In Pursuit of Granger by WeasleyForMe

Hermione seeks revenge against the Weasley boys, but the plan backfires. The M rating is for later chapters!

This is a story written especially for Grande.Vanilla.Skim.Latte's birthday!! This was inspired by her and is dedicated to her brilliance :D

Thanks so much to HermioneTwin for being a seriously awesome beta!! Also thanks to the Twin Exchange ladies (remuslives, JackMyles and mama0407) for their assorted input!

Chapter One

Hermione kept her cool as she shook hands with the Ministry official. It wasn't every day that you got the job of your dreams, so she made sure that she was outside of the Ministry of Magic before erupting into little cheers and giggles. She didn't want to congratulate herself too much; she was only going to be a junior apprentice law organizer.

"Oh, who am I kidding?" she smiled before Apparating back to the Burrow. "This is the best day of my life!" Hermione had secretly been pursuing a job in this department since Voldemort's demise and she had finally achieved her goal.

When she arrived in the yard next to the Burrow, she decided that she was going to invite the Weasleys out for drinks to celebrate her new position with her. After all, she had been living in their home since the fall of you-know-who and had generously been invited to stay indefinitely. Plus, since Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were away for the week, they wouldn't get into trouble for going out.

"Guess what!!" Hermione screamed as she ran through the kitchen door. Ron and Harry casually glanced up from their game of chess. Ginny turned from her spot by the sink, and the twins stopped moving Ron's chess pieces from behind his back. Even Percy stopped writing a letter and looked up at her.

"What happened?" Ginny asked.

"The best thing in the whole world happened to me today!" Hermione gushed.

"You won the muggle lottery?" Ron asked with a grin.

Hermione grinned back. "No, even better!"

"You've received an inheritance?" Ginny questioned.

"Better!" Hermione squealed.

"You're getting married?" asked a very perplexed Harry. Hermione shook her head and beamed.

"You created a new Potion?" asked Percy. Hermione shook her head, but smiled encouragingly.

"You're pregnant?" asked Fred. Hermione shook her head.

"You're not pregnant?" asked George.

Hermione sighed and rolled her eyes. "No!"

Then Charlie and Bill entered the kitchen. "Who's yelling in here?" asked Bill.

"We're trying to guess Hermione's good news," Ginny informed her brothers.

"You're pregnant?" asked Charlie.

"Will you guys stop it with the pregnancy? Is this your subtle way of telling me that I've gained weight or something?" Hermione asked.

"We give up," Ron told her.

"Ok, I'll tell you." She paused dramatically. "I got a job as a junior apprentice law organizer at the Ministry's Department of International Law! I start on Monday! And I want to take you out to celebrate!"

While Hermione silently jumped up and down, she noticed eight pairs of eyes were blinking at her without emotion. She stopped jumping.

"What's so exciting about that?" asked Ron.

"Isn't that just an entry level position?" questioned Percy.

"What's the big deal?" asked Fred and George together.

Ginny noticed Hermione's smile was beginning to fade, so she ran over and hugged her friend. "I'm so proud of you, Hermione! This is wonderful news!" She glared at her brothers and Harry as she hugged Hermione. The boys snapped to attention, afraid that Ginny would kill them while they slept.

"Um… that's great," mumbled Charlie.

"Good work," said Bill.

"Nice going," muttered Harry.

Hermione crossed her arms. "Well, I thought that you would all be a little bit happier for me than this," she said with a frown creeping onto her pretty face.

"They are happy!" Ginny said.

"I can tell," Hermione replied. "You all look like you've been forced to eat Stinksap."

The boys all looked at each other before Bill announced, "Well, you can still treat us to drinks!"

Hermione sighed. "Yeah, sure," before she left the kitchen with a frown. When she was gone the boys all cheered at the prospect of free drinks while Ginny ran after Hermione.

When the girls reached Ginny's room, Hermione peeled off her suit jacket and fell on her bed. She had hoped everyone would be as excited as she was. This job was only a small step, but she really wanted to work her way to the top of Magical Law Enforcement.

"They should have been more supportive," Ginny said from the other bed. "I'm sorry my brothers are all flaming imbeciles. On the bright side, at least you aren't related to them," she said with small grin.

"I should have known they wouldn't care. It's really not a very impressive job," Hermione told Ginny as she sat up on her bed.

"Don't put yourself down to justify them!" Ginny scolded as she sat up as well. A contemplative look washed over her face. Suddenly she grinned brightly. "I know what you need to do!"

"What?" Hermione asked.

"Get revenge!" Ginny said happily. "Come on!"

Hermione was shaking her head firmly negating Ginny's idea. Then she abruptly froze and a grin spread over her face. "Actually, there is something really funny I could do," she said thoughtfully. "No, that's too mean. I couldn't do that to them."

"What is it?" Ginny asked excitedly as she bounced across the room to sit next to Hermione.

"Well, you know that temporary love potion that Fred and George sell in their shop?" Hermione asked. Ginny nodded quickly. "I nicked some of it from them last week, because they were threatening to give some to Hagrid and make him fall in love with the first person he saw."

"Oh, I know that stuff. It's the Lusty Love Potion. You become completely infatuated with the first person you see after you drink it. What are you planning to do with it?" Ginny asked, still puzzled.

"Well, it's a really big bottle. I thought that if we gave all seven of them a hefty dose while they were downstairs together, they would fall in love with each other for a few days."

Ginny's jaw dropped. Then she started shaking with silent laughter. Soon both of them were doubled over laughing hysterically. "They would be writing each other poetry!" Ginny squealed.

"And making candlelit dinners for each other!" Hermione howled. They began to settle down again and Hermione finally said, "I just have to do this!"

Ginny crept back down to the kitchen to retrieve some bottles of butterbeer while Hermione found the love potion. "It says to add one drop to any beverage for a one hour result," Hermione read from the label. "Well, I think it needs to be longer than that!"

Ginny giggled while Hermione opened seven bottles and added an entire spoonful of potion to each one. "Might as well get Harry involved as well. This is going to be hilarious!" she told Ginny. "Let's take these bottles down, and try not to laugh!"

The girls loaded the bottles onto a tray, and they took them downstairs. All of the guys were lounging around in the living room. "Hey, when are we leaving to go to the bar?" asked Ron.

"Um, in a little while," Hermione said as she stifled a chuckle. "But first, here are some butterbeers for you all to drink." She and Ginny set the tray on the coffee table, and the boys began to reach for the drinks. Ginny and Hermione exchanged a look of warning and began to run back upstairs to hide out of sight. Ginny sprinted up to her room followed by Hermione. Just as the boys each took a sip from their bottles, Hermione missed a step causing her to lose her balance. She screamed and grabbed the banister, catching herself just in time to turn around and see that she had the full attention of each male in the room.

Oh snap!! Hermione is royally screwed! In the next chapter we will get to see exactly what she has gotten herself into! :D

I hope you liked it so far!! (There will most likely be around eight chapters total. Lots longer than I anticipated!) Please review!