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warning: MATTxSAYU!!

Sleeping through the evening

Singing dreams inside my head

Sayu stretched out on her bed and stared at her ceiling. Her eyes had dark rings underneath them since she had trouble sleeping at night. She kept dreaming and remembering about what happened in the hideout of the mafia, and remembered about the explosion they caused. She wondered if Mello, the mafia leader, died.

She also wondered about his sidekick. She never got to ask him his name, but what she did remember was that he was a redhead hacker, with dry sense of humor and could make her smile, even when she didn't want to. Information to get out of her, wasn't his job, and he refused doing it, even to Mello who looked like he could shoot him and be down with it.

Amazing that she was alive, that her brother got her out in time alongside her father. Amazing that Mello and the sidekick and enough brains to even come up with a scheme to frame her brother as Kira.


But sickening.


Matt bit his lip as he played his game for the thousandth time, trying to beat a high score that Mello got. He eyed the blond man wearily and wondered if he ever regretted what he done to get so far in his life.

Matt knew he would. The girl, Sayu if he remembered right, had to be traumatized. He felt bad for the woman.

"What exactly did your men do?" Matt asked. "Besides locking her up?"

"All we did was pressure her for information. Nothing else."

Pressure huh? Even he would break if enough of it was on his back.

He sighed again and shut off his game. Tomorrow was another day.

I'm Heading out I got some ins

Who say they care and they just might

Morning came fast and Sayu jumped to this and brushed her hair and ran down the stairs. It was the earliest morning, since the sun was just peeking over the horizon. She wondered if the sidekick and Mello were ever watching the sunrise from wherever they were.

She got out of the hotel that they were staying in and kept going. She knew that her brother and her father were going to head back to Japan, or her father was. Either way, she knew that she was going to have to decide on where she was going to have to go.

And right now, she knew all to well that she had to go and see if the sidekick was somewhere around California. She just desperately wished that she knew his name. Hacker, redhead, gorgeous, these keywords weren't going to help her at all.

Not this round.


Matt groaned as he felt Mello kick him harshly against the side. His eyes cracked open and he looked at the blond leader. "Yes?" He asked to him.

"Get up. We have work to do. As long as Light Yagami is somewhere in the state, we need to tail him."

"I really don't think a straight A student is going to be mature enough to wake up so early in the fucking morning thanks." Matt told him as he straightened himself up on the couch. "So why are we doing this at four in the morning?"

"Five." Mello corrected without hesitation. "And to beat Near."

"Near gets sleep you know." Matt told him unamused. "Like normal people."

"Then consider me abnormal. Get dressed, and get ready. You have a job to do."

"Should I be cheering?" Matt asked him.

"Shut up!"

I run away with you if things don't go as planned

Planning big could be a gamble

Sayu groaned as she finally came to a dead end in her search for the sidekick when she saw something that caught her eye. Right across the street from her a door opened, a redhead came out with goggles over his eyes. Thinking it could be him, she crossed the street and ran up to him.

"Do I know you?" She asked, thinking it may turn him around.


Matt was amazed when he heard a familiar voice that used to be filled with longing and pain, he turned around to see the brown haired eighteen year old woman that Mello said he pressed pressure on.

"Amazing you want to talk to me. Still actually." Matt replied.


Sayu blushed delicately and said. "I never got your name. I was wondering when I was ever going to learn it."


She wanted his name? He blinked at her and then said. "You're Sayu right?"





"Really?" Sayu said to him folding her arms cross her chest. He wondered if she disbelieved him. "That's a good name for you even though I think Matthew suits you better. An American name if I'm right."

"Your Japanese, I would have thought you'd pick a name for me in your own culture." Matt told her.

Sayu laughed and then said, "I think its better to learn the original before giving a nickname."

And yet that never was an original.

I've already rolled the dice I spit and stutter stuff

And clutter worries in my worried corner.

It was an awkward silence and they stood there, looking away and looking back at each other. Matt knew that he should get away from the apartment before Mello looks down from the window and assume he was going to ditch work for a 'date'. "Um...do you want to walk with me?" He asked lamely.

Sayu blinked at him. She wasn't expecting a gesture that was sweet and kind. And even though her family maybe waking up sometime soon, she found herself not caring. She got this far, she wasn't going to turn around and leave. Not when she just found him. "Sure." She agreed. "Where?"

"Around the area? Explore I guess. I never lived here all my life so it'd be an adventure for the both of us." Matt told her.

Sayu laughed. "What if we get lost?"

"Surely you have a cell just like me." Matt told her. "I think we'd be able to call."

Sayu shrugged. "Alright. A walk sounds like a plan."

Matt nodded and they started down the sidewalk.

Maladjusted, just, untrusted, rusted

Sometimes brilliant busted thoughts

"Japan's crowded." Sayu said. "So to me this isn't very...populated."

She was speaking of the fact that all of the highways and streets were jammed pack with cars, eager to race to their work areas. Not very many people were walking down the street, and more of the sun was peeking up. Amazing, how this seemed to be a conversation.

Matt put his arms over his head and leaned into them as he glanced around. Where he lived, this wasn't crowded either. Crowded spread out maybe, but not really. He used to live in an orphanage for god's sake and even there it was like airtight. Couldn't breathe unless Mello or a teacher commanded him too.

Not that it wasn't the same.

"Really?" He asked trying to be interested at the same time being absorbed into his own thoughts. "I thought it wouldn't be."

"It is." Sayu said. "Seeing other places helps me want to get away..."

"Hopefully not back to the same situation as that..." Matt trailed off.

"I think you were the only one I ever talked to while I was being held captive."

Matt blinked at the woman.

Think I'll stay for a while I'm intrigued

And I'm red as a newborn white as a corpse.

"Mello told me that he put pressure on you to talk." Matt told her.

"I think what I meant to say, was to have a conversation that wasn't forced." Sayu corrected. "Sorry, I should have known that would have came out confusing."

That wasn't confusing, he was just impressed. He would have thought that Sayu would have considered being around Mello a conversation. He supposed not, not when it was a forced pressured talking admit thing. He sighed, even Mello put pressure on him to talk sometimes. Annoyed him greatly.

"That's alright." He said. He desperately wanted a cigarette but he wasn't going to light up yet. Not when he was talking to someone curious.

"I like you." Sayu said after a long silence.

Matt turned red around the cheeks and he looked at her.

"I mean as a friend. As a comrade. You listen, you don't interrupt I can see why Mello chose you as a sidekick." She corrected herself once again, this time without Matt's input.

Matt's cheeks only grew redder.

I promise not to try not to fuck with your mind

I promise not to mind if you go your way and I go mine

"Interesting." he coughed finally getting back his composer. "I thought you were going to say I hate you for what you did to me, I could have been your knight in shining armor."

"I would have hated that." Sayu told him. She looked at her watch and stopped in her tracks. Matt turned around to her and tilted his head curiously. She looked up back at him and then said, "I have to go. Its almost eight...and..."

"You have to leave for Japan today." He finished for her.

Silence. Awkward, silence. She pulled out a pen and found a crumpled piece of paper in her pocket, just in case she was able to get Matt's name, and wrote down her home phone number and her cell. "Here." She said handing it to him.

I promise not to lie if I'm looking you straight in the eye

I promise not to try not to let you down.

"What's this?" He asked as he took the paper and looked at it.

"My number." Sayu said. "When you call, you can give me yours..." She trailed off and then said. "I'm sorry Matt..."

"Sorry for what? Meeting me? Giving me the number? Telling you my name? Telling me that your brother is under...?"

"No!" Sayu stopped his rambling. He was sure she knew what he was getting at. "I'm sorry that I have to leave when I was just getting to know you, and you getting to know me."

"Who knows?" Matt told her as he looked in her brown orbs. Telling himself not to lie and get her hopes up, he went for the only thing he could. "Knowing Mello's crazy ideas, one day, I'll see Japan and you. And you can show me around there."

Sayu smiled. "I'd like that." She turned on her heel and walked right off.