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Chapter 1


I sighed as I looked back to my group of friends huddled around me. I was going to miss everyone at Dalton Smith Prep Academy. New York was my life, but now I was going to move all the way to the other side of the continent, to little home town of Forks, Washington. Well here I am, 17 years old and I'm a junior.

I heard my flight being called and I quickly looked back to my friends who had tears glistening in their eyes. I knew I did too. I quickly hugged them all and promised to call as soon as I could. I quickly slung my carryon bag over my shoulder and walked over the boarding plane. I pushed my bag in the overhead compartment and sat at my seat by the window. The comfy first class seats allowed me to relax and recollect all my memories of New York.

I will miss New York. The bustling city life, that was busy day and night. Nobody would recognize you right away, unlike Forks, where they probably now know about my arrival. There are so secrets in Forks. One little gossip secret and it will spread across town like a fierce wildfire.

Renee and Charlie divorced when Emmett and I were barely 10 months old. Renee took her with me to Phoenix and Emmett stayed in Forks. Renee and I had a lot of good times in Phoenix, the hot sprawling town and the sunshine. Renee and I were like best friends and we told each other everything. When I graduated 8th grade, in the summer, Renee met a man named Phil.

Phil was a minor league baseball player. He was a pretty cool guy and Renee quickly became infatuated, which turned to love. They had a pretty good relationship and I felt that we were a real family. They married quickly by the end of summer.

Renee was at first hesitant to get married that quick, especially from that former marriage with Charlie, and obviously it didn't work out. Well they married and they are now a blissfully happy couple. It was scheduled in the fall that Phil had to go around a lot playing and I didn't want to break apart their marriage so quickly.

I insisted on boarding school and Renee was all for my education. So she sent me to Dalton Smith Prep Academy in New York. From first glance, it may be some superficial expensive school where Barbie dolls and their Kens roam around in their expensive luxury cars wearing designer clothes.

But if you stuck around long enough, you would find some neglected by their parents, only being pampered by the rich life. The gossip and secret lives they all had.

But anyways, I have made some new friends and quickly fitted in. I had a few boyfriends here and there and I would get my fair shares of detention.

Well my frantic mom decided that I needed some time to spend with family, before I leave to college and won't see them for awhile. So here I am on a plane flying to see Charlie and Emmett.

I would be starting school in a couple of days. I would be the new girl. The new meat in the small student population consisting of only 347 people, and now 348. They have all grown up together and known each other. It would be hard to make new friends.

Renee and I worked up an agreement. I was to go to Forks after winter break. I celebrated New Year's in New York, which I would prefer any day than that dreary old small town. Fireworks lighting up in a rainy town wasn't always the most exciting view, considering you want to be outside shivering under an umbrella waiting for the excitement to begin.

Luckily my clothes I wore in New York were suitable for Forks, but Renee gave me a credit card for a reason….

I reached into my tote bag and took out my I-pod. I turned on some relaxing classical music on and fell asleep.

I woke up to the flight attendant announcing that the plane was landing and to buckle up your seat belts. I checked my seat belt and leaned my head against the seat. The plane landed and I went through the hassle of getting my suitcases and bags off the luggage carousel and through security.

I saw a man holding up a sign that said Isabella Swan. The man was a fairly average height and had brown curly hair that seemed much like Emmett's. He had on a police uniform. He was Chief of Forks, Charlie, my father.

I smiled and quickly walked up to him.

"Hello Chief Swan. Nice to meet you. I'm Isabella Swan, but call me Bella," I held out my hand.

Charlie looked shocked and looked at my hand to my face, before finally deciding on a warm embrace.

"Wow Bells, you have sure grown up!"

I blushed a light pink. I wasn't used to everyone complimenting me, even though I got if often. I don't know if people did it to be nice or that they make me feel accepted. I was overall a plain girl. Average height of 5'4, brown hair and brown eyes. Something typical, nothing exotic or interesting like fiery red hair or icy blue eyes.

Charlie and I walked out and into his police cruiser. We put the luggage in the back and I sat in the passenger seat.

"So does Emmett know I'm here?" I asked once the car started moving.

"Nope. I figured maybe you would want a surprise or something. He's in school right now," I nodded my head and looked out the window.

Charlie told me some stories about Emmett and him trying to cook and how it always ends up as a disaster. They usually ate take out for dinner. The only thing Charlie knew how to make was eggs and bacon. From what I heard, never, never ever let Emmett near the kitchen, let alone a stove.

I knew how to cook. When I lived with Renee, her experiments weren't always too good. I learned from a few cook books Renee had laying around and I always provided the dinner. Phil knew how to cook some meals; at least someone didn't have to suffer.

Emmett wasn't a chubby little boy who ate a lot of candy now. He was a big guy at 6'5 with a lot of muscles, which he takes pride in. He seems like a guy with a big tough exterior, but inside he is a lovable teddy bear.

We continued the drive back home in silence. Charlie pulled into a small driveway. The house was a two story white house that could be fixed up with some paint. Charlie unlocked the door and grabbed some bags. I went inside and saw a couch with a big T.V. The kitchen had un-matching chairs and the paint on the cabinets was wearing off.

Back at boarding school, I had a little obsession about home decorating. I was in an elective class where you learn about fixing up the house and I was fascinated by the different color contrasts. By the end of that semester class, my room was newly painted with funky modern decorations. Let's say I was lucky to not have a roommate all those years. And if I had a roommate, I don't think she would enjoy all the drastic changes.

I had to do something about this house.

I grabbed some bags from outside and closed the door. I headed upstairs to the right to my old bedroom. Charlie's room was to the far left. A bathroom separated Charlie's and Emmett's room. Luckily I had the master bedroom with its own bathroom. It would sure be awkward sharing a bathroom with two men.

My room was a pale daisy yellow from my baby days. There was a new queen sized bed in the corner and adjacent to it was an old wooden rocking chair. There was a brand new desk and computer with wireless internet connected to it. There was an empty closet and a couple of dressers.

Charlie finished up all my bags and came in.

"Well I didn't do much to it. It's been awhile since you been here so Emmett and I dusted around and got you a new bed and desk. I'm sure Emmett here can drive you to get some supplies this weekend," I nodded and went to unpack.

I unloaded all my clothes and hung them in my closet and folded them in my dressers. I put some pictures up and took out my I-home. I organized everything and made a list of what I wanted around my room and what the house needed to be fixed of.

I looked at my clock and it was 6:00 p.m. I headed downstairs and saw Charlie watching some TV.

"Emmett had a football game today and should be coming home around late at night. How about you go and surprise him at school? His game should be ending in a couple of minutes," Charlie suggested. I agreed.

Charlie took me to Forks High School and handed me Emmett's extra set of keys for his jeep. I quickly found the red jeep and opened the door. I sat in the driver's seat and looked around. There was a pine freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. It was pretty clean and neat.

The jeep was huge! I had to jump from a distance to get into the seat. I looked through Emmett's CDs and it had a wide range of music. His radio station was set to the latest hits. He seemed to like anything from rap to pop and everything in between, except for jazz, classical and country.

I heard distant cheers and turned to find the source of noise. I heard faint marching band music. What a shame since their shoes will only get muddy with the wet grass and constant rain. I saw people getting out and I ducked a bit from their view. No need to tell Emmett about the early surprise.

I fiddled around with the radio, until I found a song I liked. People started pulling out of the parking lot, but the football team was no show. Eventually a huge crowd came out and from what I saw were sweaty guys in padding and their football uniforms. Cheerleaders were beside them chatting about whatever.

The football players were carrying someone on their backs. I heard cheers and laughter coming from that group. Eventually they broke away and separated to their cars. I saw a big buff guy which I assumed was Emmett walk past everyone up to his car. Everyone else's cars were on the other side of the parking lot. Perfect.

Emmett started walked in to his car and soon a light job. I found some Ray Bans and slipped them on. Emmett luckily went around in car in the back to the driver's seat. He opened the door and looked confused when he saw my presence.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my car?" Emmett asked fiercely. He looked menacing, like someone you would not mess with unless you wanted to die.

"Why Emmett, nice way to greet your own sister!" I teased.

"Bella?!" he shrieked.

I smiled and jumped at him. He caught me and swung me around.

"Hey you're back!"

"Yup, and I'm finishing my junior and senior here at Forks!"

He swung me around again and placed me in the driver's seat. I scooted over the seat into the passengers. I buckled my seatbelt and waited for Emmett to start driving.

"So from what I heard, you guys won the game?" I asked.

"Oh we totally creamed those suckers! They were our biggest rivals every year and last year they beat us by one measly point. We showed them this time!"

By now, Emmett pulled into the driveway next to Charlie's cruiser.

"So Bella, any plans tonight?" I rolled my eyes.

"Emmett I just came back to Forks, where I haven't been ever since I was born. I only know you and Charlie, why would I have plans?"

It was silent for a moment for two, before Emmett finally got the picture. I was beginning to think Emmett was dropped on the head as a baby.

"Oh yeah huh?! Well a couple of close friends and I are going out to eat in Port Angeles to celebrate the game! You should come!" Emmett said excitedly.

"Emmett, I don't know….I don't know anyone and I don't want to feel like I'm intruding.." I trailed off.

"Don't worry about it! They've wanted to meet my baby sis all these years!"

"Um okay…"

"Go change into something casual and I'll meet you back down here in 10 minutes!"

I nodded and headed up the stairs after Emmett, who stormed up the stairs like a herd of elephants. I headed to my room and looked around in my closet. I had a lot of clothes. My friends loved to buy clothes for me. They always chastised my old wardrobe and insisted on a brand new one. They always updated my wardrobe every two weeks, and I couldn't have a say in any of it.

I gotten used to their habits and have to go shopping at least once a month. I would need to go to the mall soon. My car better come soon from New York. The car was a sweet 16th birthday present from Renee and Phil. I loved it.

I pulled out a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a black polo. I went to the bathroom and combed out my hair putting it into an elegant ponytail. I put on some eyeliner and lip gloss. I didn't look too bad.

I grabbed my cell phone and an extra set of keys Charlie gave me and put it in my new purse my friends gave to me as a farewell present. I think it was also a hint to come back to visit soon and do some heavy duty shopping. It was the latest purse from the line Marc by Marc Jacobs. It was hard to find, but knowing my friends one phone call sealed the deal.

I grabbed my new Burberry trench coat and I-pod and went out the door. Emmett was waiting downstairs tapping his foot impatiently.

He finally saw me and grumbled," Why do girls always take so long?"

"Emmett, Emmett. Patience is a virtue," I chided

He frowned and walked out the door.

"Bye Dad!" I shouted.

"Bye kids! Be safe!"

I closed the door and headed out to the jeep. Emmett was already in the car rocking out to some tunes. I jumped in and Emmett pulled out the driveway. Once we were past a couple of streets from our house, Emmett pushed down on the accelerator. I guess traffic rules don't abide to him, even if he was the Chief's son.

Emmett told me more about his game and his past victories. He was a linebacker, which must have explained his muscles. I stared outside of the window, looking at highways rush past. There was not a lot of traffic and noise. I was soothed to random car honks and angry taxi drivers, not pattering rain.

Emmett pulled into a parking lot with some cars scattered here and there. The restaurant was called La Bella Italia. I slipped on my trench coat and grabbed my handbag. I walked alongside Emmett inside the restaurant. I felt the cool breeze when the door opened.

A hostess who looked like she had a cake full of make up thrown to her face came up to us. She looked Emmett up and down and smiled a grin, which I think was suppose to be seductive, but all you ended up seeing was lipstick on her teeth and some leafy green thing between it.

"What can I help you with?" she purred.

"No thanks. I'm looking for someone," The hostess looked disappointed and sent a glare my way. Emmett was busy scanning around the room.

Emmett turned and pulled my arm toward a big round table. They must have heard Emmett's loud footsteps and turned to look at him.

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