Vicious and wild, Agon's hands, his own. Unsui endures. Agon's teeth at his throat, gnawing after sibling marrow. Unsui endures.

"Brother, brother, sweet brother," Agon purrs in contempt, tongue leaving sleek trails of venom.

Unsui endures. He gazes at the unruly child his brother has become with eyes like granite. He is a frozen god, cold and loveless in these moments.

Agon worships and tempts. "What would I do without my brother?"

His scales creep between the folds of clothing, his fingertips tread where they will.

Unsui smiles his frigid smile. "You would do as you please, with no compunction."

Agon snarls, tosses his head in a flay of whips. Unsui is unmoved by his petulance, he grasps Agon's hair and holds him in his steady grip.

Agon fights and then stills, poised.

"I will not be corrupted by you," Unsui promises in the hisses that he learned as a child and Agon has now tainted with his monstrous appetites.

Agon bears his teeth, smiling. "We will see how long you can endure, brother."

He smashes their mouths together; their bodies collide falling back on the clean hard-wood floors.

Unsui is silent, silent and enduring.

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