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Previously on Three's a crowd :

With that Iruka stood and edged out of the booth they were still sitting in, but before he had walked away from Kakashi completely he turned back, and with a smirk said, "I hope that reaction was good enough for you." And then he left.

Kakashi looked on in shock as he watched Iruka's tight ass race towards the exit. In all the years they'd been together neither of them had ever walked away from an argument without resolving it first. Not surprising considering the lives they led. Still, even though this wasn't the most vocal or violent fight they'd ever had, Kakashi couldn't shake the feeling that this was by far the most serious.

This small moment of clarity sobered him up enough to realise that he'd just allowed Iruka to walk away from him without fully explaining what he meant by his "we do mean something more to each other" statement. Looking back on it, Kakashi couldn't understand what the fuck he was thinking when he said that. Of course Genma meant something to him. They had basically grown up together. They pushed each other to be the very best warriors they could be for their village. They were each others first everything. First crush, first kiss, first sexual experience...first love? Love. Kakashi wasn't an idiot, he knew how Genma felt about him, and not just because he told him multiple times. Both before and after he got together with Iruka. Genma was always dropping hints about how Kakashi was too good for Iruka. He always tried to ignore it and push it to the back of his mind though. He never truly knew even to this day the true extent of his feelings towards Genma, he had gone a large portion of his life blissfully ignoring Genma's advances and hints to take their relationship beyond friends with benefits into dating exclusively. But as soon as Genma found out about his relationship with Iruka, he was forced to not only acknowledge the extent of the other man's feelings but to analyse just how deeply his own feelings ran for the senbon chewing jounin.


Genma and Kakashi were relaxing on the edge of a stream that ran through the entirety of Konaha, glad for any time off away from their recent chain of A and S ranked missions. There was a pleasant silence between the pair. They're relationship was one that rarely needed to fill the silence with unnecessary small talk. They preferred just to bask in each others presence. However this time felt different. There was an undercurrent of tension between the two that neither had experienced before. After futilely trying to ignore the situation Genma finally gave up, and with a deep sigh turned to Kakashi and asked the question that had been on the tip of his tongue since the moment he found out this piece of life changing news. Well, life changing for him anyway.

"So Kakashi, were you ever going to tell me you had a new boy toy or was I meant to guess?"

Kakashi made the most minimalistic head turn in Genma's general direction that he could, attempting to seem nonchalant on the outside while inside his mind was frantically searching for both plausible and pathetically poor excuses. "What ever could you mean Genma-kun? You know I tell you everything." Kakashi attempted to plant a boyish grin on his face, but after realising his mask was still in place gave up and settled for a pitiful look in his eye instead.

Genma starred at him wide eyed, a hint of disgust marring his face," You tell me everything? Yeah right arse hole. Maybe you used to, but you haven't spoken to me properly in weeks. And don't give me that look, it only works for people with two eyes, cyclops."

Kakashi sat up straighter, giving his friend his full attention. "Gen, what the hell? I've seen you practically everyday for most of my life. How the fuck can you say I don't talk to you? You probably know more about me than I do."

"We used to talk, but not for the past month. Which coincidently is when I hear you got yourself a new man to play with" Genma spat, turning his face away in anger.

"So what Genma. We're not dating. We made it clear from the start that we'd date other people and only get together when we were both single and up for it. You know that, you accepted it. Hell, you even came up with it. So what's the real problem here Gen?" Kakashi shouted, the visible section of his face turning red with annoyance.

"My problem Kakashi is that you don't feel the need to tell your best friend when you're dating someone. You don't date, period. I only brought up that stupid rule because I'd never actually think you'd find someone else!" Realising what he'd confessed to the now wide eyed jounin, Genma lowered his head in shame while simultaneously thinking of the best way to escape.

Kakashi couldn't quite process what he'd heard. Sure he knew Genma had feelings for him, any pre-gennin could tell you that. But he'd always believed that if push came to shove Genma would support him if he found someone he wanted to be with.

"What are you saying Genma? Are you trying to tell me that you don't want me to date? That you'd rather I stay lonely just so I can warm you're bed at night?" Kakashi's voice was growing in volume. He was showing rare signs of unrestrained emotion that few rarely witnessed. He may have been over reacting, but quite frankly the whole situation was pissing him off. "You know what? You're pathetic Genma. You claim to be my best friend and to love me but when it comes down to it you always pussy out. You wanna know why I didn't tell you I'm with someone? It's because I knew that the arrogant bastard standing in front of me would come out and play. Any time I've liked someone and they've shown some interest you always chased them away. Oh yeah, I knew." Kakashi said, responding to Genma shocked face. "I never told you about Iruka because I knew you'd find some way to ruin it for me. He means way too much to me to let you do that."

Genma had stopped listening after he heard the name 'Iruka' fall from Kakashi's lips. He might have gritted his teeth and turned a blind eye if Kakashi had been dating an anbu, jounin or a special jounin like himself. But for the infamous copy nin to lower himself to chuunin standards was just laughable. In fact it was so laughable, Genma couldn't help but follow through and laugh. He laughed till he was doubled over with laughter pains and then he laughed some more. When he finally stopped to catch his breath and stand up straight, he was met with the face of a very ticked off Kakashi. This only made him laugh more.

"I'm...haha...I'm sorry Ka....haha....shi. I...I...Give me a minute." Genma took a deep breath and fought to compose himself. "There we go, I'm good now, sorry. You know for a second I actually thought you were serious. I mean Iruka? Really? Even you could think of something better than that Kakashi. Yeah he's cute and all but you're so far out of his league you might as well be a different species." Kakashi's face remained stone cold the whole time. A deadly glare aimed straight towards Genma. "Holy shit dude! You're serious aren't you?"

The silence was painful. The tension was so strong it was almost visible.

"I'm serious Gen. I've had feelings for Iruka for a long time, both of us want this relationship to work. So I'm begging you, as my best friend, please don't mess this up for me." The hard look was erased from Kakashi's face as he plead with the special jounin, willing him to let go and be happy for him.

Genma contemplated letting go, he tried to imaging Kakashi happy with someone other than him, confiding in someone else, being with someone else, loving someone else... And he couldn't. He just couldn't see anyone other than him filling all those places in Kakashi's life. Places that were made for him. So he made a choice.

"No Kakashi, I can't let you go willingly." Kakashi stared at him confused, his eye wide in shock but Genma chose to ignore it. "I can't let a fucking chuunin of all things claim your love. I know I sound a little crazy right now but I have to make you see what you refuse to acknowledge. I love you Kakashi. I love you. And you have the right to love whoever you want but I'm asking, no begging, you to consider me as an option here. I know you feel something for me. We've been through too much for you not to." He approached Kakashi slowly, afraid that he might have gone too far but still wanting physical contact. He reached up slowly and gently tugged the mask away from Kakashi's porcelain skin. "I want you to look me in the eye 'kashi and tell me you don't love me. And mean it. If you can do that, I'll walk away. I'll be there for you always. But only if you come to me. I'll never get in the way again. But if there's even the smallest chance that you do or could love me then I'm gonna fight for you. Fight till I win, no matter how long it takes."

Genma took a deep breath, stealing himself against the rejection he was sure would follow his next words, "Tell me Kakashi. Tell me you don't love me and I'll try my best to accept it."

It seemed to take a life time for anyone to speak. Genma had already taken Kakashi's silence for rejection but he still managed to maintain a casual smirk on his face so as not to allow the jounin to see the depth of his pain. So when Kakashi did eventually speak, his words truly came as a surprise.

"I can't tell you I don't love you Gen. I can never lie to you."

End flashback

Kakashi always knew deep down that his feelings for Genma rivalled those he felt for Iruka. Iruka was his warmth, his light, the one he always looked forward to seeing when returning from the most brutal of missions. He knew that whatever the situation his 'ruka would comfort him and make him forget the pain.

Then there was Genma. The man who knew everything there was to know about him physically, mentally and spiritually. The one he could always trust and confide in no matter what.

He knew he had a choice to make. He knew someone would get their heart broken because of him. And he knew that if there was any justice in the world, both Iruka and Genma would forget about him and find people who would make them truly happy.

But above all else at that moment, he knew he had to find a toilet right away 'cause he was gonna fucking vomit all over some poor person's crotch if he didn't.

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