Disclaimer: my only character is Sal who is happy living in my head

Disclaimer: my only character is Sal who is happy living in my head. The others will go back home tomorrow.


Chapter 1

June 2008

Everybody was 'blaming' the beautifully hot summer on global warming. Torchwood knew it was because of Alana- a lovely alien who could influence weather patterns and was now living happily in Croydon. Despite knowing the summer's weather was effectively fake the Torchwood team were enjoying it as for once the hub's draughty interior prevented the searing heat from becoming uncomfortable. Saying that- Jack was slightly annoyed he had no opportunity to wear his coat but as soon as Ianto reminded him it would probably be freezing cold again as soon as Alana felt a bit homesick he dropped the subject.

The heat seemed to cause a lull in alien activity so to prevent boredom Owen took to attempting to annoy Ianto by suggesting frequently it was too hot for coffee and how much he would rather a vodka on the rocks or even lemonade- or any other drink he could think of.

"There's predicted Rift activity in 21 minutes guys!"

Toshiko's shout caused Jack to look up from the dull paperwork he was examining.

"Where Tosh?"

"An old airfield about 10 miles away."

Ianto grabbed the SUV keys and the team began to dash outside. Jack glanced at his poor old coat on its peg. He didn't normally go anywhere without it.

"Jack, you coming?"

Owen's shout regained Jack's attention and he dashed from the hub to join the others.

The airfield was ridiculously hot. The lack of clouds in the sky meant the sun glared down unfiltered on the Earth below. Owen was panting slightly almost as soon as they had gotten out of the SUV. Ianto had even removed his suit jacket and tie and was now wandering whether rolling up his sleeves would make his life anymore comfortable.

A sudden bright light behind them signalled the opening of the rift. Ianto turned to face it, unsure of what to expect. An orange and blue Something rocketed out of the breech above his head. It must have been a missile; it was too fast to be anything else.

"What the hell?"

Ianto vaguely heard Owen shout in surprise but was focusing on the missile thing. He could see it- a blur far in the distance- curving round in a wide arc. Ianto realised it was coming back. Fast.


After Owen's second yelp they ran. Ianto wanted to get out of its path- whatever the hell it was. He and the rest of the team bolted to the side- apart from Jack.

"Jack! What are you doing?"

Ianto called to him but he didn't respond. He had a look of pure awe and admiration on his face. Ianto looked to the missile. As it came closer it became more defined. He squinted. He must be was seeing things. The missile looked like a figure on a snowboard- except the snowboard was at least six feet from the ground. It swayed and flipped in the air performing a complex set of tricks that would make any snowboarder jealous. He wondered whether the heat haze from the tarmac was making him hallucinate- like a mirage or something. He looked back to Jack. He still hadn't moved. Rolling his eyes he ran to join the other man.

"What is it?"

Jack's whisper was barely audible, "It's a Solar Surfer."

"Why are you whispering?" Ianto deliberately exaggerated his whisper in an attempt to mock Jack.

Without looking away from the Solar Surfer Jack replied, "Because it deserves it. Because it shouldn't exist. Because Solar Surfers are just a legend. Don't worry, it won't hurt you. Just watch."

Ianto trusted Jack and signalled for the others to come over. Owen hesitated- well aware of the incoming Surfer.

"But what is it?" he asked.


"Really Jack! I hadn't bloody well gathered that! Be a bit more specific!" Owen's voice was tense.

"Shhh! Just watch."

The watched as the Solar Surfer hurtled towards them. When it was about 10 meters away it abruptly flew upwards. Ianto's eyes widened. It was perfectly vertical. Jack gasped.

"I've always wanted to see this!"

"See what?"

"Owen shut up and watch!"

As it tore upwards the figure bent low to the board. The board suddenly parted from the figure's feet and the figure flipped in the air. As they watched the long board contracted and shrunk until it was less than half it's original size. Now falling quickly the figure deftly swung the board behind its back- apparently hooking it onto a strap or something.

Gwen noticed the huge height it was falling from, "Oh my God! It's gonna be killed!"

Without looking away Jack answered, "No, it won't."

The figure landed effortlessly with a soft thud, its legs bent and a hand on the ground to stabilise it– Ianto recognised the similarities between its stance and a classic Spider-man pose.

As the figure stood they could finally make out the features of the Solar Surfer. Owen gasped slightly as he realised the Surfer was an incredibly pretty girl. She had short jagged brown hair gathered untidily into loose pigtails- a pair of bright orange ski-goggles sat upon her head like a hair band. Her luxurious brown eyes connected with Owen's and for a fraction of a second he felt as though he was gazing into the heart of the sun. She was wearing a tight orange checked shirt that accentuated her tiny- impossibly tiny- waist. A blue strap ran from her right shoulder to her left hip- presumably holding the board he could see poking out from behind her body. A pair of bright blue skinny jeans graced her hips and her long legs. She wore what looked like a pair of bright orange Converses but with much thicker soles than usual. Owen had to admit he liked the whole orange/blue thing she had going.

She strolled happily towards Jack and stuck out a hand encased in a blue fingerless glove that reached her elbow. Jack took her hand and shook it roughly with a massive grin plastered on his face.

"That was incredi…"

The girl cut him off- her voice sounding worried, "Did anything follow me through?"

"What, erm, no. Why?"

"Doesn't matter. I'm Sal."

"Captain Jack Harkness."

Sal dropped his hand in shock. Ianto quirked an eyebrow.

"What? What is it?" Jack seemed worried now- as if he was scared of offending her.

"You're kidding! Captain Jack Harkness! The Captain Jack Harkness! That's incredible. You know, you're taller than I imagined. And your shoulders are huge!" A grin spread quickly across Sal's features.

Jack threw a glance over his now apparently huge shoulder at his team. He looked really worried now. Gwen looked confused. Tosh looked equally confused. Owen was too busy admiring Sal's figure to look confused. Ianto just shrugged. Rolling his eyes Jack turned back to the girl.

"What do you mean? How do you know who I am?"

Sal's grin faded slightly, "Doesn't matter now," she muttered quietly.

"Look forgive me for saying this, but you're a Solar Surfer. You shouldn't even exist. Your species is just an urban legend."

The grin returned, "You know what I am. He was right; you are different. You shouldn't know what I am. This is," she looked around, "21st century Sol 3. Either you're very smart or you're not from around here."

Jack smiled, "Bit of both actually," (Ianto rolled his eyes) "But what do you mean he? How do you know about me?"

"Let's just say we have a mutual friend."

Jack was puzzled. Seeing the look on his face Sal reached into her shirt and pulled out a necklace. At the end of the long string she had roughly tied a key. It looked like an ordinary Yale key- very common- but Jack gasped. He reached out and as his fingers brushed the warm metal a tiny jolt of electricity passed through his body. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a similar key. It matched exactly.

"Sal. That's a TARDIS key."