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Ice Part 3
A Dakotas of Lyoness Production starring the Gundam Wing Boys.
Came from a dream, cause is lack of sleep. -_-'
Paring: 1x2, 3x4 (Ain't this common?)

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::= Thoughts
**= Actions
//= Exaggerating words.

Duo unlocked the safehouse's front door, entering with Heero behind him. The
Japanese pilot headed up to his room with the bags of clothes Duo made him
buy. The American himself had to buy a outfit or two, now wearing one. Black
bluejeans and a dark blue v-neck shirt, black shirts being all sold out. He
flopped on the couch, letting out a huff as he did so, "Thank God we're home."

He glared at the stairs where the Wing pilot had disappeared, "Can't believe I had
to whine him into every piece of clothing."

"The clothing you picked out were uncomfortable." Heero spoke as he came
back down.

"You'll get used to them." Duo snapped.

"Also, you spent more time than I did getting one outfit for yourself."

The braided boy sat up, "So I'm picky, big deal."

A silence played over them for several minutes before the door to the hanger
opened and Wufei stepped in, "Hn. When did you two get back?"

Duo gave a grin, "Eh, just a few minutes ago. What's up, Wu-man?"

"That's Wu-FEI." the Chinese growled, "Duo, it's your turn for dinner."

The self-proclaimed Shinigami stood up, rubbing his palms together, "What'cha
hungry for?"

Wufei immediately reached for the phone, "We can order out."

Duo pouted, "So little trust in my cooking abilities."

Heero sat in a chair at the table, "You haven't given us any reason to trust in
your cooking abilities in the first place."

Duo glared his way, "Who asked you?"

Trowa came down the stairs, "Hm? What's the argument about?"

Wufei crossed his arms, "Duo and his cooking."

"I cook fairly well, thank you!" Duo defended himself.

"TV Dinners don't count." Trowa leaned against the wall.

Quatre entered the living room, looking refreshed, "So what do we order in

"Pizza!" Duo frantically waved his hand in the air.

"There's a good burger place about four blocks from here." Quatre suggested.


Trowa pulled out the Yellow Pages, "Hmm... what are we in the mood for?"


"FINE, WE'LL GET YOUR DAMN PIZZA!!!" Wufei snapped, hands clenched into

Trowa cocked an eyebrow, "Pizza doesn't sound too bad. What are we going
to put on it?"

"Pepperonies, extra cheese, pineapples, sausage, bacon, peppers-"

Heero walked up to Duo and grabbed the long braid, shoving it in the
American's mouth, "We know what you like on it. Now go take a shower. That
sugar is getting to you."

Duo pulled his braid out, gagging, "Don't do that!"


The five gundam pilots sat at the table, various types of pizza on the table.
Light conversation taking place during the meal. Duo swallowed his mouthful,
smirking, "So, Quatre, did ya finally learn how to juggle ice?"

Quatre blushed immediately, "... you could say that."

Duo looked confussed and casted a glace at the Heavyarms pilot, who only
smiled faintly. Wufei cleared his throat, "Trust me, don't ask."

The braided boy shook his head exasporately. Quatre decided to change the
subject, "Wufei, what did you do today?"

"Worked on Nataku." After several long seconds, Wufei cocked an eyebrow,
"What? That's all."

"Well... we got clothes at the mall!" he glared as best he could to the Japanese
pilot, "And you better wear them!"

Heero didn't respond, merely continue eating. Duo huffed, "... jerk." Still
receiving no reaction, he straightened in his seat, "Did ya guys know that Heero
doesn't wear anything under the spandex?"

Wufei immediately spit out his soda, coughing while Quatre turned interesting
shades of pink. Heero glared at the self-proclaimed Shinigami, "Like you would
know, unless you're a perverted baka and get kicks out of looking into dressing

"Oh, come on, it's pure deduction! With shorts that tight, what could you-"

Quatre stood up stuttering, "N-n-now that's enough!! Look what you've done,

Duo looked around, "What did I..." He noticed Wufei now sprawled unconscious
on the floor, "Oh."

Heero snorted softly, picking up another slice of pizza, "You know this means
you're going to carry him to his room."

The American began to whine, "But he's so HEAVY!! Why do I have to do it?"

Trowa closed his visible eye, "You made him pass out."

"It was the Heero's-Spandex fact that made him weak, not me!"

Heero glared, "/You/ came up with that hypothesis."

Duo slouched, "Fine." He walked over, tossing the Chinese pilot over his
shoulder, "Geez... I try to get human reactions out of a machine and I get stuck
cleaning up."

Heero looked at him, "Your task would go faster if you'd shut up and just do it."

"Yeah, but then it's not as fun." A can smacked against Duo's head, "OUCH!!


It was late at night while the pilots began turning in. Duo stepped into the room
he shared with the Wing pilot, drying his hair after a long shower. With a sigh,
he flopped on the bed, smilng, "I never thought I'd feel so good after gettin' that
coke off'a me." He rolled onto his stomach, locking his gaze on the stotic figure
typing on the laptop. He narrowed his violet eyes, :Man, how un-romantic.
I wonder if I could send a fake mission to him to destroy that damn


Duo blushed, "Eh?" :Shit, did I say that out loud?!:

Heero didn't even look up from the screen, "You've been watching me for a
while. What do you want?"

"Ch', nothing. Can't a guy look around in his own room?" Duo snapped, then
sat up and resumed drying his hair. Duo continued talking about their day at
the mall, though Heero would only answer in grunts and hums. After brushing
and braiding his long hair, he looked over at his partner, "Y'know, it wouldn't kill
you to carry on a conversation with me."

"Conversing with you would probably cramp my tongue." Heero grumbled.

Duo sniffed angrilly, laying his head on his pillow with a heavy thud, "Then
good night. OUCH!" Lifting his head and rubbing his temple, he looked at a
velvet box on the spot. Curious, he picked it up. "Oi, Heero-" He turned,
watching Heero turn off the laptop and laying down on his own bed. Duo
opened the box and gasped. The black onyx scythe at the mall laid inside the
box, gleaming up at him in the dim light of the lamp.

The note fell out, laying in the American's lap. Unfolding it, Duo could feel a
blush approaching his cheeks, :For watching my back and being there,
thanks. Heero.:

Duo felt the cold metal of the necklace's chain encircle his neck. Heero sat
behind him, clasping the two ends together. Duo blinked, "But..."

"You make me worry." Heero interrupted. "When you go on missions alone.
They say that black onyx is a sign of protection [1]."

The braided boy blushed harder, "Heero... why did..."

"Hn." The Japanese boy snorted, "You really are a baka."


He was cut off as lips brushed his own, "And I'm a fool for bakas." That said,
he climbed off and walked back to his own bed. A heavy silence hung in the air
as Duo just stared at his partner.

Laying down and staring at the ceiling, he clutched the black scythe to his
chest. A smile crossed his lips. :Okay, I won't get him the thongs.:
Pulling the chain to turn the light off, a bucket of ice suddenly fell on him from
the ceiling, cleaverly hidden by the shadows and the painted bucket. Gasping
as he sat up, he immediately threw as many ice cubes as possible to the
'Perfect Soldier', "YOU JERK!!"

Heero snickered as he tried to shield himself with his pillow and blankets,
"Ninmu kanryou[2]."



Footnotes: [1]= It's true. For power bracelets, black onyx means protection
and promotes positive thoughts through centering and grounding. By
eliminating the negative it makes one is receptive to happiness and
[2]= Ninmu kanryou- Mission accomplished (to those who don't know).

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