17 ways you know you are obsessed with Twilight

You have read all three books at least 2 times each.

Stephanie Meyer is your idol.

You have 'I love Cullen' rants a lot.

You know each of the Cullen's stories and have figured out their ages.

You annoy all your friends with your constant Twilight rants

You wish you were Bella/ a Cullen.

You spend most of your free time reading Twilight fanfictions.

You write Twilight fanfictions.

You go on Twilight fan sites all the time.

You know when Breaking Dawn is coming out and can't wait.( August 2, for all you numbskulls that didn't know)

You think the Twilight movie will injustice the books.

Whenever someone says " its just a book" you start crying and wondering why it cant be real.

Your new favorite stone is onyx or topaz.

Your new favorite color is butterscotch-gold.

You want to visit Forks, Washington.

You keep smiling and agreeing with all of the reasons above.

You started reading this in the first place.