He stared at the screen, trying to defeat the new name on the high scores. His feet felt heavy from the hours he'd spent playing, and his wallet felt especially thin. He cursed beneath his breath as the screen flashed the words 'you win'. He frowned at the name that stood proudly above his. For some reason, though, in the back of his mind, he did not dislike this 'Near' person. In all honesty, he respected the kid. Someone finally played games at his level.

He inserted his pseudonym, 'Matt' into the second place slot and watched as the console thanked him and begged for more quarters. Grimacing at the greedy, quarter-thieving machine, he turned around to see the same white-haired girl he'd seen the day before. He smirked and watched as the girl approached him and dragged a stepstool before the game.

He blinked and watched as she inserted two quarters into the money-hungry console. She grabbed the joystick and played the game with ease, as if she'd been doing it since the day she was born. Moments later, the screen flashed a 'you win' and requested a name. She inserted 'Near' into the first place slot, moving Matt's own name into the third place. She turned to leave, grabbing the stepstool and tugging it with her.

She looked at him evenly and nodded a greeting. He wrinkled his nose as he watched her exit. So much for being a god.