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The Doctor raced back to the TARDIS. He couldn't believe she'd done that! How could she do that. He'd have thought of something. He would have. His only consolation was the rift energy he'd seen before she vanished. No way was he going to lose her that easy. He'd lost too many companions and he wasn't going to lose her when he could so easily find her again.

He quickly thought through all the places he knew of rifts existing. Then decided best bet was Cardiff. He'd quite like to visit Jack anyway. The TARDIS began to vwoosh happily, sensing the Doctor's urgency.

He stepped out of the doors onto the perception filter lift.

"You like this spot, don't you girl."

Looking around he realised he was in sometime around the mid 21st century. He hoped Jack was still around. Now how was it you got in? Oh yeah, Tourist Centre.

He walked down to the Tourist Centre, not quite believing it was still there. He pushed open the door and noted the décor has changed slightly over the years. A red haired woman looked up from the computer she was typing at. She looked him up and down- noting the converses, the coat and the mad brown hair. She smiled and pushed a button near her.

"Dad! The Doctor's here!"

The Doctor was slightly taken aback by her knowing him by sight alone, but decided it didn't really matter. The door burst open and Jack bounded through. Same old Jack- but with a few more grey hairs and very slight wrinkles around his eyes and mouth. Jack smiled and grabbed the Doctor into a hug.

"Doctor! It's great to see you!"

"So you're still here then? Thought you'd have moved on long ago."

"Can't leave this place- too much like good fun. Listen- this, " he pointed to the woman, "is my daughter Dayton." Dayton waved. "Ianto chose her name."

The Doctor smiled. Despite never even meeting Ianto he knew him from Jack's many stories, "Ianto still around then?"

"Yup, he's visiting his sister just now."

"How are the rest of the old team?"

"Gwen and Rhys are happily retired down by the bay now, they still visit. Come and meet Owen and Tosh's twins." Jack lead the Doctor into the recesses of the hub where two young men were working at computers. They waved to the Doctor who waved back. "They take after their mother- to Owen's disappointment! But we can't get rid of Tosh and Owen, they're in all the time!"

"Jack, down to business. I need to ask you if a girl came through the rift at any time?"

"That depends. Lots of girls come through the rift."

"Well, OK, a Solar Surfer, I need to know Jack"

Realisation dawned on Jack's face. "Sal?"

The Doctor grinned. "Yeah, Sal"

"You came and got her on the 21st of June 2009"

The Doctor smiled, "The summer solstice, I should have guessed."

"She was a great girl Doctor. She worked with us for a year. It was…," he searched for the right word.

"Brilliant?" suggested the Doctor.

"Yup, brilliant. Hey if you ever get the opportunity, take her up on the offer of a surf. It's one of the best experiences of your life. Trust me!"

"Believe me Jack, I will. Right I need to be off, otherwise I won't pick her up and the universe will collapse in a paradox- and we know how tricky they are."

"Oh… yeah… Um, Doctor… do you think we'll ever, you know, travel again?"

The Doctor sighed, "Probably Jack, just not today." And then he ran back to the TARDIS with his brown coat flapping behind him as he left.

In the evening of the summer solstice 2009 Sal was filing away some paperwork with Ianto. She spent most of her time with Ianto as she could talk to him easily. Jack was in his office and the other three were away Weevil hunting.

"How are you and Jack getting on?" she asked.

"We're fine. It's weird now we live together. I mean we pretty much did before, but now we actually live together. In our own house. Its just strange. But nice strange. Very nice strange." He smiled.

On the intercom Jack's voice hissed through the speaker, "Sal, listen to this!" Sal listened as a familiar Vwoosh! Vwoosh! Echoed throughout the room.

"He's back Ianto, he's come back!" She hugged him tightly before belting upstairs with Ianto following close behind her. Jack met them as they burst into the main hub.

"Sal, you can't go up the lift, the TARDIS is on top of it," he explained.

"Then we'll take the scenic route. Come on Jack," she grinned. Jack returned his famous smile before obliging. He couldn't wait to see his Doctor again. He stopped momentarily though to look back at Ianto, "You too Yan, come meet the Doctor." The Welshman smiled before grabbing Jack's hand.

They shot out from the hub to see the deep blue box standing proudly with its 'owner' leaning casually against the door. He smiled as three figures hurtled towards him. The infamous Captain was clinging onto the hand of a young man, he assumed from the description Jack had given him that this man was Ianto Jones. Then a few metres ahead of them ran Sal, the girl who'd been willing to die for him. The smile transformed into a grin as the girl crashed into him, knocking him to the ground.

"Ow," was all he could seem to say.

"I thought you'd left me!"

"I could never leave you Sal."

They stood up from their tangled heap on the ground,.


"Hi Jack," he turned his attention to the other man, "Ianto Jones?" he asked. The man nodded, "I've heard loads about you. I hear you make the best cup of coffee in the Universe,."

Ianto grinned sheepishly, "Did Jack tell you that?" The Doctor nodded and he gave Jack a playful punch on the arm, before sticking out his hand to the Doctor.

After shaking Ianto's hand the Doctor placed his arm around Sal's shoulder hugging her tightly. Jack cleared his throat, "Doctor, can we come with you?"

The Doctor grumbled, "Oh for god's sake Jack! Why do you always ask me that? How many times do I have to explain, wibly wobbly…"

"Yeah, yeah, timey wimey," he sighed like an exasperated teenager, "I know!"

The Doctor smile returned, "You'll come with me someday, just not today."

Jack smiled. He knew that. It was what he lived for, that little glimmer of hope. That and Ianto.

"We'd better go," with a final salute he turned back to the hub.

Ianto lingered long enough for the Doctor to mutter quietly, "Take care of him, he's an important guy."

Ianto grinned, "Oh, I know," then he ran to catch up with his boyfriend.

Sal watched her two friends walk into the distance as Jack reached behind him for Ianto's hand. The water from the bay glimmered against the early evening sunset.

"It's a bit cheesy, isn't it?"

"Hmmm?" Sal didn't have a clue what the Doctor was on about.

"Oh, just, walking into the sunset and all that. Did you never watch any movies while you were here?"

"Not really, Ianto showed me Indiana Jones though."

"Oh, now that's a good film! All of them," he turned and opened the TARDIS door, "Coming?"

"Always. Hey. Can we go see the pyramids being built? I visited a few times when I was here and I want to see how it was done. Owen said it was aliens."

The Doctor quirked an eyebrow, "Owen's talking rubbish. Very nice bloke in charge actually…."

But the TARDIS's vwooshing drowned out the rest of what he was saying. Sal patted a large piece of coral stuff contentedly. Time for new adventures then.

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