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The summer. A regular teachers dream, a shinobi academy teacher's worst nightmare. Why, you ask? Because without his little brats to teach Umino Iruka would be forced to go out on mission after mission. This would then lead to a very angry, very sexually frustrated dolphin because he knew that his long term boyfriend Hatake Kakashi aka sharingan Kakashi aka the copy cat ninja, would also be out on life threatening A and S-rank missions, therefore leaving no time for the hot, passionate sex Iruka had become accustomed to.

Oh, he may see Kakashi on the odd day that they just both happened to have a day or, possibly, a few hours free. But he knew that if they did see each other it would be all about the sex (which was pretty amazing) and not about the relationship that Iruka had taken six whole months trying to make.

Yeah you read that right. It had taken Iruka six months trying to get Kakashi to start dating him, and four of those had been trying to get Kakashi to trust him enough to even consider, consider dating him.

All these reasons coupled together, in Iruka's mind, concluded in a very articulate and well rounded argument to take to the Hokage. And in the current state of mind that Iruka was in right now, the Hokage would have to sit up and damn well listen to what he had to say, or she just might find herself short two pigtails when she woke up the next day.

That said, when he finally did make it to the Hokage's office, all the anger and resentment he felt towards her for reasons unknown vanished, and he was just about to bottle it and leave calmly (run away as far and fast as he could) when he literally bumped into Tsunade (went head first into her well rounded bosom).

"Uh hi Tsunade-sama" Iruka tried to say, however it ended sounding horribly muffled as his head was still lodged between her boobs.

"Iruka if you don't mind I'd like to be able to see your face rather than feel it against my chest"

"Yeah sorry about that, won't happen again" he said while removing his head and blushing like it was about to go out of fashion.

"Apology excepted sensei. What brings you here after hours anyway? Did one of your students blow something up again?"

"No! I mean no Tsunade-sama nothing like that. I...I 've come to talk about Kakashi actually, well him and myself. That is, if will let me take a moment of your time?" he asked sweetly, milking the Umino charm for all it was worth.

"Hmm. Well I was going to have a nice quiet time in my office with a glass-or bottle-of sake but I guess I can give you five minutes if you talk fast and get to the point."

"Um mm thanks, I guess. Anyway I was thinking that since I know you'll be giving me and, especially, Kakashi a lot of missions soon, I was wondering if you could possibly try and give the missions that you already have lined up for us to some other very capable shinobi?" Iruka said, now trying the never failed puppy dog eyes.

Tsunade only gave him one of her looks and said in a monotonous tone, "and why, Umino, would I do that?"

Since the puppy dog look had failed for the first time in...Forever, Iruka decided to go for his next plan of attack. And every body knows that when you're faced with someone that's in a position of power and they are bending to your oh-so-cute ways, then you must pull out...The pity card. And Iruka knew no one better to feel sorry for than his very own lover Hatake Kakashi.

"Well the reason I ask is because me and Kakashi have been dating for quite a few months now, and this is going to be our first summer together. I just thought that since this is quite a special time for us you would allow Kakashi and I a few weeks off to enjoy our relationship and perhaps progress to further stages. And might I add as an after thought that Kakashi has been serving this country and the people in it for the better part of his life. He has not only lost his child hood to the job but also all his family and a lot of his friends. All I ask you-our ever loving and devoted Hokage-is that you give back just a little to the man who you took so much from and perhaps allow him this small opportunity to live and enjoy the company of his remaining friends before you send him out into the big bad world again, filled with death, loss and large amounts of pain."

Iruka finished his speech out of breath and thinking that Kakashi was rubbing off on him way to much if he was able to prattle off all that info without even thinking about it. He thought he had done a pretty good job of it, and was in the process of giving himself a mental pat on the back. Well, that was before he dared a glance at the Hokage not so relenting/understanding gaze.

"Umino you know as well as I do that I can't let one of the best shinobi in the village off work just because you want to get into each others pants more. You also know that what you're asking will not be granted." Iruka's face fell at these words. And he had actually mumbled an apology and began walking away before he heard her let out a frustrated sigh and say, "however" Iruka paused, hopeful, "you are both extremely dedicated to what you do and barely ask for anything in return. And for this reason and this reason alone, I will allow you both two weeks off. Only the two weeks though and no, and I repeat no more. And I also want you and the Hatake brat to know that as soon as I give the command you will do the mission that has been assigned to you, whether during or after your little break. Are we clear here Umino?"

In the back of his mind Iruka did a happy dance. On the outside he was his normal calm and composed self when he said, "crystal clear Hokage-sama. I am extremely grateful and I'm sure Kakashi will be as well." He bowed low before grinning like a mad man and running-although he would say it was a swift walk-out of the tower and towards Kakashi's apartment leaving a smirking Tsunade in his wake.


Bored, bored, bored! If you hadn't already guessed Hatake Kakashi was horribly bored. He wanted to do something, no scratch that he wanted to do someone. Very badly in fact. Namely this one person. A little shorter than him, tanned skin, scar across nose. Maybe you've heard of him? His name begins with Iru ends with a 'ka.

Anyways, even if you haven't heard of him it didn't stop Kakashi wanting him any less.

He thought about going out and getting drunk with Genma, his best friend since...God knows how long, and maybe meeting up with some of the other Jounin in the process. But Iruka had said that he would probably stop by after work, and he didn't want to miss him. And besides he could always take Iruka out after they met up, get him ever so slightly drunk, then bring him back here to molest him in private. Yep, if ever there was a plan to be proud of that was definatly one of them.

He didn't have to wait long however because lucky for him Iruka was a swift walker (he runs like hell), so by the time Kakashi has concluded and solidified his plan, his Chuunin banged on the door hard enough to send the hinges flying. At least they could have if Kakashi, being the super cool chakra sensor that he was, hadn't sensed the chuunin before he had fully reached the door and opened it before any real damage was caused.

However Kakashi must not have been using his prodigy mind to it's fullest potential as he did not anticipate the fact that Iruka didn't know that he knew that Iruka was there, and so Iruka would continue to knock. Thus resulting in Kakashi opening his front door just in time to get whacked full on in the face with Iruka's over eager fist.

"Kakashi open up! Hurry up Ka...ka...shi..Oh my gosh Kakashi! Are you all right? I'm so sorry, oh gosh I am so sorry I didn't know you were there. Are you OK? Did I hit you hard?" Iruka was panicking by this point, mainly because he didn't want to destroy Kakashi's god-like looks. No joke. Any of Kakashi's friends that had been lucky enough to see the face behind the mask would vouch with Iruka. The man was physically the most attractive thing in the whole village. And his personality wasn't bad either.

"...Yeah...I think I'm OK. It just knocked me off balance a bit, I'm fine, really. No need to panic Ru'"

Even though it really had hurt like a bitch, Kakashi wasn't one to draw attention to himself and so ignored the continuous throbbing between his eyes.

"You sure you don't want me to check it out?" Iruka said a tad sheepishly. After all he had just basically punched his boyfriend in the face. By accident of course.

"I said I'm fine, now will you stop worrying and come here already" a smirking Kakashi stated.

Before Iruka even got the opportunity to walk forward, he was physically pulled through the front door and into his lovers awaiting arms. Kakashi, being the pervy molester that he was, instantly began sucking on the exposed part of Iruka's neck as soon as he had pulled him close enough to be able to reach. Not wanting his hands to get jealous of his mouth, he made sure they were also busy. He had one slipping into Iruka's top and stroking over his navel while the other explored south and stroked over the steadily growing bulge in his lover's pants.

Suddenly remembering that he wanted to try out his new fool proof plan later he thought that it would be best to restrain his own libido now and have Iruka how he wanted him later.

He smirked as he remembered how possessive Iruka got of him when he had downed a few drinks. Very sexy, very sexy indeed.

Kakashi reluctantly nibbled on Iruka earlobe teasingly before detaching himself from his living wet dream. This then led to Iruka turning around to face him and give him the most forlorn look he had ever seen. It made his dick twitch in excitement just looking at him.

"So..Um I knew you were coming here but what was with the over enthusiastic door banging?"

'Oh smooth Kakashi, very smooth. That should make him think highly of you. Act as if your about to make sweet sweet love, stop abruptly and ask a extremely pointless question. No wonder they called you of all people the genius shinobi (insert sarcastic tone here).'

Iruka, meanwhile, was to busy thinking about why Kakashi had stopped molesting him to even remember why he was there in the first place...It took a while but it finally clicked that he was supposed to actually tell Kakashi what Tsunade had said to him, other wise there really wasn't much point in asking, now was there.

"Oh yeah, now I remember. Kashi you'll never believe it but I spoke to the Hokage and managed to get both of us the first two weeks of the summer off! You know what that means right?" When Kakashi only stared at him with his mouth hanging open and probably catching flies, he decided to answer his own question. "It means that we'll be able to spend more time together. Not just with each other either, but with all of our friends. Well, when they're off duty as well that is." Iruka was so concentrated in what he'd been saying that he didn't notice Kakashi's expression turn from one of astounded silence to one of utter child-like happiness. He grabbed Iruka and enclosed him in a power hug aka the Kakashi: you've just proven how much you love me and to show you how much I appreciate that I will now attempt to squeeze you to death hug.

After minutes of this hug Kakashi finally unleashed Iruka and said while grinning, "how? How did you manage to get me time of? The only time I've been able to get time off is when I'm in hospital and obviously incapable of moving."

"It was nothing really. You just gotta know the right buttons to press. She was putty in my hand by the end of our talk." Yes he knew he was lying but Kakashi didn't need to know that.

However Kakashi could always tell when Iruka was lying, it showed in his eyes. But at this moment he couldn't care less. Two weeks off to do as he pleased with little to no meddling from the head granny. "I don't care how you did it, you're still awesome."

"Which is why you love me right?" Iruka grinned.

"Mm, partly. But anyway this is the perfect time to go out and celebrate our time off. I wanted an excuse to go to that new club that opened this week. What better time to go than tonight, huh?"

"OK if you want to go then I'll go, but what are we going to do afterwards. I mean a club can get boring after awhile with only two people."

Kakashi turned and smiled at him as he made his way into his bedroom to change, "oh, it won't just be us. I told Gen' that we'd most probably meet him and some of the others there. You don't mind do you?"

At the mention of Genma, Iruka's mood instantly fell. It was no secret that him and Kakashi we inseparable best friend, but it was also obvious to Iruka that Genma had a thing for his Kashi. Whether Kakashi knew this or not Iruka didn't know, however he did know that he couldn't try and warn Genma off without Kakashi thinking he was being too over protective. The last time Iruka had questioned the two friends closeness Kakashi hadn't spoken to Iruka for two weeks and had only forgiven him because Iruka had promised never to speak ill of Genma or the relationship they had again.

But deep down every time Genma even touched Kakashi or the other way round Iruka saw red and wanted to punch Genma in his senbon sucking mouth. And if he was being really honest, if there was a chance to get Kakashi away from Genma then he would take it no questions asked, because he really hated Genma and the fact that the two had been fuck buddies in the past didn't help matters either.

Iruka said none of this aloud of course. The only thing Kakashi got was a dazzling smile and a, "sure Kashi, the more the merrier."

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