She licked her lips and stared into the window. "Can I?" she asked the boy holding her hand. He was a few years older than her and appeared to be a close relative. "Please, nii-san?" She pouted and looked up at him sweetly.

He groaned and reached into his pocket, pulling out a few coins. He handed them to her and pointed at the rolls she seemed to be staring at. "Just one, okay?"

She nodded frantically and let go of his hand. Darting into the shop, she pointed out to the pink-cheeked woman at the counter that she wanted a cinnamon roll. For a few patient moments, she looked around the store.

She caught sights of a young boy with his hair up in an odd looking ponytail. She received her roll, still watching him. The woman followed her gaze to the young boy staring longingly through the window at the sweets that taunted anyone's senses.

The woman handed the roll to her and grinned. The girl smiled sweetly and paid the woman. With the bag in her hands, she walked outside, past her cousin and towards the boy with an odd hairstyle.

The boy began to walk away, but as her cousin called out for her, he stopped and looked over her shoulder. "Wait," she told him, pulling the treat out of her bag. She broke it in half and handed him the larger piece. "Here."

His dark eyes looked at her then at the treat. He blinked and looked over her shoulder at the older boy. "Thanks, but no thanks," he told her. "My mom doesn't want me eating those."

Her look fell and she wilted visibly. "Oh…"

With that, her cousin grimaced and took the half she held out to him. He took the empty bag from her and tossed the sweet into the bag. He threw the paper bag at him and looked at the girl. "Let's go, Hinata-chan. If he doesn't want to keep it, he doesn't have to." She pouted and nodded.

The boy looked into the bag and put his hand inside. He tore of a small peace and took a bite, a small smile on his face.

She smiled sweetly at him then tugged the other boy's hand. "Let's go, nii-san," she told him, sending the other boy one last look. As they started to walk away, she whispered over her shoulder 'he's kawaii.'


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