Disclaimer: I do not own the Tomorrow series or any of the characters they are owned by John Marsden

The characters are slightly different from the book.

Main Character the story will be written from ... Jaina Lilton (17) (Ellie in the book)

Her friends

Homer Yannos (17)

Corrie Mackenzie (16)

Rae Mathers (Robyn in the book) (16)

Fi Maxwell (16)

Kevin Holmes (18)

Chris Lang (15)

Tyler Gaska (Lee in the book) (16)

Added Character

Andrew Cornetta (17)

Matt Kane (17)

Vale Shelto (16)


What should have been an amazing usual summer was blow to pieces when me and my friends decided to go camping on the day of the fair down in hell... We had no clue everything would be drastically different when we reemerged. Testing all of us to the fullest...putting life long friendships and relationships on the verge or destruction. When we went camping we were still kids but when we returned we were forced to become adults. We would have to make decisions none of us were prepared to make. Our emotions were split between wanting to hide and coware where we would be safe and fight for what was once ours and face the possibility of dying. None of us could possibly imagine this happening...

Authors Note: I'm sorry this was so short but the next chapter will be twenty times longer but a family emergency has come up and this is all I am able to type thanks : )