Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Dr. Schwann looked over to Lucas, sitting across from her. She didn't know why she agreed to this, didn't even know why she was doing this in the first place but once again the Scott family has turned her world around once more.

"Well?" Dr. Schwann asked, tapping her pen impatiently.

Lucas sighed to himself before speaking. "Ok.. I know it's been almost 6 years now but it's just weird okay.. weird and some sick joke."

Dr. Schwann nodded, writing notes on her notebook.

"I mean.. she's my best friend.. since like I could read.. I mean .. we did everything together.. we used to sleep over each other's houses.. well sleepover.. strictly sleep over cuz .. yeah that's gross.. and what does she do!? Fall in love with Nathan.. of all the freaking people in the world, she falls in love with my half brother…"

Dr. Schwann shook her head.

"Nathan.. Nathan!? What the hell? When did that happen? You'd think the one thing he'd be good out is playing her out in her high school.. no his dumbass fell in love with her.. proposed to her!! A cruel joke I tell you." Lucas crossed is arms. "And just to rub it in, they name Jamie after me!"

Dr. Schwann rolled her eyes. "And what does this have to do with Brooke and Peyton?"

"Oh nothing." Lucas said dismissively.

Dr. Schwann sighed to herself, yes she might be a psychiatrist, but her specialty was on marriage to an extent family, but none as dysfunctional as the Scotts.

"Lucas.. I thought we were here to discuss Brooke and Peyton." Dr. Schwann reminded him.

Lucas laughed. "Don't listen to Haley.. look I can handle my love life.. I thought we were here to discuss Nathan and Haley."

Dr. Schwann calmed herself and decided to might as well get this over with. "You seem to take issue over the two of them."

"Of course, did you just not hear me!? It's bad enough they go at it like rabbits.. in my house.. in my car.. even in my job…" Lucas grumbled to himself.

"No .. it's not that.. there's something else.. something deeper."

"Oh God.. after what I saw in my bedroom before with those two.. please don't use the word…" deeper … Lucas shuddered.

"Lucas.. I'm just going to come out and say it.. are you in love with Haley?" Dr. Schwann asked with a straight face.

"What?!" Lucas looked mortified. "I love her as a friend.. eww.. nothing like that."

"You sure?"


"Then why the issue with Nathan?"

"Cuz he's my brother.. she's my best friend.. it's just weird!"

"Lucas.. these are you friends, your family, who've found love in each other.. why are you not happy for them?"

"What? I'm happy for them."

"Really? You don't sound it. I mean yes, it's okay to get mad at them for the things they did.. but there's more to it then that and you know it."

"What're you talking about?" Lucas raised an eyebrow.

Dr. Schwann thought to herself, there could be one of two ways she can do this, there's the long way and the short way. Normally, she'd like her patients to figure things out on their own, but if she knew anything of Scott men, is that they could be pretty clueless sometimes. Damn the money she would receive from the sessions she would have from him, she'd rather keep her own sanity.

"OK Luke.. I'll just cut to the point again.. you're not in love with Haley.. in the romantic sense.. but you do love your brother and sister in-law slash best friend a lot.."

"Ok and?"

"And you're feeling left out."

"Left out? Eww!! Are you talking about a threesome with them? God! Gross.. have you been talking to Brooke?!" Lucas started rambling.

"Lucas.." Dr. Schwann tried to calm him down.

"Rachel must be Rachel.. she wrote about ménage trios in my yearbook! You don't deal with drug patients, do you?" Lucas questioned.

"Lucas. .get a grip.. I mean that you feel left out in their lives!!" Dr. Schwann let out a big gasp. "Haley's your best friend.. you did everything together and although you're not involved romantically.. you still feel a sort of hold to her.. but since she's married, obviously you guys can't share the same things you guys did when you were younger.. and the fact that she's married to your brother just makes it worse…" Dr. Schwann took a big gulp of air. "And Nathan.. well.. we can talk for days about your relationship with him but basically.. you love him.. you didn't want to but you did.. he turned out to be the guy best friend you never had but the truth is .. you won't be a best friend to him the way he and Haley are together.. in short Lucas.. the two people you're closest with are closest with each other and not you…. And you need to just get over that.. it doesn't mean that they don't care or love you any less.. it just means that YOU need to stop acting weird and just get over it! .. and that is something you need to do on your own." Dr. Schwann let out another breath. She needed a medal or something after this.

Lucas looked at her amazed. "Wow.. you're good." He commented.

"Yes I am." Dr. Schwann said with a new sense of confidence, she wasn't going to back down now. "So about Brooke and Peyton.."

"What about them?"

"Which one of them do you want?"


"No Luke .. stop dodging the question.. you really are a tennis ball when it comes to these two.. always back and forth .."

Lucas was about to say something but he couldn't.

"Look at it this way Lucas.. if you were to leave on a plane to Vegas tonight to get married.. who would you ask?" Dr. Schwann questioned.

Lucas swallowed a lump in his throat. Talk about the question of the year.


Haley looked at her watch and figured she should call it a day. She just recorded a demo, it sounded okay but it still needed some refining. She figured she can do it tomorrow. She grabbed her bad and was about to head out, but something or rather someone got in

the way.

"Nathan… what're you doing here?" Haley asked as she leaned up and kissed him on the lips.

"I figured you'd be here.. Skills is at the house with Jamie… you ready to go?" Nathan asked.

"Yeah.. let's go." Haley said as she took his hand in hers and started to walk away but Nathan's feet were still planted firm on the ground. Haley kept walking and practically yanked at his arm. "I thought we're going?" She asked.

"I asked if you were ready to go .. I didn't mean go home." He smirked at her and she already knew what he had in mind.

"Nathan.." She pleaded with him, but the way he looked at her, she could practically feel his eyes undressing her and it didn't take long for his hands to actually start doing just that.

"Nathan.." She tried to plead again but this time she was silence by his lips on hers. He moved her over to Peyton's desk and quickly disregarded the items that were there.

"What're you doing?" She asked short of breath.

"Oh .. you know me.. never one to back out of a challenge.." He kissed her again as her blouse came off and pretty soon his button down shirt as well. He bent down, trying to lay Haley down, but the size of the desk proved to be awkward, like the last time they tried doing this.

"Crap.." Nathan muttered and pulled away. Haley was relived, her back was starting to hurt. As much as she enjoyed being with Nathan, she really did just want to go home and get some rest. Nathan scanned the room, trying to figure out a solution to his dilemma. He smirked to himself when he found it. He quickly went to the other side of the room and carried over an old footstool that was in the corner.

"This is better.." He said as he and Haley both stood on it and once again resumed their previous position. Haley was already losing herself to him, when it came to Nathan, it was always a loosing battle, no matter how hard she tried. His hand roamed her waist and tugged at her pants, he had to control himself and not rip the damn thing apart. However, the two were interrupted by the sounds of two familiar friends chatting amongst themselves.

"Wait till you see the new studio.." Peyton said as she open the door.

"I can't believe they built it so fast.." Brooke said as the two stepped inside, but they quickly saw that they weren't alone.

"What the hell!?" Peyton exclaimed. Haley turned bright red and although Nathan was annoyed that Brooke and Peyton completely cock-blocked him, he couldn't help but think how cute Haley was when she was embarrassed.

"You are unbelievable!" Brooke added and quickly walked over and picked up Haley's blouse, a Clothes over Bro's original. "Look at this dirty floor! Do you know how hard it is to clean silk?!" Brooke held the garment out, looking annoyed. Peyton shook her head, of all the things to get mad at, at this very moment.


Haley yawned and rested her head against the head rest.

"Haley.." Dr. Schwann called out again.

"Oh.. sorry .. what did you say?" Haley said, trying to wake herself up.

"Let me guess.. Nathan?" Dr. Schwann already knew the answer.

Haley gave her a warm smile. "Yeah.. last night Brooke and Peyton.. umm .. you know what nevermind .. but basically… Brooke said something about washing clothes.. and then Nathan had the brilliant idea of doing it in the laundry room of the house." Haley said dismissively.

Dr. Schwann shook her head, sometimes she did get too much information.

"The good news.." Haley added. "We got a lot of laundry done.. umm .. like a lot.. I think Jamie has enough clothes for the rest of the month.." Haley thought back to last night, thank God for the spin cycle.

"So you're still having no luck getting Nathan to back down?"

"No.. no luck.." Haley let out a sigh. "Just keep getting lucky.." She muttered. "But anyways, how are things going with Luke? He wouldn't give me any details.. although I did see him on the computer looking up plane tickets.. is he going somewhere?" Haley questioned.

"I'm sorry Haley.. but I can't give out other patient information."

"Please!.. you know he's going to tell me anyways."

"Sorry.. I can't.. but hey.. when Fall arrives and if you still don't know.. I'll tell him to tell you.. but I'm pretty sure he's going to solve his problems very soon."

"Fine.. I'll just let him tell me." Haley crossed her arms. Fall, Haley scoffed. Who could wait the whole summer to figure out who Lucas really wants in his life? Haley thought to herself.

"Actually Haley.. now that you mentioned Lucas.. I think I have a way that can help you out.."

Haley sat up. "I'm listening."


Haley and Nathan collapsed on bed, both catching their breathes.

"Wow.." Haley muttered.

"Yeah.. wow.." Nathan smirked back. They laid there in silence for a moment before Nathan turned his body to Haley and was now on top of her again. "Let's do it again." He said breathlessly and leaned down to kiss her. She wasn't surprised that he was already ready to go again, it seemed Nathan never had an off button.

She giggled against him. "Easy boy.. a girl needs a minute to catch her breath." She tried to push him off. He laughed and roamed his hand around her inner thigh.

"I don't know.. seems like you're plenty ready." He said in a husky voice as he could already feel her dampness. She smiled back at him and roamed her hand through his hair. She laughed again.

"What?" He asked.

"I'm just thinking that I'll never look at laundry the same way again."

Nathan smirked. "Who knew washing Jamie's clothes could be so… satisfying."

"You know.. Dr. Schwann said it's good that we're still able to umm.. mix things up."

"Well.. you know me.. always down to try something new.." He smirked.

"I was hoping you'd say that.." She grinned at him. Nathan's eyebrows grew wide.

"Really? What do you have in mind?" He asked eagerly. "Let me guess… in your classroom.. oh better yet.. in the tutor center when no one is at school.." Nathan sounded like a kid in a candy store. He thought back to numerous fantasies he had in high school, where he wanted to take Haley right there and then in the tutor center.

"No.. not there.." She laughed. "Um.. I don't know really.. but maybe Lucas' living room?"

"I'm sure he'll love catching us again." Nathan said sarcastically.

Haley bit her lower lip. This was now or never. "Well.. that wouldn't be such a bad thing." She said softly.

"Hales.. he'll freak out .. again.."

"I know… but maybe he won't if …"

"if what?" Nathan asked curiously.

"Well you said how you're down for trying something new?"

"Yeah.." Nathan responded, not sure where this was going.

"Well .. it wouldn't be so bad if Lucas caught us.. in fact.. it wouldn't be that bad if maybe he umm…" Haley tried to form the words.

"If he want?" Nathan asked in a more serious voice.

"If umm.. he joined in.." She said barely above a whisper.

"WHAT!?" Nathan's eyes widened as he got up from the bed. "Are you fucking serious?!" Nathan paced back and forth. "This has Brooke written all over it .."

"Nathan.. it could be really fun." Haley responded. "My very own Scott sandwich." Haley knew this was going to upset Nathan.

Scott Sandwhich!? Nathan shook his head, remembering the samething someone wrote in his high school yearbook. "Scratch Brooke.. it was Rachel right? She put this crazy idea in your head?"


"God Haley.." Nathan clenched his fist. "You didn't like ask Luke, did you?"

"Um.." Haley wasn't sure how to answer.

"Oh my God! You did !" Suddenly his expression changed and Haley noted the sadness in it.

"Is this how it is now? I'm.. I'm not good enough for you.." Nathan sat back down on the bed and looked at Haley like a grief stricken little boy who had his favorite toy taken from him. Haley felt suddenly guilty. She knew that one of Nathan's fears and biggest insecurities was that he was never good enough for her. He reminded her over and over the years how he doesn't deserve her and time after time she tried to tell him otherwise.

"Nathan.. I'm sorry." She tried to grab his hand but he winced away from her. "Baby.. of course you're good enough.. you're more than good enough.. you're everything.."

" …"

"I was just kidding about that whole Luke thing.."


Haley sighed and started to explain that this was all Dr. Schwann's idea, as a way of detouring Nathan.

"Well it worked .. I'm totally not in the mood anymore.." Nathan crossed his arms and then looked over at the clock. "At least for the next 10 minutes.."

"Nathan.." Haley had to suppress her laughter.

"Okay fine.. 5 minutes.."

Haley chuckled. "Look.. I'm sorry again.. but honey.. please you have to realize that I do love you and I love.. LOVE making love to you.. but there comes a point where we need to stop.. you need to make it stop Nathan.. I'm always tired.. sometimes I can't even walk."

"I have been a little rough huh?"

"The broken chair outside on the curb could attest to that… I know we've always been intimate before.. but nothing like this.."

"What? I like being with you .. and doing things with you.. or rather doing things to you." He smirked.

"Nathan.. I'm being serious."

"So am I." He stood up. "Remember after Uncle Keith's funeral.. I told you that story about my morning paper route.."

"..You know, when I was a kid, I had this morning paper route. And every moment, there was this moment. It was right around dawn and I would just stop and breath it all in. You could almost feel the magic in the world. But lying here with you, I feel that same stillness. And I can almost believe that world isn't as screwed up as I know it is.."

"I remember." Haley responded.

"We just lost Keith and everything felt so messed up.. but with you .. it wasn't .. the world makes sense when I'm with you .. and when I'm around you.. I believe that I'm not as screwed up as I think I am."

Haley looked at him curiously.

"I was so close to making it to the NBA.. to making everything happen.. but I lost it .. I lost basketball.. and at the same time I nearly lost you and Jamie.. I couldn't believe I almost let you two go.. and then this whole stupid thing with Carrie.. I almost lost you again.. I don't ever want to come that close to loosing you. You and Jamie are my world."

"Nathan, I know that.."

"You've always been my world, both of you.. long before my accident... but that didn't stop me from screwing up .. twice!.. when I'm with you Haley… I know I won't screw up.. I don't want to screw up again and have you leave me.."

"Nathan.. I would never leave you.."

"And I promised I wouldn't hurt you or keep things from you." Nathan referred to his dealing with Daunte. "But I still did."

"So that's what's why you want to keep going at it like rabbits?"

"Well… I just want to be with you.. and let's face it .. you're sexy as hell.. I can't help myself." He shrugged.

Haley chuckled. "Look Nathan.. you've made mistakes.. I made mistakes.. we learn from them and move on… we can still be together.. and we don't have to always be doing it.. you say that when you're with me.. you feel like you won't screw up .. well Nate.. the thing is .. I'm always with you.. in person or not.. I'm right here.." Haley put her hand over his heart. "And you're always here." Haley took his hand and placed it over her own heart.

"We may not be with each other physically all the time.. but know this is where you'll always find me."

"God.. I know I said this so many times but it never seems enough.. I love you so much."

"And I love you." Haley leaned up and kissed him. She hugged him and pulled him into bed. He laid on top of her, caressing her cheeks.

"Look.. I'll try to cut it back.." He said. "But know that I can't make it stop.. this feeling that you give me.. the way you make my heart raise and how you make my blood rush south.. I can't make it stop.. and I don't want it to .. you're always going to be that smart, beautiful, funny, sweet, caring, sexy person you've always been."

Haley sighed to herself and smiled. "I guess deep down .. I don't want you to stop either.. but for tonight.. can you just..just hold me?"

"Hm.. I can do that.." He smiled. "But after one more round."


"Please please.. you had me thinking about my tutor center fantasy .. you know how I feel about that.."

Haley certainly felt something alright, something poking at her. "Fine! But after this just cuddling, agreed?"

"Agreed.." Nathan was about to lean down and kiss her.

"And tomorrow too!"

"Um… cuddling only in the morning?"

"Deal." Haley nodded her head and Nathan leaned in and gave her a long deep kiss.

True to his word, after they had one more amazing round, Nathan and Haley snuggled up next to each other, staring aimlessly at the ceiling, both fully awake.Once again Nathan felt that stillness, that perfect moment that let him know that everything would be okay.

The End.

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