Everything is Perfect or is it ?

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Chapter 1 Prologue

Derek's POV

"Thank god she is finally asleep" Is my thought as I sit beside Casey on our bed, in our own apartment. Don't get me wrong or anything , I love Casey more then anything in the world but now that she is in third month she kinda freaks me out, sometimes.

You probably all want to know what happened these past 2 month right ?. Ok so I am going to tell you the short version.

Since we knew Casey was pregnant we ,somehow, convinced our Parents that it would be better if we moved into a new apartment, just a week after Prom. Our excuse was that we needed to adjust to college and all. At first our Parents made a fuss about it but agreed if we would visit them as often as possible, now Casey and I don't intend to visit them too soon 'cause we still haven't figured out how to tell them.

Marti made us promise that she could visit us during her school vacation. We moved into the apartment and unpacked every little thing, 4 weeks before college started. Around that time Casey started to get morning sickness, I felt kinda sorry for her , mostly because I couldn't help her much.

Luckily her morning sickness went when college started. She started to show a little but nobody got suspicious so far. College life wasn't that bad. Girls still hit on me, which led to a few arguments between me and Casey. Believe it or not but I am not interested in these girls anymore, man Casey has changed me so it's a good thing I play hockey most of the time.

My other classes weren't that bad either, maybe that's because Casey helped me studying. I made friends very soon as did Casey. Casey is here for writing and acting. She wants to become an author someday. One of the best things is that I am already captain of the Hockey team. I mean I only started college 3 weeks ago and am captain already that is so awesome. But the best thing is that I am just Derek Venturi and Casey is just Casey McDonald. I can kiss ,hug or hold hands with her whenever and wherever I want.

Sam and Emily attended another college and are both pretty happy. We still stay in contact , they said they would visit us during fall break. They will be quite surprised when they notice that Casey put on a few pounds. They also don't know that Casey is pregnant. The only ones that know are me , Casey, and the Connors, well and Casey's English Teacher, who is also a guidance councilor.

We befriended with the Connors ,since they were our neighbors and also in kind of the same Situation as we are. The Connors are both 18 years old and married. Raven and Colin Connor. They both go to the same college as we do and Connor is in my Hockey team. Only difference between them and us is that they already have a kid named Chad. He is one and a half years old. Quite an adorable kid. He is always talking about becoming a hockey star. I hope Casey's gives birth to a healthy son , so that I can show him how to play hockey. Conner and I hang out a lot ,you could say we are like best friends.

Raven and Casey also are like best friends, they go shopping and Raven helps her a lot with the pregnancy.

Casey stirred ,opening her eyes she starred at me.

"Derek I am sorry, I know that you don't like any of the girls in college,sorry for being so moody right now and I didn't want to let it out on you. ". She gave me an apologetic look ,also looking guilty. I smiled , kissing her neck. I received a giggle.

"Derek ... stop that ... it tickles". I placed my body upon hers and pinned her to the bed ,making sure not to put too much pressure on her stomach and holding both her hands with one of mine, over her head.

"I didn't get to kiss you that often today ,only about 20 times that's not enough so let a hot ,sexy ,man like me have some fun. ". I could see her role her eyes at my comment but as I kissed her there was no protest, she kissed me right back. It's fascinating ,really, that I still feel this jolt run through me every time I kiss her.I pulled away a bit , giving her time to breath. I looked into her eyes , she seemed to get more and more beautiful by the day.

"You are beautiful you know that right ". She blushed .

"You have turned into a total sap ". She said ,so I gave her my pouting face.

"But you are my sap and nothing will change the fact that I love you". She added. I was surprised that my heart still started to speed up whenever she said she loved me, even though we already said it hundreds of times.

"I love you more" Was my response.

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Next Chapter Casey has an appointment at the Doctor's , checking if the baby is alright and a surprise awaits her.