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Chapter 18


Right before Forks…..

My heels echoed across the empty hall. I turned down the corner and found what I was looking for. Good. I turned around, still empty. Even better. I hesitated. Is it worth the risk? Of course. But I knew I could do better. I continued walking until I reached my final destination. It was right next to the Principal's office. Perfect.

I reached into my tailored coat and pulled out a compact mirror. I opened it and looked at myself. My curls were intact, the strawberry tint was there. My make-up was perfect. My outfit was always a perfect 10. Nothing to lose here.

3, 2, 1

My hand gripped the handle and then I pulled.


The fire alarm started blaring loudly, flashing red. I heard the shouts of students from across the hall and they all started filing out right after the teacher. They stared unabashedly at me, while I stared back, with no guilt at all.

The principal, Ms. Davis, slammed opened her door, red-faced. She stared at me and motioned for me to follow her. She went back into her office and I was right behind her. She pointed at the seats in front of her. I sat down and made myself comfortable.

She grabbed the intercom right in front of her and spoke, calling the janitor to turn off the alarm. Then she requested all classes go back and resume their lessons. Then she turned to me with narrowed eyes.


"Tanya Denali,"

She picked up a phone from her desk and called the secretary.

"Kathy, please get me Tanya Denali's file ASAP,"

"What on earth has possessed you to pull that alarm?" she asked.

The secretary poked her head in and walked silently to the desk and put a manila folder on the desk. Ms. Davis immediately dismissed her.

She opened the folder and started looking at papers and such.

"As I can see through your files Ms. Denali, you always had the perfect record. No tardiness, detentions, and always a well praised student. You were never any trouble at all! You were doing so well! What made you pull that alarm?"

I shrugged. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a stick of gum. I popped it into my mouth and rolled the wrapper up into a tiny ball. I flicked it right in front of me and it hit her right in the nose. Bull's eye.

I knew one thing about Ms. Davis. She despised gum. If she had the power to ban it all over the world, she would. Her eye twitched and she breathed in deeply.

"Spit that gum out,"

"No," I said defiantly. I chewed it with an open mouth, which irked her more.

"Now," she demanded.

"Didn't you hear me? N-O. No,"

"Spit it out or there would be serious consequences," she threatened, her voice getting lower.


I smacked my gum once more. Then I got my finger and pulled it out. I waved it right in front of her face, before she shot a look at me. I raised an eyebrow and then I stuck it on the nearest picture frame. Lucky for me it was a picture of her and her fat cat. My gum wad was right on her cat's face.

"Oops," I said.

Ms. Davis shook her head and opened a drawer. She handed me a piece of blank paper. Then she started to look for a pen.

"No need," I said, holding up a permanent marker.

"I'll be right back. You are to write about why you pulled the fire alarm and how you are going to make it up for the school. No leaving this room,"

Once she immediately left I started writing. By the time she came back, I was done. The paper was neatly folded with Ms. Davis scrawled in front with neat, cursive writing.

She sat down back at her seat and quickly scanned through the paper. Her hands trembled. She picked up the phone and quickly told her secretary to call my parents. Both my parents were busy, but my father was able to talk on the phone.

"Mr. Denali, I am disappointed and sorry to say that your daughter, Tanya, is being expelled,"

"Expelled? Why?!"

"She pulled the fire alarm when it was completely unnecessary. It is a school violation and accounts also for vandalism,"

I heard my father sigh. I rolled my eyes. He was obviously pretending to act concerned and would want to get out of this phone call as quickly as possible.

"What can we do Ms. Davis?" he asked.

"It depends on how quickly you can arrive,"

"I'm in New York currently, so I can get there in about 2-3 hours,"

"That can be arranged. I think it will give more than enough time for Tanya to pack up her belongings,"

"See you soon,"


"You heard me. Go to your room and start packing. As a prestigious boarding school, we cannot allow you to stay any longer. I am disappointed to see you leave, but there is no other choice,"

I marched out of the room and down the corridor. I opened the door and stepped out onto the cobbler steps. I made the short five minutes walk to my dorm building and I checked in.

I went into my room and started packing.

Two hours later I was more than ready to go. My father and his chauffeur came into my room and assisted with carrying my belongings out. I grabbed the last suitcase and closed the door behind me. I followed my father out and we were on our way to the car. Then I saw someone familiar.

"Mrs. Dwyer!" I shouted.

She turned around and smiled. She quickly walked to me and waved.

"Hello, how are you?" she asked.

"Fine, I guess," I shrugged. I was curious as to why she was here.

"If you don't mind me asking, why are you here Mrs. Dwyer?"

"Call me Renee. And to answer your question, I'm here to pick up some paper from the office that they want at her current school,"

"Oh really? What school does she go to now? I keep forgetting the name. Spoons?" I guessed.

She laughed.

"You're on the right track with the utensils. Forks, Washington. Bella is currently attending Forks High School, it's a public school. It is so desperately rainy there, I have no idea how she can stand it,"

"Did she make any friends yet?"

"Lots. I heard from her father, she was the center of attention. And she is dating a boy, Edward Cullen. She sent me a photo of him, he is absolutely gorgeous,"

Edward Cullen huh?

Renee glanced at her watch and gasped.

"I must be going. I need to get back home soon. Nice talking to you Tanya! Good bye!" she waved hastily and rushed off into the direction of the main office.

A plan was quickly forming into my head. I stepped into the car and closed it behind me.

"Daddy, I want to go to school in Forks,"

I looked out the window and smiled. Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen, both at Forks High School. It's like killing two birds with one stone. Everything will go my way, just watch. They don't know what they are up against.

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