Authors Note:

Authors Note:

Hey! Me again! This is going to be a Jeyton multi-chapter. Please R&R and I have to recommend my other two favorite Jeyton stories, Never Easy and Love Never Ends.

In this story, Jeyton are newlyweds. (Some Brucas involved!) The title is from the Queen song.

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"Jake?" The priest asked a nervous Jake Jagielski. It was his wedding day. A day that he couldn't wait to happen, and now he was as nervous as hell. He struggled to concentrate on the words. How could he? His beautiful fiancé, soon to be wife was standing next to him, and boy did she look beautiful.

"Peyton." He said, noticing her makeup was smearing from her tears. Tears of happiness. She choked back a sob and he smiled, tucking a blonde curl behind her ear. "Peyton. I remember the day I met you. The first day I looked into those dark hazel eyes. And in that day, I saw a future. And I knew that I was going to spend the rest of my life with you. And I would do whatever I had to do to get you. To hold you, to love you. And I promise, I will never, let you down. I love you Peyton Sawyer. And always will."

Peyton smiled wider and quickly wiped a tear from her face. She glanced at her father, who now was crying as well, then back at Jake. "Peyton?" The priest asked. And she looked up at him. He was finally hers. She would finally have him forever. And nothing would get in the way. He was all she ever wanted.

"Jake Jagielski. When I first met you, I knew a lot of things. But one thing I didn't know was that I would fall in love with you. But I did. And when you left, it was heartbreaking. But I knew that one day, we'd be together again. And as fate had it, here we are. And now I never want to go back home again. I want to stay with you and be with you forever. I love you, Jake Jagielski."

And with a kiss, it was official.

They were finally Mr. and Mrs. Jake Jagielski. And it meant everything.

Peyton Jagielski smiled back on the memory. It may have only been yesterday, but it was the beginning of a new life. A chance to start all over. It had taken only a year. A year for her to realize that he had always bee the one, and that she had been blind. And now, look where she was, smiling back on the memory of their wedding day.

Last night had been amazing and memorable for the both of them, as they knew this was just the start of their lives together.

Peyton awoke in a familiar smelling bed. She smiled as she turned her head, stealing a glance at her new husband. God was he sexy, even when he slept. She giggled softly as she noticed his hair, bunched against the pillow.

He opened his eyes and she smiled at him. "Hey you." She said as he smiled at her. "Hey." He said taking her hand underneath the covers. She smiled. "I had this really, weird dream that we got married yesterday." She said, playfully smiling. "Really? That's weird, because you know, I had the same dream." Peyton giggled as she held up her left hand, reveling a beautiful gold wedding ring. Jake smiled as he held up his.

"Oh...we did get married yesterday." Peyton said playfully, and Jake smiled wider. "We did." He said drawing her closer for a kiss. She kissed him, slowly, loving the taste and feel of each other's mouths.

She wrapped her arms against his naked chest as she kissed him, and he did the same with her bare waist. They lied there, kissing and smiling, happier then ever. They broke away and Peyton smiled. "I love you." She said, not afraid. She had never been afraid of him or what he made her feel. Jake smiled. "I love you, too." He said. She smiled.

Brooke Davis smiled at her boyfriend, Lucas Scott as she flipped through her favorite fashion magazine. "I bet Jake and Peyton are still making out." She said randomly, and Lucas turned from his computer to look at her. "Why? Are you jealous?" He asked playfully, and she shook her head. "No, I just know them." Lucas nodded.

"Anyway, broody I am going to sneak out before your mom catches me, again." Lucas nodded. "Yeah, that was not a good day for me." He said standing up as his girlfriend gathered her clothes. She put them in her bag as she walked over to him and kissed him softly. "See you at school Broody." She said kissing him again. She was just about to walk out when Lucas said, "I love you." And she smiled. "I love you, too." She said before smiling at him and walking out. Lucas smiled.

Jake and Peyton were already dressed and ready to start their day. They had decided they weren't going to have a honeymoon, because of Jenny. Plus, if they went they would miss her too much. Lucas had called, and Peyton was catching up with him. He was her best friend, and the distance was annoying. She was living in Savannah with Jake, while Lucas and all of her other friends still went to THH.

"Hey Blondie." Lucas said as she answered the phone. "Hey Luke! What's up?" Peyton asked, and Jake's head turned. He had always been very protective of Peyton ever since the Lucas incident they had in Savannah, and couldn't lose her again. "Oh nothing. Just hanging out with Brooke. How's being a wife?" Peyton smiled to the phone as Jake overhead Lucas's voice. Jake was eagerly awaiting her answer as he made the bed.

"It's amazing." She answered, and Jake smiled happily.

Hours later, Jake and Peyton were walking the streets of Savannah, holding hands and talking about their lives together. Jake smiled at her as they passed the very same spot they did a year before. The spot where Jake had foam on his face and Peyton wiped it off. At that very moment, Jake knew he was screwed. He was trying not to love her again. But in that moment, he knew he was going to for the rest of his life.

Peyton smiled as Jake said that very thing. He was always so sweet. They stopped in that every spot and looked down at their intertwined hands. The reflection of the sun sending sparks of light off of their wedding rings. They smiled as they leaned in to kiss. They did just that, as they pulled away, Jake smiled. "Kids?" He asked randomly. Peyton looked at him oddly. "What?" She asked. And he smiled. "Kids. How many do you want?" He asked, and she tried not to blush.

"Well, how much you got?" She asked playfully, and he chuckled. "I'm serious!" He said holding her waist. "Hmm...including Jenny...2?" Jake raised an eyebrow. "What?" She asked. And he smiled. "Nothing. It's just that's what I was going to say." Peyton smiled. "Oh really?" She asked, playing with the collar of his shirt. He nodded playfully as she kissed him again. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see." She said playfully.

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