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TMI: I know this is a weird and dumb fic. but I hope you enjoy it ,and it makes you laugh. This is just a story me and my sister came up with just right now. Leave reviews if you can.

The Headless Horseman

A group of teenagers were camping near Devil's Lagoon. They were telling stories and enjoying their time. One of them said "I have to go take a piss." He went to a tree on a little corner; he was minding his own business when he heard a horse neigh. He slowly looked up, frightened and there was the headless horseman looking straight at him. Frightened and not thinking he said "Holy shit."

A guy came out of a bush and asked, "What do you want, dude."

The frightened teen ignored him and he ran and ran but he kept tripping on his pants so he decided to take them off. So when he got to the camp he had nothing but his ballerina shoes. One of the teen's said in surprise "Whoa dude, wanna show anymore?"

"Its true its true just like you said on your story. It's true" he screamed desperately.

"What's true?" one of them asked, throwing him a stuffed teddy bear that the guy next to him had so he could cover himself.

"Hey, that is my teddy bear" the owner of the bear said. At that time the headless horse man appeared and with his sword he decapitated the 3 teen's sitting around the campfire.


"So what do you think this is?" Sam asked Dean.

Dean doesn't answer but asks "What is the name of the survivor? We need to go check him up. What do you think Scully?"

"Why do I always have to be Scully?" Sam asked.

"Because Mulder has the good looks just like me." Dean said with a smirk.

"Whatever, Dean, let's just continue with he search" Sam said with a frustrated look on his face.

Dean grabbed the keys and they skipped to the car.


While Dean was driving the car (cause Dean is the one that always drives the car).

Sam was sucking on a tootsie roll lollipop drooling all over the car.

Dean exclaimed angrily "You are drooling tootsie roll all over the car. Here is a strawberry lollipop."

"Ohh, strawberry is my favorite" Sam exclaimed with a girly voice and girly expression.

...30 minutes later they arrived to the survivor's house.

"Hey Sammy what was the survivors name again" Dean asked.

"His name is Jack O'Chet." Sam responded.

While they were getting out of the car a load of drool came out with a big pressure, making Dean fall foward on top of a poodle.

The poodle fell over dead and with tears in their eyes they dug a hole in the ground and threw him in there. They put flowers around the grave and a marker that said.

"Here lies a flat poodle, who was precious to Dean and Sam."

Dean said sorry and they kept walking to the front door of the house. He knocked and waited patiently. Since they never answered he knocked the door down and went in.