Hana: Okay, update time! So back in the begging of April I posted a thing about the Bezos family and paper-cranes. Well here's me (several months later) finally giving you the results (if you haven't seen them already)

The results were breath-taking! They were receiving paper-cranes for over a week and collected over 700,000 paper cranes total from people all over the world. So they added another dollar amount per crane. so 3 x 700,000. well pulling out my handy dandy calculator that is right up there with $210,000.


The Bezos family was so impressed by the people around the world. They matched it.

210,000 x 2 is 420,000.

so pretty much just by this fundraiser, Save the Children (Japan) collected over half a million dollars.

To me that is pretty epic :)

if you did something to help out the relief effort send us a pm, or leave us a comment! I want to hear/read as many amazing stories. And I'll even go as far as make another one of these author notes with each of your stories in them (no names of course). :) who knows maybe Kura and I will come up with a little prize that makes us go "omgsh you really did that":) (no guarantee though)

We've made a difference. that's huge in and of itself.