Make it Stop

Chapter 1

Summary: A continuation of "Make it Work." Dr. Schwann receives an unexpected patient from the past.

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Dr. Schwann took a moment to lie down on the couch in her office. She had a splitting head ache but was also relieved. She just had to work with one of the most difficult couples she ever met, but thankful she just had her last session with them. She knew she should've never took on this couple, it was a favor for her brother-in law Mark. She sighed to herself, I will never work with actors again.

They were an attractive young couple in their mid twenties, who were filming in nearby Wilmington, NC. They met on set a few years ago and instantly fell in love and got married right away. The writers on their show decided to put that chemistry on screen and hooked their two characters up together. The honeymoon didn't last long as the pressures of Hollywood came crashing in on the young couple.

Dr. Schwann felt sad, she knew the wife really loved her husband and she believed the husband loved her back but he was still immature. He worked on a movie amidst rumors of infidelity. Shortly thereafter, the couple split and divorced. He quickly moved with a much younger girl. Mark had asked Dr. Schwann to help the couple not get back together per say but to at least become more manageable to work with.

After the split, it became increasingly difficult to put their two characters on screen together. The chemistry was there, they never lost it but once the cameras stopped rolling it was a different story. The former wife insisted to break their characters up and he agreed as well. Mark and the other producers understood how difficult it was to do romantic scenes together. Not wanting to loose two of their main actors, they broke them up and hooked the husband's character up with a former love interest from an earlier season. Needless to say it wasn't working out too well, with fans demanding they get those two characters back together.

Filming in Wilmington stopped and they headed back west. Dr. Schwann didn't know how much progress she made with the two, but she hoped thing will work out. She was also a fan of their show. You didn't think there'd be much drama in a town set on a mountain with a forest of trees surrounding it, but it really worked out and turned out to be one of her favorite shows.

Dr. Schwann got up and went over to her desk to see her schedule.

This isn't right. She thought as she looked at her appointment. She picked up her phone and dialed her secretary.

"Yes Dr. Schwann?"

"My next patient.. is that correct?"

"Yes, it is.. in fact, she's here early."

I wonder what's going on. "Send her in." Dr. Schwann stated and put her phone down and went over back to her chair. With a pen and notepad in hand, she waited for her next patient to arrive. The door flew open and Dr. Schwann's mouth nearly dropped.

"Dr. Schwann …I'm so glad to see you … I don't know who else to go to." Haley James Scott entered and immediately went over to hug Dr. Schwann.

"Haley.. good to see you again.. please sit." Dr. Schwann gestured over to the couch.

Dr. Schwann immediately noticed her appearance. Her hair was down and her bangs parted to the side to obviously mask the cut on her forehead. Indeed, Haley was a beautiful girl but she looked a mess. Besides the forehead, they were minor cuts on her face, dark circle under her eyes told her she wasn't sleeping and Dr. Schwann could've sworn she saw the fading outline of a black eyes. Her neck was also covered with a few marks as well. Haley wore a knee length skirt and Dr. Schwann notices the bruises on her thighs as well as other cuts. Haley sat down and removed her light blazer and Dr. Schwann took in the site of the cuts that were on her arm as well.

"I'm sorry for coming in like this .. I know I must look a mess." Haley stated.

"Haley.. please.. you don't have to say another word… what's.. what's going on?" Dr. Schwann asked hesitantly.

"Nathan." She slowly muttered.

Dr. Schwann couldn't believe that Nathan would hit beat her. She knew that Nathan had a problem with anger but she never thought he would take it out on Haley. She thought he loved her. Dr. Schwann couldn't help but feel guilty. She tried to help this couple out and she just made it work. She should've encouraged Haley to get away from Nathan as soon as possible. Dr. Schwann was busy scribbling in her notepad, making sure to take note of all the cuts and bruises Haley had. This would be considered evidence in the trial against Nathan. She remembered her training when it came to dealing with abusive husbands. Dr. Schwann wondered if her camera was in her car. She would also take photos to document everything.

"Haley.. it's okay.. it's me.. tell me what happened."

"I don't know.. it's just .. one day he just started getting rough .. grabbing my arm or something but then it got progressively worst."

"Go on."

"I tried to get away.. to push him away but he's always so insistent. .. and I'm just so tired too .. I never sleep anymore.. between dealing with work, Jamie and Nathan.." She let out a sigh.

Jamie. Dr. Schwann nearly forgot about their young son. "How is Jamie, Haley?"

"He's fine.. Nathan is always careful not to do anything while Jamie is around."

Dr. Schwann took a sigh of relief, knowing that at least their little boy was safe.

"It never stops with him.. in the morning and at night.. and even while I'm at work."

"At work?"

"Yes.. he comes in during my free periods..lunch .. locks the door.. or drags me in some janitor closet. .. I tell him to stop .. but he just won't .. while we're out shopping .. at friends house.. our having dinner or a movie.. I don't know what to do.." Haley said frustrated.

"Haley, relax.. I'm here now."

"Yes.. thank you doctor.. like I said I don't know who to turn to .. I just want to know how to.. how to make it stop." Haley stated.

"Haley.. you turned to the right place.. we'll make him stop."

Haley sighed a breath of relief. "Thank you.. you know.. I don't want him to stop.. it's just I need him to just tone it down."

Dr. Schwann looked at Haley curiously. She was so devoted to her husband, she couldn't tear himself away from him. Dr. Schwann saw this classic story replay itself over and over again. She would need to give Haley the strength to break away from Nathan.

"Haley.. this isn't right.. Nathan is going to stop."

"I blame myself.. I encourage him sometimes."

"Haley.. shush.. you did nothing wrong."

"Yes, I did.. I wanted it as well.. I mean I still do.. but I can't keep doing it twenty four seven.. ever since the last time we saw you .. he's been trying to get his stats up." Haley rolled her eyes.

"Huh?" Dr. Schwann was getting confused, Did Haley actually liked being beaten?

"He insists we go at it at least 5x a day.. and Nathan is a man who takes his time.. and I'm just not sleeping anymore .. and with Jamie around .. we need to be discreet .. but he wants to do it everywhere and anywhere." Haley rolled her head.

"Wait.. is this.. is this about sex?" Dr. Schwann's jaw nearly dropped again.

"Yeah.. what else would it be?" Haley looked at Dr. Schwann curiously.

"It's just with the bruises and the cuts?"

"Yes.. I know.. he's too rough sometimes and I'm a natural klutz.." Haley smiled and laughed. "..if we're not slipping on the bath tub or rolling off the kitchen counter or the bed .." Haley shook her head again. "..Do you know how many dangerous items there are in a janitor's closet?" Haley pointed her finger.

"But the other day was the last straw.. we got in the car and Nathan is already all over me.. I managed to push him but wow.. he still leaves me breathless.." She smiled. "But I was so distracted, I kept the gear in drive instead of reverse and I ended up going forward… the bumper was scratched but the stupid airbag deployed, hence all the cuts.. at least it's good… helps cover the hickies .. I've been running out of turtle necks to wear at work." Haley stated.

Dr. Schwann couldn't believe what she was hearing, all this was about sex. These two are worst than animals.

"I just need him to get him to stop.. and that stupid number 5 out of his head."


"Yeah.. 5 time a day… or 6..7 on the weekends and on federal holidays." Haley blushed.

Dr. Schwann sat back in her chair, crossing out all her notes she made. They really are the most interesting couple I've ever come across.

To Be Continued …

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