I had this on my desktop for half a year and decided it was about time to post it. Hope it's enjoyable!

Another Day

He was bored again.

Of course for him, this was the default state. Why shouldn't he be bored? Every day went exactly the same: He woke up in that ridiculous faux-stone cave his human keepers built for him, ate whatever greens and protein the staff left out for him overnight, and then spent the rest of the day either walking around the perimeter of his exhibit-- hoping a Anthrozoologist or Vet didn't feel the urge to write a report on him, napping, or staring through his bars and across the moat at the zoo's visitors. Then he went to sleep again and repeated those actions the next day.

He sometimes wondered if he should've made a better effort to be friendly with the humans, he'd have someone to talk to at least-- then he always remembered that they were assholes... and his captors. And were a pretty dull lot, too.

Besides, they didn't seem to like him either. The turtle often heard them agruing over whose turn it was to feed or care for him... Geez, what jerks. Like he couldn't hear them or something? Honestly, that was the big thing he hated about humanity-- the way they acted like you were unable to hear them unless they wanted you to perform some sort of trick.

So, this was his life.

He supposed it could be worse-- no one exactly mistreated him, he was safe, ate pretty well, and ever so often something exciting almost happened. Usually out in the viewing area where the humans gathered, argued, laughed, then moved on to whatever world existed beyond the one he lived in.

The turtle just wanted something to happen. Like maybe that one human coming over to the viewing area-- the one with the long dark hair and a strong build. The one who looked absolutely nothing like a zookeeper.

Yeah, that guy seemed sorta interesting.

He had first saw him months ago, on a sticky hot summer day. He had been considering jumping in the fake pond in the center of his enclosure when sudden commotion drew his attention to the distant area where the humans were--

Then he began laughing as the sight of a tiny old lady with neon-pink hair elbowing a young man registered. The guy seemed to be taking it well enough, he was more surprised than anything. Then he looked up-- meeting the turtle's eyes-- and promptly began snickering himself, rolling his eyes at the withered irate woman and winking at him.

Ever since then, the turtle noticed the guy at least once a week. The human always smiled, waved, and didn't stay very long. But he left the distinct impression that he had been visiting.

That never happened though. Because this was his life.

The only one he'd ever known.

He was so bored.