The Return of Gin



Summary: Gin Returns

Characters: Gin, Aizen, Chair

Rating: R, for character death, drama, and murder

AN: In no way related to "The Return of Aizen"

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or the chair.

"Aizen tripped over a chair and died. The chair was in the hallway, in the dark, last night. Aizen never stood a chance. I guess I really shouldn't have left that there, but Tousen was the one who was supposed to trip over it. He wasn't supposed to die, but that would have been funny," he laughed. "Anyway, Tousen's kind of mad at me because he knows it was for him. Aizen's dead, so I came back!"

"Aizen's dead?"

"Sosuke was..."


"A chair?"

"Since I killed him, I'm probably a hero now, right? I guess it's okay if I come back?"

"Is he really dead?"

"He might have faked it."


"A chair killed Aizen."

"Yep, he's gone. It wasn't pretty either, because he broke the chair when he fell and I had to pick up the pieces. It was Tousen's chair. He wasn't happy with me."

"I can't believe he's dead!"

"Maybe he isn't dead."


"Tripped over a chair..."

"Yeah, he tripped over a chair and now he's dead. Tousen's really, really mad at me. So, please, can I come back?"

"A chair?"