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"Hello, I'm not available right now, and since you're the idiot that actually called me I'll assume you know my name. If that's not the case don't bother leaving a message after the tone, and if I do know you, smack yourself for being stupid enough to call while I'm in class.

"Hey Harry, it's Rus. I'm in a bit of a tight spot at the moment and could really use your help. Call me ASAP, and hey, have you been hanging out with Roman again?" Rusty said as he smothered the laughter that his friend's creative message brought forth.

"Well?" Danny asked as the rest of the guys just stared.

"Answering machine. Either way he'll help. He may even have an idea on who sold us out to Benedict."

"Will he though?" Basher piped up. "Last I heard Harry was still pissed at you, something about some bint in Amsterdam."

Rusty chuckled nervously. "We worked things out. It was a long time ago."

"Just how good is this kid?" Frank asked.

Basher chuckled as Rusty pocketed his cell phone. "Good," the black man said with a grin.

"Good enough that he's willing to risk Benedict's wrath to help us?" Danny asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Better," Rusty said with a satisfied smirk. "I worked a few jobs with him while you were in the slammer. Let's just say if he wanted to disappear no one could find him. Not Benedict, not the feds, no one. He's got a quirky set of skills but if we're not working on our home field than I definitely want him watching our backs."

"Wait a minute," Turk piped up. "If you've been working so many jobs, how the hell can you owe so much money?"

"Well it comes and it goes," Rusty said with a shit eating grin. "There's a reason Danny and Reuben handle the money for our jobs."

"Ain't that the truth," Reuben said.

"What time does our plane leave for?" Danny asked suddenly.

"We're on the five o'clock for Amsterdam."

"Wait, Amsterdam?" Frank asked with a suspicious glare. "I thought you said this guy lives in France?"

"He does. When he calls back I'll get him to meet us there."

"And he's just going to take off for Amsterdam just to help us?" Linus asked with raised eyebrows. "Am I the only one that finds that hard to believe?"

"What can I say?" Rusty said with a small smile. "He likes me."

Basher scoffed. "If that's what you're hoping to help us then I might as well have called him myself. Didn't you hear?"

"Hear what?"

"Harry's settled down. Found himself a dashing man to take care of him. I'm afraid you've missed that boat."

Rusty froze, his smile fleeing his face. "You're kidding right?"


"Shit, why didn't he tell me?"

The man rolled his eyes. "You made it clear to him that you weren't exclusive. What'd you expect him to do?"

Danny had heard enough. "Ok, Bash do you think this guy would still be willing to help us?"

"Don't know," he answered honestly with a shrug. "He owes me for dropping a job to do the Drummonds job with him so he'd probably bite. If nothing else he'd let us in on one of his jobs, might be enough to buy us more time."

"The one owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland?" Danny asked. "I heard about that one when I was in the slammer. Clean job, quite the take too."

"What!" Rusty exclaimed. "That was you? I wanted in on that one!"

"I know," Basher said with a grin. "Only thing the sodding bastard would talk about for the entire week was how he wanted to castrate you with a dull spoon for breaking up with him so you could chase after some bint. Probably why he didn't invite you."

"Ah," Rusty groaned disappointedly. "That's what he's pissed at me for? And why he sounds so stiff when we talk? That was ages ago."

"Well," Basher shrugged. "Replace the woman scorned with man. The way you ended things was pretty nasty."

Rusty winced while most of the others were lost. "Okay," Turk began as he shushed everyone before they could interrupt him. "Rusty's love life aside, I don't get how this one guy is going to help us find the ninety-seven million dollars that we need to pay back Benedict. Explain."

"Use small words so he can understand," Virgil said with a grin.

"You know what, shut up!" Turk shouted. "It's not like you understood what was going on anymore than I did!"

"Guys!" Danny stopped the brothers before they could get started. "Relax. Basher, Rusty, you two know this guy the best why don't you tell us what you know."

"Well it's quite simple really," Basher said with a grin. "He's a high class player. Never does a job where the combined take is less than forty million. Never. He also never works with more than seven people at a time, less is more in his books."

"Well then how can we expect him to help us?" Frank asked.

"That's the clincher," Rusty interjected. "He's one of the only guys in the business that can run multiple high-payout scams at once. I've seen him run three jobs in one week with three different crews, and walk away with sixty million without breaking a sweat."

The reactions to that bit of news were amusing to those that had already known of Harry. Some were shocked speechless, some resorted to babbling.

"So he'll have us doing separate jobs all at once?" Turk asked.

"Isn't that what he just said?"

"W-w-wait," Linus stuttered. "Harry. You guys are talking about Harry Potter?"

"Yeah," Rusty said with a huge grin. "Heard of him?"

"H-heard of him! You know the Harry Potter? This guy's already a legend and he's not even thirty yet! Hell, there are bidding wars on who gets to work with this guy!" The youngest of the team shouted as he stumbled over to a chair. "Not only does he make more in a year pulling jobs than most do in a lifetime, but the man gives most of it away to charity or spends it teaching new guys the ropes!"

"Nah, that's just a myth," Basher said. "The bidding wars I mean. He goes after the guys he wants, not the other way around."

"Ah, so that's who you're talking 'bout," Reuben said suddenly.

Basher turned to him. "You know him too?"

"I think so. Not by that name though."

"Not surprising," Rusty said. "He goes through more fake ID's than Linus here. Sometimes I wonder why he even still uses his real name."

"Well," a voice suddenly interrupted from the shadows. "That would be so that people can find me."