As Jasper walked in the room the only emotion I could identify for myself was alarm

As Jasper walked in the room the only emotion I could identify for myself was alarm. As he inched closer I felt better and better. This sick twisted longing I had for him wasn't kept a secret, he knew whether I liked it or not.

My bottom lip quivered and I wanted to just lay with him, burying my head into his shoulders and let the tears go silently. But it was different now. I knew that and I'd only been conscious a few minutes.

"Calm down." He breathed, he couldn't be loud, they'd all hear.

"What's…?" He knew what I meant before I did.

"I told them all about you fainting, nothing to be worried about. But the… err… doctor said you'd be fine by yesterday evening and when you just stayed asleep I called… err… Jacob and he had a look at you…"

"Jacob?" What did he have to do with this?

"Well, you see, I haven't had experience with humans in quite a while… so…" he was grasping words and he struggled to form them on his lips, I wanted to ask so many questions, but I couldn't I was restricted. The questions were all locked away in the back of my head for the next time we'd be alone. Thrill ran up and down my whole body and Jasper looked up at me as he felt it too.

"How do you…?"

"Ever tried counting backwards in Japanese from one thousand when you only know up to one hundred?" I shook my head and a smile played on my lips, I nearly laughed, Jaspers eyes seemed to brighten too, he stretched his hand out as if he wanted to touch me or hold my hand. I was all too willing; however he pulled it away quickly. He too, realised how wrong it is.

"I'm so sorry." Despair broke through him and right at the moment he put his head in his hands Edward burst through the door. The way it swung round, I almost had a heart attack.

"You didn't tell me." My heart rate increased, I wonder will it ever get tired? Could Edward hack into Jaspers thoughts so easily?

"I'm… sorry." Its happening, everyone is going to hate me. Jasper seemed strangely calm about it, but then, he hadn't got as much to lose as I did.

"All you said was that the doctor came round." A fortunate anti-climax.

"Well, I knew you'd be angry with me for calling him. He didn't even touch her Edward."

My eyebrows furrowed what in heaven were they talking about? Jasper turned his head to me as if to translate, he felt my confusion, I inwardly sighed. No privacy. "I didn't tell him Jacob came round," he turned his head back to Edward, his eyes darker "but you said you wouldn't be listening didn't you?"

"It's not like I was eavesdropping we could all hear you blurt out that the dog came round."

"Hey!" I winced and spoke to loudly that my voice cracked.

"Its okay, shh, its okay. I'm sorry you heard that." Then it all happened too slowly for my liking. The person that was coaxing me was the person I wanted to be coaxing me, yet the person that was meant to be stood there let his expression grow angrier, faster than I interpreted what happened. My eyes bulged as I looked at Jaspers caring hands around my waist. Too intimate. Too obvious.

"Get off of her, just because you spent a few days together doesn't mean you can touch her."

"She's not a possession Edward." Jasper stepped forward in front of me, this was wrong; couldn't Edward see the stupid amount of care radiating from him? Was he blind? He wasn't paying attention to my racing heart; my bulging eyes, my increased breathing and luckily he couldn't listen to my thoughts. Because they were a whole different matter.

"I've just… got to know her quite well." Jaspers voice let defeat spread all through it and Edward came forward in three long strides to hold me himself.

Jasper stepped away and out of the room without turning back. He wouldn't see the tears flowing over my cheek and dropping onto the floor. Edward wiped them away and buried his face into my hair. "Sorry." He whispered.

"S'okay." I whispered back.

"What did you and Jasper do over the time that made him so protective over you?" He asked pulling away from me, his expression incredulous.

"We talked."

"Because you don't do that at all do you?" The tense atmosphere grew light and almost bouncy as I realised we gotten away with murder.