Ain't No Stone Unturned, Ain't No Song Unheard

Side B: Flashback! Before Shinigami!


For Unsane Chibi (AKA: Miggrator and god knows how many other names…)

'Lights are out in the street where I stand

It sure would be great to have a clock with no hands

Met a man said he was wise and in tune

Lazy Sundays turn to Mondays too soon.'

--'No Song Unheard', The Hellacopters

Side B: Flashback! Before Shinigami!

Track One: Cliché

When asked to describe Chad most people fall back onto trusty, time worn phrases. As big as a house, an elephant, a mansion. As tall as a tree, the sky, Tokyo Tower. As strong as an ox, as steel, as stone.

One of the reasons Chad treasured his friendship with Ichigo so much was because, to Ichigo, he wasn't an overused string of words. He was "Chad, my friend."

Track Two: Mostly Monolouge

"Oi, Chad?"

Chad looked over at Ichigo as they walked aimlessly down a street.

"How long have we known each other?"

"Seven months." An additional glance asks 'Why?'

"Well, Pops has been buggin' me about never havin' any friends over."

A vaguely interrogative noise.



"So you wanna come over? My little sister's a pretty good cook."

A mumble that sounded vaguely affirmative.

Track Three: Based on Bass (CL See Note)

"You play guitar?" Ichigo asked one day after he noticed the callus on Chad's fingers when he'd helped Ichigo up after he'd been hit over the head with a bat in a fight.

"Yeah." Chad affirmed while absently snatching Bat-guy's weapon and breaking it in half.

"Bass or lead?" Ichigo questioned after kneeing one of Bat-guy's Buddies.

"A little of both." Chad said, keeping a wary eye on Bat-guy.

"Weird." Ichigo said and then grunted as the Buddy managed to hit him in his stomach. He continued after he'd retaliated. "You seem more like a bass player to me."

Chad gave him a questioning look and even though he couldn't see it, Ichigo had known Chad long enough to interpret his silences.

"Because," Ichigo said, bashing Bat-guy's head into the pavement with his foot, "the bass player's always there to cover for the lead when he screws up."

Track Four: Clothes That Fit

It's the weekend and for the first time in a long time no one in Chad's core group of friends had any projects or doctor's appointments or tests. Keigo had found this out somehow (stalking, maybe?) and had invited them all to see a movie. Chad wasn't sure of the film's title, something about a rebellion.

They'd shown up early and bought their tickets, as it was a popular movie, and settled in a rough group outside of the theatre for the thirty-five minute wait.

"Oi, Chad," Keigo asked, perhaps the only one in the group who was physically incapable of silence, "I've been wondering for awhile, where do you get your clothes?"

Chad looks up and finds that everyone but Ichigo is looking at him curiously. He waits a bit, and after a pause says:

"Here and there."

Track Five: Free To a Good Home

Chad is always tempted by the sight of boxes of small animals especially when they have 'Free to a good home' scrawled on them. But Chad has just enough money to care for himself and he knows that he can't provide a good home. So he waits for a time when he'll be able to.

Track Six: Amore E Morte

"Am-or-e e more-tay?" Ichigo asks on a hot summer day when he notices Chad's tattoo. "What's that mean?"

"Amore e Morte." Chad corrects. "It's Italian for love and death."

Track Seven: Lucky

Chad knows he is lucky. Not in the grandiose ways of winning the lottery or being saved from a lightning strike by a cat, but in the small ways.

He has a small group of close friends and one who would give his life for Chad, so long as Chad does the same. He lives comfortably in a time where many like him don't, he is satisfied with his life.

Chad knows he is lucky.

Track Eight: Fearless

"Are you fearless?"

It's a variation on a question Chad is often asked, usually in a fight, and not always by the person he's fighting.

The answer is no, he's not fearless, but he knows how to fight past his fears.

Track Nine: Forgotten, Not Gone

Chad has no memories of his parents. They died roughly a year and a half after his birth and he was taken in by his Abuelo shortly afterwards.

But while Chad has forgotten his parents, they are not gone. He knows them through stories, and that is enough.

Track Ten: A Plate of Sunshine

Chad had only known of Inoue Orihime in an off-hand way before she showed up on the school roof one day at lunch, escorted by Tatsuki.

The auburn-haired girl began making her lunch, a combination of salad, mustard, and gummy candy. Chad glanced around and when no one else acted particularly surprised (just a little nauseous) he assumed this was the norm for her. When she finished her plate looked like a rainbow had vomited on it. Unsurprisingly, it was predominantly yellow.

"Do you like it, Yasutora-kun?" Orihime asked when she noticed Chad looking at her food.

"It looks like a plate of sunshine." He said stoically.

"You want some?" An innocent question.

"Not really." Chad responded after a pause. "But thanks for offering."

'Ain't No Stone Unturned, Ain't No Song Unheard' END


Bonus Tracks


So it turns out that I've unwittingly taken some creative license with Track Three and made and error on Track Six... Whennerdscollide pointed out to me several things about guitars and in addition has informed me that Spanish and Italian are not interchangeable. So Track Six has been edited and I've learned that, yes, two years of high school Spanish can go rusty in a little over one year.

However, with Track Three there is quite a bit wrong. I know next to nothing about guitars, but Track Three is one of my favorites and I don't want to rewrite and possibly ruin it. So I'm going to post whennerdscollide's explanation and call creative license.

Guest Artist; whennerdscollide

Truth on Track Three:

Technically, Chad does play bass guitar, but Ichigo shouldn't ask "Bass or
lead" because a four-string bass guitar and a regular six-string (lead) guitar
are different. IF Chad did play a six-string guitar, Ichigo could ask if he
played "lead or rhythm", but he plays bass guitar and a bass guitarist just
plays bass; they generally don't play lead