When I read file 646 of Detective Conan, I couldn't help but want to do something off of it, so here we go. Hope it's to your liking.

Lost Memories

Chapter OneRunning

Heiji frowned as they were being led to the police station. The situation could hardly be considered good. He turned his head to stare at Shinichi. He looked rather vulnerable with the confusion in his eyes… and the fact that he was still only covered by that blanket didn't help matters at all.

He knew that without his memories, Shinichi was in a great amount of danger. The Black Organization was still out there… and if they saw him, it was all over. Knowing that everyone in this damn town seemed to despise Shinichi with a passion made Heiji fear for his friends' fate all the more.

'I've got to do something.' He thought, gritting his teeth. He couldn't just sit back and pretend that Shinichi's amnesia was the only problem at the moment.

As Ran, Kazuha and Kogorou headed into the police station to settle matters about finding Shinichi in the state he was in, Heiji grabbed Shinichi's wrist to keep him from going in.

Shinichi gave the strange tanned boy a curious look. Out of all of those who "knew" him, he seemed to have been the one to take his amnesia the worst. Why was he stopping him now?

"We're getting out of here." Heiji declared and Shinichi's eyes widened. Heiji took out the keys to Kogorou's rental car that he'd snatched and started leading the puzzled Shinichi towards the car.

'Screw the case. Kudo's life is more important.' Heiji thought decisively as he gestured for Shinichi to get into the passenger seat. He took the wheel and started heading out.

"Are you sure we should be doing this? What about those… others?" Shinichi asked in an unsure voice, looking about.

"They'll find a way to get back." Heiji said flatly. "We need to leave… Now."

Shinichi didn't say anything, but his confusion grew all the more. Just what was going on.

Heiji leaned over and rearranged the blanket covering Shinichi so that his head was covered as well.

"Try to keep your face hidden at all times. It's for your own safety." Heiji said gruffly. Shinichi nodded meekly, irritating Heiji ever so slightly. He hated seeing Shinichi like this. It just wasn't… Him.

"What's going on?" Shinichi inquired as Heiji drove them back towards Beika. It was a dangerous place to be, but they needed to talk with Agasa and Ai and speaking of the situation on the phone was risky and may not be enough to describe the severity of the situation.

"I'll tell ya everything, Kudo… Just not right now. We're not out of hot water yet. All I can tell you is that you're in danger and I'm workin' to get ya out of it." Heiji said. 'Makes me wonder if we'll ever get out of hot water with this situation…'

The drive was long and silent, with Shinichi trying to make sense of everything and Heiji struggling to form a plan of action to keep Shinichi out of the Black Organization's radar.

Heiji returned the van and got to his motorcycle. He was more comfortable with the motorcycle and he felt that it may be better in terms of getting away.

"Sit in front of me." Heiji told Shinichi. If there was a chance that they were going to get shot at, Heiji would feel better if he knew that Shinichi would at least be shielded.

Then he headed to Agasa's house. Their reception was rather somber.

"So, the prototype worked…" Ai remarked, staring at the confused Shinichi.

"Prototype?" Shinichi asked, completely confused. He turned to Heiji for an explanation.

"Later, Kudo. It's a really long story." The dark-skinned boy declared. "So ya accidentally gave him a prototype antidote instead of a cold pill and now we're stuck in this mess and he's got no memory whatsoever!"

"Which means it's up to you, Hattori-kun, to make sure that he's kept safe and out of their radar." Ai said coolly. "Agasa-hakasei and I are in no way capable of protecting him fully and it will take a while to alert his parents of the danger. You need to get him out of Beika. It's too dangerous with all of them hanging around. Get him as far as you can from here!"

Heiji nodded and dragged a bewildered Shinichi with him.

They weren't aware that someone was watching them from Shinichi's house and alerting higher officials…

"Where are we going?" Shinichi hollered over the roar of the wind as Heiji drove them away.

"I don't know!" Heiji yelled back. "Just away from here!"

It wasn't long before the shooting began.

"Fuck!" Heiji screamed, realizing that the Black Organization was already catching up with them. He'd hoped for some more time.

"W-what's going on? Why are they shooting at us?!" Shinichi cried, sounding terrified.

"'Cuz they're tryin' to kill us!" Heiji yelled back bluntly, swerving left and right to dodge the bullets.

"But why?!" Shinichi shot back.

"I'LL TELL YOU LATER!" Heiji roared back, forcing Shinichi's head down so that Shinichi was shielded as a whole by his body.

Heiji tried his best to keep out of range of the snipers but as he turned around the corner to try to lose them, a bullet managed to hit one of his tires and the motorcycle began to skid. Cursing, Heiji grabbed Shinichi by the waist and pulling them off the motorcycle. They rolled away as the motorcycle slammed hard into a nearby parked car and they both burst into flames.

Bruised and scraped up, Heiji pulled Shinichi to his feet. The amnesiac detective was a bit worse off for wear than Heiji, having only a blanket protecting his bare skin from abrasion. The fact that Shinichi was still reeling from both his cold and what had happened when he transformed, made things all the worse. Shinichi was barely able to hold his own weight.

"DAMN IT!" Heiji screamed as he led the sick Great Detective of the East away.

He started leading them into a crowded plaza, hoping to lose the gunmen in the vast sea of people but wasn't fast enough to avoid the bullet that pierced through his lower back, just as they merged with the crowd.