Sooo I had a LOT of people say "Please don't let Hitome die!" and I felt really bad after posting chapter 15, cause that is exactly what she did. BUT I managed to scrape together a short epilogue that will make up for the depressing ending. After all, this story is all about love and hope, right? No? Oh, I thought it was :\


WARNING: You must have read the pilot chapter to the Death Note manga (Death Note 0) in order to understand this epilogue. If you haven't you can find it at onemanga (dot com).

Cake and Sarcasm


"Indeed, love can conquer even the Death Note."



Chief Yagami walked into the Japanese police station on November the seventh. He was weary, disheartened, and most of all exhausted from the Kira case. And even though it was all over, the man could not help but feel a hole remained in his heart.

Chief Yagami's superior, Deputy Director Koreyoshi Kitamura, had called him on the phone and invited him to the police station, though Yagami himself had no clue as to why.

When Yagami walked into the NPA building, the many policemen there stopped what they were doing at once and turned to stare at the man. The main room at the station, filled with the country's best officers, fell silent as Yagami hesitantly closed the door behind him and took a step forward. At once the entire room erupted in applause.

"Congratulations, Yagami-san!" cried policemen on either side. At once Yagami was surrounded by people, all shaking his hand and patting him on the back. One officer, a former underling of the Chief, bowed in an embarrassed manner. Yagami understood at once: this was one of the men who had quit when those policemen investigating the Kira case were threatened with removal from the force. It seemed so long ago. That was even before they had seen L for the first time. Yagami, always professional, nodded his head. The crowd respectfully parted to let him pass and he walked to the Director's office.

"Ah, Yagami," said Kitamura as the Chief entered his office. "Please have a seat."

"Thank you, sir."

"First of all, let me formally congratulate you on your success."

Yagami smiled politely. "Thank you, sir," he repeated.

"Secondly," Kitamura said. "I suppose it is implied that you, as well as your three officers, will receive your jobs back with increased pay."

"Thank you, s-"

"Please, Soichiro," the Director interrupted. "Let's put the formalities aside, shall we? There is something very important I need to discuss with you."

Yagami ran a hand through his hair and let out a sigh. "Sir, if this is about the Kira case, I'd really like to just put it behind us. Everyone involved has been through enough already. For heaven's sake- it's been over a year since this case started."

Kitamura folded his hands before him on his desk and stared at them as he thought in silence. "Actually, it hasn't," he mumbled.

"Pardon me?" The chief said.

"This case has not been going on for just over a year. Well, to be more accurate, this isn't the first case of it's kind."

"'Case of it's kind'?" Yagami said. "You act as if there was a previous case concerning the Death Note."

The director looked at Yagami and bit his lip, as if considering the best way to tell the chief what he needed to say.

"You see, Chief Yagami, there actually was a previous case concerning the Death Note."

"What?" Yagami exclaimed.

Kitamura sighed and opened a file on his desk. "Yes, it happened a good twenty years before the Kira we know rose to power. The situation took place here in Japan, and it involved two middle school boys- Kagami Taro and Tokuma Miura- who claimed they found a notebook and accidentally killed three of their classmates thinking it was a diary."

"But... I don't understand! Why have I never heard of this?" Chief Yagami sputtered. In all the years he had been on the police force, not once had he ever heard of anything like the existence of the Death Note, let alone the appearance of one in Japan.

"Well, the case was very hush-hush. The NPA did all they could to cover it up. It was the biggest supernatural phenomenon to happen in centuries, but thanks to us no one ever knew about it."

The chief had to lean back in his chair, letting everything he heard soak in. When all of his thoughts had settled in his mind, he spoke.

"I beg your pardon, sir, but I find this all very hard to believe. Three healthy kids suddenly dying of heart failure? How does that not get out to the public?"

"That's the reason why I called you here," Kitamura said, leaning forward. "You see, twenty years ago we were able to confiscate the Death Note and destroy it, leaving no evidence. But there was another object that was not destroyed. I do not know why it wasn't, perhaps as a precaution in case another Death Note was discovered, or perhaps the government needed some proof as a result of the phenomenon. Either way, it is by sheer luck they kept it under such extreme security."

"... what was the object?"

The director reached over, opened a drawer in his desk and extracted a black box. He unlocked the box and pulled out a small, white, rectangular object. He placed it on the desk between them. Yagami hesitated but, with an encouraging nod from his superior, he picked it up and held it in his hand.

" eraser?"

"A Death Eraser," the director whispered. "According to your report, when a name is written in the Death Note, that person dies, right? Well, according to the report twenty years ago, when a name is erased from the note using the Death Eraser, that person comes back to life."

There was a heavy silence following the director's words. The Chief almost laughed.

"You've got to be joking, sir. How is that possible?"

"You can believe in a Death Note, can't you? This eraser is not of this world; it could grant you three wishes for all we really know! I just felt that... this being such an emotional case for you, Chief..." The director pretended not to notice as Yagami clenched the eraser just a little tighter. "... that you deserved to know every aspect of the Death Note. What you wish to do now is your decision alone."

Chief looked up surprised. Was there anything left to do? Hadn't the world had enough of Kira madness?

Then, he realized something.

"Director... do you mean to say that any person whose name is written in the Death Note could be brought back to life with this eraser?"

"As long as the body has not been cremated or destroyed, yes."

The Chief stood up at once and walked to the door. "There is something I must do," he said, his mind racing. He didn't know where to start- he didn't even bother saying goodbye to the director as he swept out the door and down the hall.

Instantly, the Chief took out his cell phone and dialed. "Mogi? This is Yagami. Listen- I need you to wire me to Watari's orphanage in England."

"Wammy's House?" Mogi said from the other line. "Why?"

"I need to see Watari right away. Tell him not to destroy Ryuzaki's body- this is a direct order."

"Er... okay, Chief. I'll call you back once I get in contact."

Chief Yagami hung up the phone and tried to organize his thoughts. Were there any problems with his plan? No... not unless Ryuzaki's body had been destroyed. But that was unlikely.

Chief Yagami reached up and clutched his chest. He could feel them in his breast pocket, where they rested close to his heart. The scraps of the Death Note with the names of Hitome and Ryuzaki were in his possession. Could it be possible...? Hitome had had a traditional Western burial, and Ryuzaki had not been dead long enough to have been cremated... All he had to do was erase their names from the scraps of the Death Note.

As he burst out of the police station doors, Chief Yagami could not help but smile broadly. He clutched the eraser as if it were the Holy Grail. And in some way, it was just as valuable. A small ray of hope, a tiny point of light in the darkness. Something good would come from the Kira case. There were some things even the Death Note could not put to rest.

Chief stepped into his car with something powerful rising inside him. Hitome, Ryuzaki... he thought. The world is not finished with you yet. We will see you soon!