BellaXJasper.. Hope you like this one. Bella's point of view.

As I walked through school towards my truck I noticed the silver Volvo gone.

Even though Edward told me he would be leaving early to hunt today, I still thought he would at least say good bye.

I climbed into my truck and found a note on the seat. In his perfect calligraphy said 'Come down at 7.00pm, my love. I need to speak to you.'

Strange. Very strange.

I shoved the note into my pocket and hit drive. As I got into my house I noticed that Jacob's Rabbit was there, unusual. I got out trying to figure out why he would be here and as I walked in the house I got a cheerful grin off Charlie and a worried stare off of Jake.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 'Bella, I'm going to order a pizza tonight. You guys go have fun.' Jake smiled, and I knew Charlie wouldn't bother about anything Jake and I got up to.

'Hey Bella.' His worry was still there, he didn't mask it very well.

'Hi Jake, what's wrong?' I said, jumping to the punch.

'Nothing.' His eyes widened with fake innocence, something was coming.

'Really Jake, you show up before I get back from school, that's odd even for a wolf like you. Don't you need sleep?'

'Bella.' He frowned, my distraction was poorly attempted and as predicted, it didn't work. 'Bella, I need to speak to you.'

Jakes words matched the ones on the letter in my back pocket; I then became stupidly aware of it, as if it was burning a hole in my jeans.

I nodded for Jake to go on.

'Bella, are you seeing Edward tonight?'

'Yes. Why?' Suspicion was getting at me.

'Well. Are you seeing the fortune-teller…? Alice tonight?' I nodded.

Then before anything could go on, we heard the growl of a Volvo speed round the corner making several tyre marks on the road. It stopped in front of us and Jake looked baffled.

As Edward glided out of the car he looked Jake up and down in disapproval. They spent a few short seconds staring at each other as if they were having an argument. Jake was probably thinking something, Edward didn't like.

Jake started to walk away, and then he turned around to look at me.

'I'd never hurt you Bella.' That was thick with implications that didn't quite make sense to me. I heard Edward growl a low growl in the pit of his chest.

'Come on Bella. Let's go.' To his house I assumed.

I climbed into the Volvo with him and the whole ride was silent, what was going on? Why was my dear Edward playing this mysterious character?

As we wound up the drives towards the house, I noticed Alice was at the doorstep. She wasn't jumping, nor was she smiling, she was sat, dazed on the porch step.

Something was up. I knew it, it seemed as if it was obvious and right in front of my nose. Yet why couldn't I pick up on it?

I climbed out the car and Edward didn't take my hand, nor did Alice sweep up to kiss me on the cheek. I walked in, in front of them and noticed Jasper.

Jasper was stood, staring at me, uncomprehending to my facial display, yet he knew what I was feeling.


Jasper then felt the despair for himself, at first I thought it was my affect on him, but then he pointed at Alice. Mocking, bitter sides of him I had never seen shone through his usual pained expression.

'Alice. How dare you? Would you have carried this on if Emmett hadn't have walked in on you two? What would you have said to Bella? Keep lying to her I suppose.'

My eyebrows furrowed and a sickening, empty feeling was growing in the pit of my stomach. My palms started to sweat and I felt myself get really hot.

Then Alice spoke. 'I'm sorry it happened the way it happened, but it's just the way it went.' She mimicked his bitterness.

'What's going on?' I said with a voice timid that I didn't even know if I heard it myself.

They ignored me. 'I'm sorry Jasper.' Edward said, looking at the floor.

Was I invisible?

'Guys. This is insane, what's happening?' I spoke a little louder this time.

Their voices were rising. 'You both make me sick to the stomach.' Jasper said with his nose squashed up as if he smelt something bad.

'Tell me please. WHAT'S HAPPENED?' I shouted.

Jasper turned to look at me, worry in his eye. I looked at Edward, as routine, for guidance.

Jasper spoke through gritted teeth. 'You tell her.'

'Bella. I…' He looked at me with pain; it was like at the Volturi. 'I'm so sorry, I couldn't control myself. I… Love Alice.'

He searched my face for any hint of emotion. He couldn't find it. I even felt my face go white and blank. I looked at Alice; she looked at me once and looked back down. There were no words for how I felt, yet I knew it wouldn't quite sink in for some more time now.

I looked at Jasper; he looked at my face and nodded. At what I don't know.

He looked at me, stepped forward and said 'Get on my back, Bella.'

I did as he said, and I knew the closeness scared him, Edward told me he couldn't control himself as much as the rest of the Cullen's. Yet, for some reason, I trusted him with this.

'Close your eyes Bella.' He said, Edward and Alice still watching.

'No.' I said and looked at Edward.

Jasper took off, I lost sight of the house in no time. How could this happen?