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1. When lifting bend with the knees and lift with the legs.

Kaidoh looked down at the box. He was supposed to lift this huge thing?! And to make matters worse it was filled with weights.

"Inui-senpai this looks heavy…"

Inui had a strange glint in his eyes, "It's good training, so get to work."

Kaidoh sighed. He bent down and tried to lift if, but no matter how hard he pulled it wouldn't budge!

2. Remember you should ask for help if needed.

"Inui-senpai, I can't lift this. Help."

Inui didn't move. He was busy looking at Kaidoh's ass. "I don't think I can help you…besides I rather like the view."

3. Never try to lift heavy objects when your boyfriend is around.


Tezuka looked at the close-eyed tensai, "Fuji where's that box I asked you to get?"

Fuji grinned, "I asked Inui and Kaidoh to get it!"

He sighed, "Where are they?"


Tezuka sighed again, "Whatever it has the new weights in it, Can you get it?"

"Of course!" Fuji's eyes snapped open, "Echizen can you help me with something…"

4. Fuji doesn't do manual labor.

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