Alvin & Brittany: Taking The Next Step

Chapter 2

Brittany got off the bed and ran to the door, as if in a hurry, and grabbed her purse from the floor (she had thrown it on the floor when she had stormed into room crying) and un-zipped it, quickly pulling out a door sign to hang on the handle. "Simon and Jeanette are…well, I have no idea…studying or something and Theodore and Eleanor are away on a date which most likely involves them going somewhere to eat…and pretty much everyone else we know is out celebrating the favourite football team winning the championship or something, I have no idea," she said with a giggle. "I don't care for football…" she looked at the handle and giggled again. "…so, it's just you and me now. If you hadn't have come up, I would've been all alone," she said quietly, showing him the door sign, which read Do Not Disturb. "Do no disturb? How appropriate," Alvin laughed. "Hey, how long have you been planning this anyway?"

Brittany grinned as she opened the door and hung the sign on the handle before closing and locking it. "I thought the same thing when you brought the 'protection' out of your bag," she giggled, and froze for a second in front of the door, taking a deep breath. When she turned around, Alvin had removed his jeans, and they were lying in a heap beside the bed. He was leaning his back against the pillows and leaning his arms over the top of them, making himself look so inviting for the suddenly excited Chipette. She took a moment to stare at and admire his body. He was so muscular…

Alvin suddenly clicked his fingers and Brittany shook her head, snapping out of her daze. "Sorry…" she muttered. "It's just that you are really…beautiful," she murmured, and felt herself blush. But Alvin felt his cheeks heat up too, and he chuckled nervously. "So are you," he murmured. The expression he suddenly threw her took her breath away, and she couldn't control herself for much longer. She removed her skirt and tights and climbed onto the edge of the bed, doing it very smoothly, not wanting to make an idiot of herself on the first night of love-making with her man. She locked eyes with him as she slowly crawled towards him, trying to appear as seductive as possible, hoping the flirty look she was giving him didn't look totally stupid. But he looked very pleased and returned the look, and Brittany forgot how to breathe for a moment. He was so irresistible to her. The sudden smell of his deodorant turned her on even more, and as soon as she reached him she almost pounced onto his body, and would've done, if he hadn't of stopped her by holding his hands up.

"Wait a second Brittany…" he said, and she sighed with frustration and sat up, placing her hands on her hips. "What now?" she said, annoyed. Alvin sighed. "Look, I love you, and you know-" "That you'd never do anything to hurt me, I know," Brittany finished his sentence, sighing. "Right. Because now there is no going back, only forward. Are you absolutely positive this is what you want?"

Brittany knew there was no way to convince him with her voice, so she reached behind her back, and in one swift motion she had undone her bra strap and had thrown the bra off the side of the bed, grinning when she saw Alvin's eyes pop out and his jaw drop, as if she had just pulled her head off and placed it back on. "Does that answer your question…?" she said, smirking at his expression, placing her hands back on the bed. "Yeah…it does…" Alvin murred, leaning his head forward so he could nuzzle and kiss her newly exposed chest. Brittany pulled off his red cap so she could play with the tuft of fur on top of his head. "Honestly Alvin…" she whispered, shuddering with pleasure. "…I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

Alvin slowly raised his head to touch his nose against hers. "Now there's no one standing in our way…tonight is all about me and you!" he said excitedly. "Let's make a night to remember. I want to make all your dreams come true…" he murmured in a soft, seductive tone. Brittany smiled and returned the seductive grin he gave her, and pressed her finger against his chest, pushing him back against the bed so he was now lying down against the pillows. She then slowly ran her finger down his chest and tummy. "Mmm Brittany…that feels so nice," Alvin moaned with pleasure. Brittany then removed his boxer shorts, and was amused at what she saw.

"Your clearly as excited about this as I am…" she giggled. Alvin opened his eyes and looked at her, blushing a little, and chuckling nervously. "I…ummm…" he mumbled. Brittany laughed again. She then grabbed the condom off the floor and very slowly placed it over Alvin's hard membrane, which he enjoyed greatly. "Do you want to go on top?" she said in an entertained voice. Alvin laughed. "Hell yes!" he exclaimed, and stood up. Brittany took his position, leaning against the pillows and lying back, trying to relax her body. She was so tense, and started sweating badly as Alvin leaned over her. But she was ready. And so was he. His finger traced down her chest and tummy in the same way hers had, and this she found wonderful. His fingers gripped around her pants and he slowly pulled them off, and she lifted her legs to help him remove them, hearing him gasp with delight when he finally saw what had been beneath her pants this whole time.

The Chipmunk looked at his lover's face one more time and gave her a wonderful smile that made her body melt, and her heart overreact. She smiled back, assuring him she was ready for the next step. "Take me Alvin. I'm all yours…"

Alvin sighed, and stared over her gorgeous body. You can do this…she's ready…your ready…it's now or never, his mind told him. He grinned and lifted himself up slightly, bringing his abdomen to hers. A gasp followed by a moan escaped her throat as he slowly pushed himself deeper inside her thighs. It was unlike anything either of them had ever felt. A mixture of pain and pleasure burned inside the lower half of Brittany's body, and she gasped again, sweat becoming more rapid. Alvin grunted as he slowly began pulling himself back out, his escape slightly faster than his entry. He exhaled heavily when he had pulled himself out. "Wow…" he whispered, and was eager to do that again, eager to please himself and satisfy Brittany, of course.

He knew Brittany wanted it too, so once again he pushed the lower part of his body into hers, trying to be as gentle as possible, but not resisting going faster than the first time. Brittany moaned with pleasure, and Alvin grinned, pulling out and re-entering. Both of them orgasmed, gasping and moaning with pleasure. It was then that Alvin couldn't take it anymore…he needed her in his arms. He collapsed onto her and slowly wrapped his arms around her back, holding her close to him, leaning his forehead against hers. Her breath was hot against his skin, her breathing somewhat heavy and fast. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face to hers and kissed him passionately, and he was eager to kiss her back, holding her body close to his. He continued to thrust his body into her body, accelerating his speed. Whenever their lips unlocked, wild gasps of breath escaped their throats.

"Oh Alvin! Your incredible…!" Brittany gasped as he hotly kissed her neck and chest. His lips and tongue were wild, his hands everywhere. His lips then moved back to hers and they made out. Brittany ran her hands up and down Alvin's hot chest, as his fingers intertwined with her hair. He brushed his tongue against hers before running it along her gums, and she followed suit, before pulling her mouth from his to kiss his face, jaw and neck. He laughed. "Your incredible!" he gasped, his thrusting much more smoother now he had gotten the hang of it. Brittany cried out in ecstasy, the pleasure in her overheated body overwhelming. Alvin ran his fingers up and down her body, which was difficult because her skin was so slippery with heavy sweat. Brittany's fiery hormones were on overdrive as Alvin's hot sweaty body was pushed against hers. The body heat shared between them was practically scorching.

Alvin and Brittany continued making hot love throughout the night. And all night long.

The next morning Brittany woke up, naked, lying in her lover's arms, on top of his body. Her cheek was against his chest, his steady heartbeat echoing in her ear. She sighed, her body feeling numb and warm in his embrace, memories of the previous night still running through her head. She was feeling strongly satisfied, but exhausted from such a lack of stamina. She then felt Alvin's fingers lock with hers and squeeze her hand, and she squeezed his back, hearing him sigh contentedly.



"I love you…more than anything…"

"I love you too…more than anything…"



"Will you marry me?"

"…of course."

The End

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