Looking around the cell Dean could see no obvious weak spots, there was a vent at the top left hand side, but even with his new smaller physique he doubted he could fit in. Dean looked at the vent, there was an odd smell coming faintly off of it, it smelled like rotting flesh, it was faint but now he noticed it, he couldn't stop smelling it. Using the crack between two bricks he hoisted him self up on his fingers, to take a look inside. There was sulphur on side of the grill, and Dean didn't need an EMF to sense a distinct spiritual presence, years of hunting had given him that skill. Dean's fingers were burning, and the nails chipping under the weight. The vent was actually large, but it just had a small grill. Dean didn't believe in luck, the odds on him being put in a cell with a ready made escape route were small, so it was with great caution he began to unscrew the grill, holding him self up with the fingers of one hand.

"Fuck" Dean fell to the floor, blood was leaking out of his left fingernail. "Shit, I broke a nail" Sam would never let me live that down it he heard that chuckling to himself at the thought, Dean gave up on unscrewing the damn vent. Standing on his toes he was just about to bang the thing in, when a police officer came in. evidently the oh so wise officers had realised he didn't have a guard. Vaguely Dean recognised him as the deputy who cared just a little bit for his welfare.

"What's your name" Dean asked flopping down on the bed.

"Bill Jones" the deputy replied.

Dean vaguely recognised that name from somewhere "Parents not one for multiple syllables then" looking up at the man, Dean knew he knew him from somewhere "Do I know you"

"You knew my father, he was killed when I was 15" Bill was pleased that Dean recognised him; it meant that this Dean Winchester was the same Dean Winchester, who saved his ass all those years ago.

"I think I remember, poltergeist, you were that freak in my class at school, whose house it was. Sorry about your Dad." Dean smiled to himself, guess I don't need to go through the vents to get out of here.

"I'm not gonna break you out, you're a serial killer, I just wanted to say thank you, for you know saving mine and my moms life"

"Never was one for cereal, too healthy" Dean grinned at his own joke. Bill, however was having none of it, he just stared at Dean for a moment and became engrossed in the brickwork, above the cell. There goes the easy way out.

Bobby knocked on the motel door, no answer.

"Sam open the door, or I'll break in" still no reply. Getting a paper clip out of his Jacket sleeve he picked the lock. On the bed nearest the window Sam was asleep, the sun dancing across his face. "SAM"

"Wha, what's going on" Sam slurred slightly

"Do you, watch the news Dean has been arrested at as we speak is in jail, no more than 5 miles away. Trumptintion any way what sort of idiot names a town that."

"Well what are you waiting for, let's go get him"

"Sam, you're legally dead, I got a 'friend' inside and a lawyer who's friendly to the cause, he'll be out in no time"

"Bobby, I can't just sit here, while my brother is rotting away in some jail" getting up from the bed Sam headed towards the door.

"Oh yeah, what you gonna do, bust in their and go 'I'm alive, let my brother go'. That won't work because a) he is there for more than one murder, b) they'll arrest you. Is that what you want? Now you sit tight here, and I am gonna go up to the station, with Dean's lawyer and get him out legally on bail. If that fails we'll bust him out."

"I can't just sit here; I need to do something, anything. I need to know what the fuck is going on. How can I be alive when Dean shot me? Where have I been these last couple of months? And why did Dean shoot me? Did I turn? Did I become evil? What the fuck is happening"

"Look it is a really long story, can we get Dean out and then we can talk, but until then sit tight, and don't leave the motel room." Bobby sighed, Winchesters the whole lot of them, couldn't stay out of trouble for a million dollars. "Just watch some TV, Dean's case his huge, press vans are everywhere in town"

Bill was an idiot, what sort of guard falls asleep while on guard duty, Dean vaguely wondered how long he had been here, at least a day. With the guy sleeping not 4 feet away from him Dean had to be silent in his escaping. Both of his hands were sporting bleeding fingers from climbing up the wall. Only one more screw left and he was out of here. Looking down at his fingers, at least two were broken and fingernails only remained on the thumbs and pinkies. The pain was shooting up his arm why the fuck did they make the cells so high, and the vent so far away from the bed, that was just bad planning, what about the innocent people they locked up, they needed a way out.

"Grrh" with one last grunt of pain, dean got the grill off. Grinning he jumped up and hoisted himself through the hole and into the vents. There was a trail of sulphur and the stench of death was now so strong, but Dean's 'luck' could only last so long. A strange glow that just screamed trap, was at the far end of the tunnel. Keeping his senses alert, he went to the source of the light, turning a corner, the world went black as a large object hit him on the back of the head.

A/N okay I could ramble for England as you may have guessed by this chapter, sorry not much happened, but I need Dean to be captured for the next bit. Oh and here's a little spoiler, it's not 'luck' about the vent being able to fit a 6 foot grown man through it., cause how thick would a designer be to put that in a cell.