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I love that scene from Witch Hunt after Abby has chastised Tony and McGee for ogling her, then she encourages the same behavior from Gibbs. I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think…reviews are marvelous! 

Marilyn Monroe and the President

"There's more, if you're interested…Mr. President." Abby cooed, delighted by the way Gibbs reacted to her womanly charm. Maybe she should dress up for him more often, she thought as he came back to her with that glazed look that told her later, after the case was solved, he'd be very interested in 'more'.

Later that night, after the girl had been found and the bad guys arrested, Gibbs and Abby went to his place to unwind.

"Well, Mr. President…are you interested in more now?" Abby teased, swishing her skirt and doing her best Marilyn Monroe impression.

"Still not bad for a blond," Gibbs eyes swept over her appreciatively before he moved toward her with a predatory look on his face. His arms encircled her waist, pulling her to him.

"I thought Gentlemen Preferred Blondes," she grinned.

"I'm no gentleman, Abs."

"No, you're always up to Monkey Business."

"That's not me acting like a monkey, it's this Seven Year Itch that's been driving me crazy." Gibbs quipped, getting into Abby's game now.

"Don't worry. Soon, Something's Got to Give." Abby resisted the urge to laugh as they bantered back and forth, which had now turned into a contest for Marilyn Monroe references.

"I'm hoping so, it feels like a Fireball."

"Some Like it Hot."

"So hot it would take all the water at Niagara to put it out." Gibbs was impressed they were still keeping this going, but he was starting feel impatient about moving past talk and getting to the action. His eyes betrayed him as he stared at her, his arms closed more tightly around her waist, pulling her to him.

"Abby, Let's Make Love!" he whispered.

"We're Not Married!" she giggled, finally unable to contain her laughter any longer.

"Then Let's Make it Legal!"

"We'll make a proper Love Nest!"

"Yes, because You Were Meant for Me!"

"Ah, Gibbs…we don't know that she was in that one…unfair reference!"

"Ah, well…you win then. Now, Marilyn, care to join me upstairs?"

"This is turning into a regular Home Town Story!" Abby giggled, allowing Gibbs to drag her upstairs.

"Abs, that's cheating. I already conceded defeat. I'm too old for this."

"You're Only as Young as You Feel, Gibbs."

"Abs!" he sighed as they reached his bedroom, and decided that the only way stop her was to kiss her so much she couldn't talk anymore…which seemed to be just fine with her!

The Marilyn Monroe movies referenced for this story (in order of mention):

Gentleman Prefer Blondes (1953)

Monkey Business (1952)

The Seven Year Itch (1955)

Something's Got to Give (1962)

The Fireball (1950)

Some Like It Hot (1959)

Niagara (1953)

Let's Make Love (1960)

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You Were Meant for Me (1948) It's not confirmed she was in this movie!

Home Town Story (1951)

As Young As You Feel (1951)