Ain't No Stone Unturned, Ain't No Song Unheard

Side A: The After Shinigami View


For Unsane Chibi (AKA: Miggrator and god knows how many other names…)

'Ain't no stone unturned,

No wiseguy's gonna put me down.

Ain't no song unheard,

But it laughs back at you now,

Right back at you now.'

--'No Song Unheard', The Hellacopters

Side A: The After Shinigami View

Track One: Walk Through That Door

When everything is said and the Winter War is only a thing recounted in Academy classrooms, Chad will sit in his one room New York apartment (his feet had kept their wings for half the world) and he will wonder if he has made an impression on the world.

His friends, his nakama, from his teenage days are a given, whether they had passed on, Ichigo, or were living surrounded by grandchildren, Ishida and Orihime. Over his travels he hadn't kept in regular contact with anyone other than Ichigo, who, after his death, hadn't let distance keep him from visiting his friends. What they had been through was impossible to forget.

Who else, he wonders. He has had no true loves, at least none that went beyond the door of a bar, and while he has friends everywhere, none of them are nakama. He will look over his quiet apartment, with its pull-out couch bed and corner kitchen, and he will think that not many will notice when he dies.

But when a dirty street-wise boy drags in a struggling, bleeding dog, shouting for help, Chad will stand. And when the boy hands Chad the dog, mumbling his thanks, Chad will realize that while not many will take notice of his death, the few that will notice outweigh them by far.

Track Two: Enter National Travel

When the Winter War had finally ended and he had graduated high school, Chad decided he wanted to travel.

At first he stayed in Japan, hopping from prefecture to prefecture via bullet train. He worked odd jobs, he lived sparsely, and all his extra money went towards a plane ticket to the mainland. Two years later he had enough and left for Europe, bypassing china completely; he'd lived there for six months while waiting for sea passage with his Abuelo's friends on his way back to Japan. When he landed in London the wander lust that had always been in him woke.

After he landed, Chad hitchhiked across the European continent. Name a country and he'd driven across it at the very least. He stayed for twelve years, crisscrossing countries and scrapping up enough money to live on and to save. When he had enough he left for South America where he stayed for another seven years. He swept up into Central America and North America from there.

Chad stopped his travels in New York, New York when he realized he was nearly fifty years old, and even then only stopped because he was headed towards Europe again and had already been there.

Track Three: Mistaken Identity

During the later part of his travels, Chad was often told that at first glance he looked so similar to his Abuelo that a second take was necessary. When this happened he would smile and think that being mistaken for such a man was a very good thing.

Track Four: Street Corner Music Is Best

Another reason Chad stayed in New York was the abundance of street artists. More specifically he stayed for the musicians.

He would walk for hours in central park, pausing at his favorites, and tossing a few coins into their hats or cases or jars if he had any to spare. To him their music was more real, truer, than any found on a CD. Eventually he found a guitar and set himself up at a lonely street corner stringing chords and riffs together like jewels on a necklace.

He played for hours before he noticed that it was nightfall and when he went to put his guitar back in its tattered case he found that it had already been filled with change.

Track Five: Invincible Like a Tiger


Chad looked up from his guitar playing to find a small child, no more than six years old, staring openly at him.

"Mister, you're huge!"

"Ah…" Chad mumbled in agreement.

"I'm Ed Cooley, what's your name, Mister?" The child asked eagerly.

"Sado Yasutora." Chad replies, and he can't help the bit of Japanese accent that sneaks into his voice.

"Chad-O?" The boy tries the word out. "Hey, are you invincible?"

There is a long pause before Chad answers.

"Invincible like a tiger." And it is true, for as powerful as a tiger is, it can still be taken down. After what happened in Hueco Mundo, Chad knows this all too well.

Track Six: Amore E Morte

Of all the ryoka, Chad lived the longest, and though he was never able attend their funerals he would burn incense and say his respects whenever he learned of someone's passing.

He didn't have the necessary materials for a shrine so he wrote them songs. He played their songs daily at his post on the street corner, remembering the good and bad times. Remembering the love that only happens between friends.

Track Seven: Welcome To The Communal Community

When the large Hispanic man first showed up at the community garden people weren't sure how to react. Some were afraid and some didn't care, none gave him more than a guarded wave. He was gentle towards them and only spoke to them to inquire about where he could find some tomato seeds.

Weeks and months went by and the people of the community garden finally opened up to him.

When this happened Chad wasn't surprised, he'd learned a lot about people in his travels

Track Eight: One Letter Short

Unlike most other people who lived in New York, Chad rarely, if ever, got angry.

Partially this was because Chad didn't drive and only took the bus or subway if necessary.

But more importantly, it was because, for Chad, his anger equaled danger for everyone around him.

Track Nine: I Have Changed, I've found Myself

During his travels Chad changed. He wasn't sure when or where or how, but after he'd spent nearly a year in New York he'd realized that the way he saw himself was different.

The way he saw himself no longer depended on who he was to others. He saw himself as who he was to himself.

Track Ten: Worth The Wait

When Chad dies, he dies peacefully and with no regrets. He passes on easily and goes to Soul society of his own will.

He wakes in one of the better Rukongai districts. More specifically his is woken by a child in one of the better Rukongai districts.

When he looks away from the child, whom he later finds has been adopted, to see Orihime and Ishida. He's in their house.

They spend the time catching up, and it is late when both Ichigo and Rukia arrive. There is a reunion party, with all that that kind of party entails.

When he next wakes, Chad has a pounding headache and a distinct lack of memory after what he thinks was his eighth bottle of sake.

He decides it was worth the wait.