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Chapter 6

The ride home was quiet but comfortable. Edwards's eyes were hardly ever on the road. His cold hand held mine, our fingers intertwined; once in a while he would raise my hand to his lips and kiss it gently. The feeling of his lips, even on my hand, sent a shock, almost like electricity pulsing through my body, sending my heart racing like the wings of a hummingbird.

After I checked in with Charlie and took care of my human necessities we took turns reading to each other out of the diary. Her personal thoughts and feelings carried the flow of her writings. She wrote of her thoughts and feelings of the times, pondered her writings, were they good enough to be published, or would they be thought of as the silly nonsensical babbling of a young woman? I had always envisioned her as a strong woman, when in fact she saw herself as quite common and ordinary and was unsure of herself much as I did myself.

"What are you thinking?" Edward asked when I had been silent for some time.

"Nothing in particular" I said, knowing that if I told him the truth he would argue that I do not see myself as others do and that there is nothing common or ordinary about me.

Edward took the book from my hands and placed it on the bedside table. "We can continue this later. Why don't you try to get some rest. I'm sure that Alice will have all kinds of tortures for you tomorrow."

"That reminds me. Angela will be coming over tomorrow to get fitted for her dress. Would you mind terribly if I asked you to not be here. Alice would probably kick you out any way, and you have to be getting hungry, your eyes are getting quite dark." I said sheepishly, hoping to not hurt his feelings.

Edward leaned over and kissed the tip of my nose, "it will be sheer torture, my time away from you, but not half as bad as the torture Alice could come up with if I stay. Ill see if Jasper and Emmett would like to go for a hunt in the morning, we wont go far." then he lowered his lips and kissed me slow and sweet, he began humming my lullaby as he pulled away, I rolled over onto my side and curled up against his body, his arms wrapped tightly around me.

"I love you" I whispered softly

"I love you too Bella" was the last thing I heard him say as I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke the room was bright and Edward was not here. On the table beside the bed was a note a folded in half, on the outside my name was written in Edwards elegant script. I picked it up and smiled to myself as I pulled the covers closer around me and opened it up.

My Love,

You were sleeping so peacefully I did not want to wake you. I have gone hunting with Emmett and Jasper. I will miss you, Heart, Body, mind and soul while we are gone. I love you. Have fun.


P.S. Alice should be coming through your window right about now.

At that very moment Alice bounced through my open window. I was disappointed that I could not lie in bed and enjoy the feeling that his note welled up within my body.

"Good Morning Sleepyhead!" Alice exclaimed. "Are you ready to shop?"

"Shop? What are you talking about Alice? We're supposed to do a dress fitting with Angela today. No one said anything about shopping!" Some people fished, some people did wood working, and others exercised, but Alice Cullen's favorite past time is shopping, and as much as I loved my soon to be sister-in-law I would never get used to her need to shop.

"Yes Bella we are, but after that we are going to get your registered for wedding gifts. If you don't want people to wonder you have to all the things that a normal bride would do. That means shopping for household items and your Trousseau." she giggled at her last statement. Just great, I was going to have to play Barbie Bella again today!!

"Alice can't you just . . .

"Oh Bella, please. Rosalie and Esme are going with us. The boys have all gone hunting so I planned a girl's day out." she whined. At least if Esme and Rosalie was there Alice might be able to be kept under control. It did make sense that we should at least follow through with things that as normal as possible.

"But Alice, we won't NEED all these household things, we will be living with the family and you already have everything we would ever need." I tried to convince her

"You are supposed to be leaving here and going off to college together Bella, you will "need" everything to start a home when you get there. We've all had to do it, so be a good sport about it please. Now get up and get ready. Angela is going to be early." she said matter of factly, knowing she was going to win the argument. I got out of the bed and went to the closet to get some clothes. Alice was there and handed me an outfit she had already picked out. I took the clothes, stuck my tongue out at her and turned to go to the bathroom to get ready.

Alice was downstairs when I got out of the bathroom. She had a bowl of fresh fruit, a glass of juice and a fresh muffin set on the table for me. "Edward reminded me that you needed to eat, and you will need the energy today." she said. "I thought that while you were eating we

could go over the guest list." she said as the pulled several sheets of paper out the huge binder she seemed to pull out of nowhere.

I began to eat as she started rattling off names. I had just taken a drink of juice when I heard Alice say, "Sue and Seth Clearwater", and in my shock and hurry to interject my veto spewed orange juice half way across the kitchen. Alice being Alice simply tossed a towel she had waiting over the mess and said, "Edward asked me to add them to the list, and since it is his wedding as well he should be able to invite some guests of his own. Edward and Seth had spent quite a bit of time together while he and Carlisle were at La Push treating Jacobs's injuries, and still spoke quite often on the phone. It should not have come as a surprise, not that I really expected any of the Pack to show up. I was after all persona non grata in La Push since Jacob ran away. Alice watched my face waiting for my argument and when she got none continued on with the list. The list finally ended about the time I finished eating breakfast.

"It isn't necessary to invite the entire town of Forks Alice. I don't know half of these people any way." I said. My small affair was quickly becoming the event of THE century.

"Well we couldn't not invite the staff at the hospital. How would that look on Carlisle? Then there are the people at the historical society that Esme belongs to. And then we have to invite the local emergency personnel that Charlie knows and our class and . . ."

"OK OK I get your point. We don't want to upset anyone." adding under my breath "It's not like anyone is really going to show up for it any way."

I had just finished up the dishes when there was a knock. Alice went to answer the door. "Hi Angela. It's so nice to see you." she said

"Hi Alice. I hope I'm not too early, Mom asked if I could watch the twins this afternoon so she could go shopping for a wedding gift." Angela said shyly.

"Hi Angela" I said as I entered the living room. "Thank you for coming and for being one of my brides maids. I really do appreciate it. I said.

"I am so happy for you and Edward and I am so excited for you. I want to help in any way so you just tell me what to do."

"Alice is my wedding planner extraordinaire, and I'm sure she probably knows what all the traditions for the bridesmaids are." With that Alice placed Angela in position to be measured and they rattled on about traditions, colors, etc. Once she had all Angela's information, Alice gave her a sheet of paper she said contained things they as the Bridesmaids would need to do, as well as the time, date and location of the rehearsal, wedding and reception. It dawned on me that I had no idea where they were taking place at myself. Angela gushed with excitement once more then excused her self so that she could go home to take care of the boys.

"Alice just where is our wedding and reception taking place?" I inquired.

"We will be going by there later on today to do a walk through with the events planner so hurry up and get your things so we can get there on time. Esme and Rosalie will be her in 36 seconds." She said dismissively.

I hurried up the stairs and grabbed my purse, checked myself in the mirror and hurried back down the stairs. I tripped on the next to last step. Alice caught me and steadied me on the floor. "That seeing the future thing really does come in handy some times" I said breathlessly.

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