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I promise not to try to fuck with your mind

I promise not to mind if you go your way and I go mine



"Hello?" Mrs. Yagami asked into the phone after the second long ring.

Matt gulped. He was hoping that he would reach Sayu if he called the house number. Thank god he was pretty good at Japanese, just not at good as Mello. He scratched his neck and he said. "Um...Hi...is Sayu Yagami there?"

"Yes she is. Who is this?"

Dear god. "This Matt." he said.

"Matt..." She turned her head and called down the woman.


Sayu blinked sleep away when she heard her mother calling her. She rubbed her eyes and wondered who was calling her at late at night. She slipped on her slippers and walked down the stairs. "What is it?" She asked as she got down.

"There's a boy on the phone named Matt." Mrs. Yagami said. "His accent is so weird. Who is he? A friend from school?"

"No! I met him in California." Sayu said. "He's a good friend of one of my friends out here. A pen pal." She clarified. She took the phone away from her mother and put it to ear. "Matt?"

"Sayu? Hi." Matt felt like he should keep saying something to keep her interested. "Um...did I call at a bad time?"

"Well, it's late at night out here. I think it's afternoon over where you are.." She said simply.

"Ohh, sorry about that. Should I let you go?"

"Being polite isn't going to help now isn't it Matt?" She joked. "I thought you'd call my cell."

"I should have done that." Matt replied sheepishly. "Seriously."


"So...what's it like in Japan? Did you get home alright?" Matt asked.

"Well its the middle of the night, so that I can't really respond to, but yeah...we're home, we're all safe. Light is sleeping up stairs until morning to talk to Misa."

"Misa?" The second Kira? So, Mello and Near were right. Misa would be around Light. "Odd."

"You know her?" Sayu asked. Without waiting for a response, she said. "She's an okay girl. I still don't see what got into Light for dating her, but hey, if the match works, that's fine."

That's fine? Matt smiled into the phone making Mello think that he was planning something drastic. "I better let you go if you were sleeping and its late at night, Sayu. I'll call you when it's dark over here."

"Thank god you're learning the time distance." She kidded and hung up.

I promise not to lie if I'm looking you straight in the eye

I promise not to try not to let you down.

"We're going to Japan." Mello said to him three weeks later after the phone call he made to Sayu. Even though Matt resorted to talk late at night, there was only three calls he managed to contact with her.

"Why?" Matt asked Mello as he kept his eyes on the D.S trying hard to concentrate and think at the same time.

"Because, we need a plan and that's where Kira is. There's no doubt that Near's already there." Mello told him.

All about Near. All about Kira. Matt mused to himself as he kept playing his game. "I would have thought if that was the case that you would already be heading there with or without my permission."

"I never said I needed your permission to go, Matt. I'm telling you we're going." Mello told him.

"Really? Then where's my choice?" Matt put down his D.S and looked at Mello, daring him to talk to him. To not lie.

Mello's smile quirked into a smirk that made Matt regret his words the minuet they left his mouth. Seriously, Mello scared him sometimes. "You have a girlfriend in Japan right? You can see her."

"She's not my girlfriend Mello. She's a friend."

"Either way."



Sayu sighed in disappointment as she checked her phone to see that she missed, once again, a phone call from Matt. If she kept doing this, then there was no way she would be able to tell him anything. Or for him to tell her anything. If she kept forgetting to put her phone on a ring tone instead on silent, then she was going to loose a good friend.

She groaned as she looked at the time on her bedside and threw her phone on her bed. It was late at night, and it had to be afternoon. Whatever Matt wanted to talk to her about, it was probably too late for her to ask. She glared at her alarm clock and sat down on her bed. She picked her phone up from the bed and stared at it.

Matt would answer without a doubt right?

She flipped it open.

Why you gotta keep the fan on high

When it's cold outside

Matt jumped when he felt his phone vibrate. They were already high in the air and all electronics were able to be on now. Mello was fast asleep next to him, so he could rule out a prank call from him. He flipped it open to see Sayu's name written.

"Hello?" He asked once he put the phone to his ear excitedly.

"Hey, Matt? It's Sayu." She said. "I just got your message..."

"More or less a notice that said you once again forgot to pick up the phone and who was calling right?" He said, he knew he didn't leave any voice mail on her phone.

He could hear her laugh on the other end. "Yeah...so..."

"I'm going to be in Japan. Actually, I already am." Matt said as he looked down to see the island of Japan in his eyesight. "We're going to be landing soon."

"Oh..." Sayu sounded either disappointed, or really excited. Matt couldn't tell which it was. Sayu coughed and then said. "I'm glad. When you land, tell me what hotel you're at and I'll come and see you?"

"Sure...but please know that Mello's going to be there." He glanced over at the blonde who was still asleep.

Pure silence was at the other end of the phone line. "That's fine." She finally said. "I can see him too. See if he's alright."

"The explosion gave him a scar." Matt said. "So be careful mentioning it."

"One of the vain people I guess."

It took everything Matt had not to laugh at Sayu's comment. "Yeah." He said as he calmed down. "Yeah, that's Mello for you."

Sayu grinned and then said, "Call me when you land. I'll answer this time."

"Alright." Matt said and a click was heard.

Just want to let you know

That I'm still a fan, get it?

Morning raised up from the same horizon line as it did so many times. Sayu sleepily heard her phone vibrate near her ear and she wanted to turn it off. She groggily got her phone and eyed the number. It looked like it was a long one. She flipped it open.

"Morning." Said a male's voice on the other end of the line.

Sayu's eyes and body jolted awake at the sound of his voice and immediately looked at the clock. Nine...

"Oh Shit!" She said.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, anyway, sorry about last night Matt. Did you try to reach me?"

"No...sorry Sayu, but I was tired that after we got into the hotel I fell asleep."

"That's no problem, it was a long travel." Sayu assured him as she started attacking her desk trying to find a working pen and paper. "What hotel are you at?"

Matt thought for a minuet on the other end of the line and then told her the name. Sayu nodded spelling it out as she was writing it. There were so many hotels in Japan that it was amazing that they found one with a good room and board. Once she written it down she said. "I'll come in the afternoon. Stay there until then."

"Got it." Matt joked. He didn't have the heart to tell her that this was only a temporary station until Mello was able to find an apartment. No matter what it was or is.

Sayu grinned. "See you then." She hung up and squealed into her pillow. Matt didn't lie to her after all. He was in Japan...and he was going to see her. Well, she was going to see him, but it was the same thing. She was certain that he was just as eager.


Matt sighed as he threw the phone onto the tabletop. Mello was looking through the newspapers with a red marker armed in his hand, attacking different locations with no other thought.

"When are you going out on your date?" Mello asked finally as the silence started to get heavy.

"She's not my girlfriend, nor is she my date." Matt told him. "She's coming over here sometime in the afternoon."

"You do realize that we're not staying here right?" Mello asked.

"How can I be so dumb not to know that?" Matt asked him back.

"You are sometimes slow."

"Thanks for your encouragement Mello. I'll remember how you pushed me in the right direction when I die thanks."

"You're not going to die Matt."

"You don't know that." Matt told him. "I could be dying right now."

Mello looked up from the newspaper and gave him a look. "Dying of excitement is my diagnose for what disease you have."

Matt looked not amused. "Thanks Mello. Glad to know I have a good friend by my side."

"You should."

"Fuck you."

"Fuck yourself."

Matt desperately wanted to pull his hair out. Sometimes...being with Mello got him more irritated then not.

Everybody wants a charm

And a smile and a promise

Sayu kept walking down the street until she got to the hotel that she knew Matt and Mello were going to be. She walked over to the desk and said. "Excuse me, miss? Do you know what room Matt is in?"

"Matt?" The woman seemed to blinked and then typed up something on the computer. "I'm sorry miss, but they seemed to have checked out just earlier."

Sayu felt her heart sink. She looked at her phone and she saw that she didn't miss any calls. Then she felt something inside her clinch. She smiled at the woman and left the hotel. She had half of the mind to call up Matt, but she thought better of it.

Matt would call her right? She gripped her phone tightly in her hand. She carefully flipped it open and dailed a number that she remembered by heart.

Nothing...no answer no anything. She looked at her watch and bit her lip. It was four in the evening and she looked around. Praying that Matt was just across the street.



"Fuck you Mello! What sort of plan is this? Chase after a spokesperson that's related to Kira?" Matt yelled. "Not only that you drag me out of the fucking hotel when you know I was waiting for someone?!"

"Not my fault that today's the day that sprung on us. I already called Hal, she's going to be a good help in this attack."

"Once again, fuck you."

"And you know you do."

Matt clinched his teeth together. Mello stole his phone so he could talk to anyone or call anyone. It was annoying him. Not only that, it was really an annoyance to find out that one minuet he was waiting for Sayu the next, they were in an apartment, making a plan that was suicidal for them.

Well for Mello. Matt considered that he had the safest job. All he had to do was lead the guards away from Takada and away from Mello. That should be easy enough. He gripped his packet of cigarettes and lighter tightly.

But what gave Mello the right to throw him away from waiting for someone he wanted to talk to? That he wanted to see again? What gave Mello the right to do any of this?

Before he could ask what was one his mind, Mello looked up at Matt and said. "Be careful on this mission Matt. Don't get distracted."

Matt bit his lip.

I promise not to try not to fuck with your mind

I promise not to mind if you go your way and I go mine

Late that night, Sayu was watching the news to see a red car full of bullet holes and full of broken glass that was on the street floor. She watched as the red head that she always longed to talk to, long to know him, fall down backwards with blood dripping down his vest. She watched as she heard the men say that anyone that went against Kira was going to get death.

She watched, and tears started to slip through her cheeks. She remembered everything. She remembered Matt talking, laughing, telling her that he was going to be in Japan.

Sayu bit her lip as she fell against the couch. Her mother sighed as she watched the news and gripped her daughter's shoulder.

"Was that the boy that called you?" She asked gently.

"He was more then just a boy mother." Sayu said to her. "I never had a friend that would listen to every word I say, and take my silence as words I never spoke."

Her mother's hand tightened on her shoulder. Sayu only felt like it was just another burden to bare. She burst into tears and hugged her mother tightly.


Matt was racing against time, the cars were right behind him, and they didn't see to lighten up. When he came to a two way, he chose the way that would bring him to his death, all because he was thinking of what he could tell Sayu when he was done.

I'm a murderer just as bad as Mello, you shouldn't be around me.

I really do like you, more as a friend, and I hoped that we'd be together.

I'm sorry for messing up and missing calls.

I'm not who you think I am.

Matt's not my real--...

He blinked as he saw a dozen lights into his eyes. Stepping fast on the break he spun the car to the side and managed to stop it. He stared at the guards and got out.

Matt's not my real name. He thought to himself as he felt the bullets bury themselves in his skin, making him go backwards. As he fell he thought. 'My real name is Mail Jeevas. Pretty stupid huh?'

I promise not to lie if I'm looking you straight in the eye

I promise not to try not to leave

Sayu kept visiting him in the hospital after the whole Takada incident. She kept by his side and blabbered about things that happened. Her eyes kept glued on his heart rate meter and kept her ears on hearing his weak breathing. As she watched his chest rise and fall, she bit her lip and gripped his hand tighter.

He was dying.

He wasn't dying.

He was dying.

He wasn't dying.

Just like he loves, he loves not game. Just like the game of Russian Roulette where only one bullet is needed. Where only one person was going to die. Where so many people loved putting their lives on the line.

"You're such a tease." Sayu finally managed to say as she felt more tears fall down. "You were always a tease."

"Really?" said the same male voice she came to recognize. He was gasping like he wasn't breathing, but nothing the less, he was staring at her through half lidded eyes and a thin pale smile. "I'm a tease huh?"

"Yes you are!" Sayu said gripping his hand tighter with every word she said. She knew he wasn't awake, she knew he was still breathing steady. The heart rate was lying. He wasn't awake. "You could have died."

"Yeah, Lady Luck was on my side. Either that...or it was because I was thinking." He laughed weakly.

Sayu bit her lip.

I promise not to try

Not to leave

"Mello's dead huh?" Matt said to her as he felt her hand tighten around his own. "I would have thought he'd be the one alive. Not me."

"Don't say that Matthew." Sayu said as tears stung her eyes and some slipped down her cheeks. Matt carefully got his hand away from hers and gently wiped them away. It only made her break down and gently laid on his chest to cry.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "I'm still alive Sayu. Why are you crying?"

"Because you're so stupid!" She said her words muffled into his chest. "So, very much so stupid."

"Don't say that. If I was stupid, I'd be dead."

"Nearly dead isn't stupid then?"

"I think I see your point. Look, I promise no more life threatening adventures." Matt said. "If you stop crying right now."

Sayu hit him on the shoulder that made him gasp in pain, but said nothing. Sayu was smiling through tear stained cheeks and eyes. "You...you are a tease Matt. Such a tease."

"Yeah, yeah."

"This time, I won't leave though. I promise." Sayu said.

"I think you better change that promise." Matt warned her. "Into I promise to leave my cell on."

Sayu opened her mouth, but could only smile. "That I can do."

I won't leave

I won't leave