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1. You Can Start Today

Kiss, kiss fall in love. Maybe you're my love!

"Alyx? Alyx turn that down," Mrs. Hayashi demanded, "Alyx!"

Kizukeba itsu de mo. Soba ni iru keredo.

"Liza will you get your sister to turn it down?" Mr. Hayashi asked the other twin, hoping it would work.

Honto wa kirai? Suki? Mousou na no?

Finally, Mrs. Hayashi grabbed the headphones and ripped them from her daughters' ears.

"Mom! What the heck was that for?" Alyx Hayashi yelled.

"Yeah! It wasn't that loud!" Liza agreed.

"Alexandria, Elizabeth, mind your manners!" Mrs. Hayashi reprimanded.

"Manners schmanners!" the identical sisters retorted together.

"Alyx! Liza! Listen to your mother!" their father ordered.

The twins pouted and blew their mocha-colored hair out of their faces.

"I still don't see why we have to…" Alyx started.

"…Go to a dumb private school," Liza finished.

"You're going here because Ouran Academy won't tolerate your nonsense," their mother answered.

"You're going because they won't tolerate your nonsense," they mocked.

The poor, unfortunate parents sighed irritably. They wondered where they went wrong for the fifth time that day.

Liza looked at Alyx with bored eyes, already ignoring the conversation, "What's nonsense?"

Alyx shrugged, giving the same look to Liza, "I don't know."

"You both cause nonsense by getting kicked out of all the schools we've sent you to," their father said, while slowing to turn a corner.

"That's not…" Liza started.

"…Nonsense," Alyx finished as they had many times in the past.

"Then what is it?" Mrs. Hayashi asked, annoyed beyond compare at the two nuisances in the back seat that were, unfortunately, her daughters.

"Mischief!" they both said, giving their mother huge smiles that were meant to look innocent.

Both parents let out yet another frustrated sigh, while Alyx and Liza laughed with each other.

"Hey," Alyx defended, once the laughing was done, "It's not our fault they give us explosive things!"

"That doesn't mean you can go blowing stuff up!" the fight between mother and daughters continued.

"They tempted us!" Alyx and Liza yelled together, with more than a hint of a whine.

"You two will not blow this school up!" Mrs. Hayashi threatened.

"We will blow the school up," Alyx whispered, slumping down in the seat.

Liza smiled, "Yeah if we don't like it."

"Chances are we won't," Alyx replaced her headphones around her ears.

Liza smiled again and blocked out her mother's ranting the same way her sister had. They looked, and snickered, seeing that their mother was still rambling on to their father. About five minutes later, Mrs. Hayashi figured out that her daughters weren't listening to her, so she shut up. They pulled up into the parking lot of a ridiculously large and expensive-looking school.

"Whoa! We get dorms?" Alyx asked, excitement shining in her azure eyes.

"No," her father said tartly.

"Aww," Liza whined.

"All right girls," Mr. Hayashi said, "Please be good. Make some friends, and do well in school. Oh, and please don't blow anything up!"

"We'll try," the twins muttered very unconvincingly.

Their father sighed and pulled away.

"Dad's given up on us, hasn't he?" Liza asked, standing and staring at the disappearing car.

"No," Alyx said sarcastically. Liza rolled her eyes as they stopped within the gate of the school.

"This place…" Liza started.

"…Is a city," Alyx finished. They headed towards class 1-A, where they were assigned to suffer.

At the end of the day…

"Dad hasn't called and told us when our ride would arrive," Liza said, looking around, wondering where all the students went.

"Let's look around," Alyx said, opening the door that was in front of them. Suddenly, rose petals flowed out of the door.

"What's with the rose petals?" the twins asked as said petals bombarded them.

"Welcome," a group of boys greeted.

They stared, bug-eyed, at the group for a few minutes. Turning, they pinched each other and blinked a few times. Suddenly, a guy with blonde hair came up to Alyx and embraced her.

"You must be new here. Allow me to sho-" he started, but was cut off by Alyx kicking him in the shin.

"Get away from me you freak!" Alyx screeched.

He winced and tried Liza, "What about you, Princess?"

Liza didn't say anything, but she didn't hurt him either. He took that as an ok and went on to be all Romeo-ish. Unfortunately for him, the second he touched Liza, her sister decked him upside the head. The blonde yelped, and was soon in a daze. The cause of said daze was a very pissed brunette. She had kicked him in a not-so-nice spot and punched him in the face. Currently, she was screaming at him with her wonderfully colorful vocabulary. That was when it happened.

Blondie smashed into a wall, causing a painting to get knocked loose. The painting fell on his head and ripped. At that moment, everything had gone silent.

"Um…oops?" Alyx said, both a question and a statement.

"Ooooooooo," two boys, that could only be assumed to be twins, said.

"That was a majorly important painting," the boy, whose hair was parted to the left, said.

"Costing up to 50 million yen," the other said.

"Uh," Liza asked, "Isn't that like 500 thousand bucks?"

"Oh my God!" Alyx yelled, "You can do math!"

"Shut up!"

"What's bucks?" an innocent-looking boy with a pink bunny asked.

"It's American slang for US currency," a bespectacled, black-haired boy said, "Which, by the way, won't be accepted for paying off your debt."

"What? But I didn't break it!" Alyx yelled and pointed at the blonde (who, by the way, was still out of it), "Blondie did!"

"You pushed him," he retorted.

"But I didn't physically touch the painting!" Alyx argued.

"Doesn't matter though, does it? You caused it to happen," Glasses replied coolly, determined to win.

"Hey, Kyou-chan, are they gonna work here like Haru-chan?" the cute, little, blonde boy asked.

"Yes," 'Kyou-chan' replied.

"Hey!" Alyx yelled.

"You have to ask us first!" Liza added.

"I'm sure you've heard the popular American term 'You break it you buy it'," 'Kyou' said, "In this case it's going to be applied."

"You jerk!" Alyx growled, "That is so cliché!"

"Yeah!" Liza backed her up, "And it's sooo last year."

"Either way you'll be working here for a long time," he replied, looking quite pleased with himself.

Alyx muttered a curse, and was promptly scolded by Liza.

Don't worry kids, parents just don't understand…

The two girls looked at each other, letting out a sigh.

"Mom?" Alyx asked.

"Dad," Liza stated.

"What on Earth?" the taller blonde said, having finally snapped out of his daze, and looked at Liza's phone, studying it.

Liza went off to answer the phone, leaving Alyx with the group of boys.

"What was that?" the kid with the innocent expression asked, looking up at Alyx.

"My parents' ring tone," Alyx answered, bored.

"It must be a popular American song," a brunette boy with large, brown eyes said, more to himself than anyone else.

"Dad said our ride will be here in two hours," Liza said, coming back.

"Great…doesn't he know school's already out?" Alyx replied.

"Well, we're stuck here," Liza informed her.

"Then you can start today," Glasses said, almost happily.

"We dun wanna!" Alyx and Liza said simultaneously.

"Great! They're another Kaoru and Hikaru!" Blondie exclaimed sinking into his overly dramatic pit of despair.

"What's that supposed to mean?" the four people complained, hearing themselves be compared to two complete strangers.

The whining, complaining, and bickering lasted for a while, and then it grew silent. Nothing happened until Blondie realized that it was a later time than he thought.

"The ladies are expecting us to open," he said.

"Huh?" Alyx and Liza stared at each other, "Girls? Open?"

"Ouran is a place…" Blondie went on about how rich people went there and that life was for happiness, "And we are here to please the young ladies of Ouran. We are the Host Club."

"Host…Club…?" Alyx and Liza asked again.

"Yes, and I am the king, Suou, Tamaki," he knelt down and would have kissed Liza's hand if it weren't for Alyx clearing her throat and sending a glare that screamed 'did you not learn your lesson last time'. Tamaki cleared his throat, "This is Ootori, Kyouya, the vice president and shadow king."

He pointed to Glasses, who shifted his glasses with his index and middle finger.

"The twins are Hitachiin, Kaoru and Hikaru," he introduced.

"Yo," they greeted.

"The little blonde is Haninozuka, Mitsukuni."

"Call me Hunny!" he said.

"And tall guy next to Hunny is Morinozuka, Takashi. We call him Mori."

He nodded.

"Um, hi?" the female twins said/asked.

"Oh, and this is Fujioka, Haruhi." That was the brown-haired boy.

"You look…" Liza started.

"…Like a chick," Alyx ended.

The club died a little bit inside.

"What?" the girls asked simultaneously.

"Never mind," Tamaki said, "What can you do?"

"We can blow stuff up," they replied almost immediately.

"Errrr, I meant more along the lines of cooking or cleaning…" Tamaki replied, a little bit afraid of the new members.

"Random much?" Alyx asked while Liza answered, "Yes, we can cook."

Tamaki ignored Alyx and told the siblings to go back to the kitchen and make some snacks. Liza dragged the complaining Alyx behind her.

"Come on. Let's just get this over with," she said,

"I dun wanna!" Alyx argued.

"You get to eat cake for free," Liza replied, knowing her sister's weak point.

"Cake?" Alyx asked, eyes glowing.

Liza nodded and her sister was ready in an instant.

"What're we waiting for?" she asked happily.

All Alyx had done was discard the blazer and tie from her uniform. She was wearing the boy's uniform, as she firmly believed that dresses were evil things created solely for the suffering of women. Liza was a bit more open-minded about things like that. Liza laughed, put on an apron and washed her hands. Within minutes they were in a treat-making frenzy.

"Kyaa! There are so many ovens!" Alyx cried.

"I know!" Liza answered, "We can make so many things at once!"

After half an hour, their concoctions-er-treats were ready, with many more on the way.

"Hey Alyx, why don't you take the finished ones out?" Liza suggested while decorating a large cake.

Alyx grabbed a few desserts and put them on a tray, exclaiming "Okie day!"

It was tremendously amazing that she didn't drop anything while skipping about in a sugar-induced high.

"Oh, hey, um…what's your name?" Hunny asked.

"Hm?" Alyx's curiosity was piqued, so she went over, "What's up?"

"What's your name?" Hunny reiterated.

"I'm Alyx!" she answered happily. Sugar rushes were wonderful things.

Hunny smiled and asked to see the tray.

"You want anything?" she asked.

"Can I have all of this?" he pleaded, eyes like saucers, "It all looks so yummy!"

"Sure!" Alyx replied happily.

"Wow, did you make all of this?" a girl exclaimed. She was sitting across the table from Hunny, and looked nice enough. So Alyx actually answered her.

"Nope! My sister, Liza, and I both worked on them!"

"Oh wow! I-"

"OhmygawdAlyxHELP!" came a frantic cry from the kitchen.

The brunette went wide-eyed and she dashed to the kitchen. Somehow, and oven had caught on fire.

"Liza!" Alyx yelled, and pulled her sister away from the inferno.

They toppled to the ground, and Liza clung to her sister, crying. Usually, Alyx was the one near any fires. Though, they were usually fires she had started. Tamaki grabbed a fire extinguisher and set it off…in his direction, not the oven's.

"Baka! Give me that!" Alyx yelled and took it away from him after bonking him on the head. Like the expert she was, she put the fire out, then went back to her sister and knelt by her, "Are you ok, Liza?"

Her compassionate expression turned to one of annoyance ad blue and violet roses appeared. Some petals floated in their faces, and were promptly swatted at.

"What the heck is with this place, and flowers appearing out of nowhere?" the twins yelled simultaneously.

"Wow, they look so good together!" a random girl cried.

"Yeah they make a great pair!" another echoed.

"They're almost as good as Kaoru and Hikaru!" another added.

The Hayashi twins felt their right eyes twitch. All they could think was, "What…the…heck? What is wrong with these people?"

"I think we might be replaced," Kaoru and Hikaru mournfully chorused.

The fans turned and apologized, and said that they hadn't meant it and they loved the boys.

"How pathetic," Alyx and Liza muttered.

"Hm," Kyouya said, "I'll have to add the cost of the oven replacement to your debt."

"What?" Liza shrieked.

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