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Rated T: viloence, abuse, potential swearing

Authors: Myself and Dawn Catcher!!

The Strength to Overcome


There are things in the world that people have no control over or that is caused by the actions of others without the say of the person being effected. Some would call such things fate. Others would call it destiny. A few would call it coincidence and argue that people are in control of their own fate, or in other words freewill. Those argue on the ideas of fate also look to deeply into the differences of light and it's counterpart. Whether what is dark is truly evil or what is light embodies good. These topics are hardly straightforward and tainted in various shades of grey, but most people believe this just so they can explain things they don't understand, and what most people do not understand, they tend to fear. Just like everything that is perceived is not necessarily true and truth is in fact subjective to perspective.

But one thing that is concrete is that everything people perceived on these topics will more than likely be shattered after reading our tales or should we say tails of our individual lives and how we defied what was expected of us. This is the story of the three who teetered on the line of good and evil, who where feared because people could not understand and were thrown into a fate that was not meant to be altered, the three who had nothing and seized everything…

He looked down at the child in his arms. The poor thing was wailing and wiggling while the old man struggled to keep a firm hold on the infant without harming it. Pity and sorrow filled his eyes as he lifted his head to look at the area around him. This single child had saved the entire village but he feared that no one would see the child as anything more then the demon he only housed. A gust of wind swept past the old man as he sighed heavily. This child's life would be hard and the Hokage could only do so much to try and shelter him from what was to come but it would and he swore to strife in making the child appear as the forced hero he had suddenly become rather then the demon he unwillingly and unknowing housed. As he walked into the village, he saw the weeping loved ones of those who had died in the battle. He knew instantly that these would be the ones that would hate the child the most and nothing could be done to change it.

A man grunted as he heard what had happened. At least the child survived, he thought icily as he looked towards the setting sun from his window. Not a single tear, not even a thought of grieve passed over him at the mention of his now late wife's death. No, rather his only concern was of his weapons survival and he had been well aware that his decision to go after this goal would end in such a manner. The only emotion that did cross his other stoic features at the mention of these terrible events was a glint of lust for the power that he soon would control and cruel excitement at the thought of the power his weapon already held.

The Kazekage turned to a woman standing in the back of his office and gruffly addressed her. "Your to take care of the infant until he can survive well enough on his own when he will be transferred to someone else, understand?"

The woman's eyes grew wide and the blood in her face drained away leaving her features to be a sickly ashen color but nodded all the same. It was her duty as an ANBU to follow the Kazekage's every order and ensure the security of the weapon and this was one mission that she could not reject…no matter how bad she wanted to…

The sound of innocent murmuring came from the tiny baby. A portly woman walked stiffly into the room and looked at the child with absolute scorn and disgust. Had it not been for her orders and the punishment of disobeying them, she would have ended the infant's life right then. Her revulsion increased tenfold when a flick of fluff came into her view and the baby giggled lightly. Innocent chocolate eyes with flecks of gold gazed with absolute adoration for the woman standing before the infant and were met with steely grey ones filled with nothing but unadulterated hatred.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, turning from the infant. She would care for the child and ensure of it's health for the next three years and then rid her hands of the little demon as those were the stipulations of the "mission" assigned by the head of the village but she would be more then damned if she spared the tiniest ounce of compassion for the…wretched thing… before her.

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