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Police cruisers took up half the boondocks along with several reporters getting the scoop. Auzzy was dragged into a prison van by several troops while binned in an iron beam that Slam wrapped around him for precaution.

"You ain't seen that last of me! Prison bars can't hold Auzzy August! I'll be back!" The hunter screamed.

"Eh, I wouldn't bet on it August. We won't be seein' ya for quite a lot of decades." Ace taunted.

"Auzzy August always gets his catch! And I would've gotten that white tiger if it weren't for ya lousy super freako mother f"

The van door slammed shut blocking out the last word he was going to say. The cruisers left the harbor, as did the reporters, leaving the Loonatics and Teresa alone on the docks. Ace's COM suddenly bleeped.

"Guys, Zadavia's callin'." He said.

The rabbit pressed the hologram button on the COM and Zadavia's image appeared.

"You finally did it Loonatics. August will be put in a heavy-duty maximum-security prison cell where there's no escape. He won't bother Teresa ever again and he will pay for his past crimes.

I'm very proud of all of you, especially you Teresa. Your time with the Loonatics has helped you face August to save Tech, it takes great courage to do that."

Teresa hugged Tech around the middle and blushed, she was still a little uneasy around the strange woman.

"Peace has been restored to Acmetropolis for the time being. Good work Loonatics. Zadavia out."

With that, the message ended.

"Looks like it's time for you guys to go back home. Thanks to you, I can live my life in peace again." Teresa said happily.

"I told you there was nothing to worry about." Duck said.

"You never said that to begin with." Lexi said.

"Hey, don't ruin the moment." The duck replied.

"Teresa, I'd like to give ya somethin' as a token for lettin' us stay with you for a bit." Ace said.

He handed the tiger a black cell phone like device, on it was the trademark triangle with the Loonatics' colors in it.

"If there's a crime in the city we're not aware of, you can inform us with this." The yellow leader said.

"Thank you, you all have been so kind these past few days, and I'm grateful to trust people like you." Teresa said.

"Now that August is in jail, I guess we won't be seeing you around much." Tech said gloomily.

Teresa planted a kiss on the coyote's muzzle and he nearly melted.

"Of course you will you adorable genius, I couldn't have asked for more greater friends like you guys." The tiger said.

Lexi's ears suddenly perked up as something popped into her head.

"Oh I just remembered something. Duck, I found that detergent you were complaining about. It was under Rev's bed along with a bottle of Febreze."

Everyone looked at the roadrunner wanting an answer. The red Loonatic finally couldn't bear the pressure of guilt after 10 seconds.

"Ok-I-admit-it, -I-took-the-laundry-soap-and-forgot-to-put-it-back. But-I-can't-help-it, -it-just-smells-soooo-good.

Detergent-has-advanced-in-the-past-many-years-of-development-and-now-come-in-different-scents. Strawberry-kiwi, -Avocado-and-oatmeal, -Peony-water-lily, -Ginger, -Tea-rose, -Watermelon-and-mango, -Sweet-almond, -Sweet-pea, -and-anything-else-you-can-think-of."

Everyone just stared in silence with weird expressions.

"Fucking addict." Duck said.

Rev shot a scowl at him and the others laughed. It seemed just beyond the horizon were new beginnings, for both the Loonatics and Teresa.

Teresa will appear again in Seven Little Stories.