I do not own Loonatics Unleashed or any of the characters or gadgets

I do not own Loonatics Unleashed or any of the characters or gadgets. They belong to Warner Brothers.

Teresa Tiger and Tiger-Eye Corporations belong to me.

Rated T for violence, swearing, and sexual and perverted jokes.



Acmetropolis was dark and silent as the clock struck 10:30 pm. The moon was shining brightly and the stars twinkled beautifully, all of the citizens were fast asleep that no one could hear the crickets, not even the clomping of high heel shoes running in terror.

Those shoes belonged to a slim beautiful white tiger wearing a violet business suit and had her golden blonde hair in a ponytail. Her name was Teresa Tiger and she was running from the most terrifying threat she could face, being hunted.

"Oh Miss Tiger, come out and play!" A voice with an Australian accent called out musically.

Teresa gasped in horror and ran faster, she swerved around the alleys corners desperate to get away from the hunter's figure that was following her. Teresa ducked around a wall and paused to catch her breath, tears of fright streamed down her face as she panted.

Lasers suddenly blasted the corner of the wall sending Teresa flying into some garbage cans, she sprang back up and ran away deeper into the alley. Teresa turned a corner and skidded to a stop, she had come to a dead end and the hunter blocked her only way out.

He was a big muscular built man with a goatee and a scar down his left eye. He wore an outback hat, jeans with holes in the knees, gangster boots, and fingerless gloves.

He had a gigantic laser gattler strapped over his shoulder and pointed it at the young tiger. Teresa slumped to the ground and trembled with fear as the hunter grinned menacingly.

"G'day Miss Tiger, or should I say, g'night for good."

He chuckled evilly as the gun hummed up ready to fire, Teresa let out a shrill scream that could shatter windows. Laser firings came from behind the hunter, he turned and saw the Acmetropolis police pointing their guns at him.

"Halt, this is the police! Auzzy August, you're under arrest! Drop your weapons, step away from the tiger, and surrender now!" The officer said.

Auzzy pointed his gun at the police and fired, the troopers got out of the way so only their cruisers got hit. He threw a smoke bomb on the ground and covered the area with a cloud of black smog, when it cleared, the police found Auzzy gone and Teresa still alive.

"Dammit! He got away again!" One of the officers said.

The troopers rushed over to Teresa to make sure she wasn't hurt.

"Miss Tiger, are you alright?" One of them asked her.

Teresa nodded as she sobbed.

"That's the 22nd time she's been attacked." An officer said to another.

The other trooper rushed to his cruiser and took out a COM piece.

"Attention all units, an APB has been put out on Auzzy August! Be on the look out for Auzzy August! Suspect is armed and dangerous I repeat, armed and dangerous!"

Teresa looked around at all the officers and flashing lights that surrounded her. All she wanted was for Auzzy to be put away for good so all this god for saken torture could end, and the only heroes who could do it were the Loonatics.