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"Hikaru's not going to like this…"

Sasori and Sayu were standing in the living room with a teenage boy. It was a year after Sayu had first come to the Akatsuki. Pein had heard of this boy, Kyo, when he heard of his amazing light manipulation techniques. Pein decided that it would be good for the Akatsuki to have a second light specialist, besides Hikaru, who hadn't been told of this new boy's arrival.

"Who wouldn't?" Kyo asked, his dark brown eyes confused.

"Hikaru. Your partner." Sasori said.

"I can try to talk to her." Sayu said.

"Her?" Kyo frowned. "Hikaru is a girl? What village is she from?"

"Getsugakure." Sasori said.

"I know a few Hikaru's from Getsu." Kyo said. "Maybe I'll recognize her. Where is she?"

"On a mission with my partner." Sasori said as he walked into the kitchen in search of food.

"Doesn't she have a partner?" Kyo asked as he joined Sasori.

"Deidara, Hikaru and I were a three-some." Sasori said. "You'll be her partner."

"She won't like it." Sayu said.

"I know she won't." Sasori smiled at the small girl standing next to him. "She'll have to live with it."

"One of my best friends when I was little was a girl named Hikaru. Maybe it's her." Kyo said. "But she wouldn't join Akatsuki."

"Maybe it is her." Sasori shrugged.

The bolder opened and Hikaru and Deidara walked back, Hikaru holding her bloody katana in her hand.

"Back already?" Sasori asked his partner.

"It wasn't that hard, un." Deidara said. "This the new guy?"

"Yep." Sasori said. "Kyo, this is Hikaru. Hikaru, this is your new partner."

"Says who?" Hikaru glared at Sasori with piercing peridot eyes.

"Leader-sama." Sasori said calmly.

"I was fine with you and Sensei." Hikaru said.

"We need to follow Leader's orders, un." Deidara said.

"I know that, Sensei." Hikaru said. "But I still like things the way they were."

"Where is he going to be staying?" Deidara asked his partner.

"Leader is having him share with Hikaru." Sasori said.

The cave had been expanded a few months ago when Pein realized that the cave was too small. Hikaru had finally been given her own room after several years of waiting.

"I'm not going to say anything…" Hikaru said, obviously furious. "Has he been given a robe and a ring yet?"

"Yep." Sasori said.

Hikaru rolled her eyes and went off to her room, bloody scythe still in hand.

"Does she look familiar?" Sasori asked Kyo.

"Not really." Kyo said. "What do we do now?"

"It's about time for me to go to sleep." Sasori said. "I'm tired."

"Then go to bed." Deidara said. "I'm exhausted too, un."

"Well you went on a mission." Sasori shrugged. "Let's go, Sayu."

He led Sayu to their room, leaving Deidara and Kyo in the kitchen.

"I'm sure Hidan and Kakuzu will wake you up tomorrow, so you'd better get some sleep, un." Deidara said as he walked off to his room.

Kyo found Hikaru's room and knocked twice before entering. Hikaru was at her desk, cleaning her scythe.

"What time is it?" Hikaru asked.

"Almost 9." Kyo replied.

"Hidan and Kakuzu will wake you up in the morning with their sex, so I'd get to bed if I were you." Hikaru said.

"Sex?" Kyo frowned.

"Hidan wakes up early to pray, which wakes Kakuzu up." Hikaru explained. "This leads to yelling, which leads to sex."

"Sounds lovely." Kyo said.

"Not when you're awake hearing Hidan and Kakuzu banging each other in the next room." Hikaru said. "Hidan's room is right next door. Why Leader-sama did that is beyond me."

She put her bleach away under her bed and set her katana against the wall.

"You are planning on going to bed, aren't you?" Hikaru gestured to the other bed in the room.

"I guess so." Kyo said as he sat down on the other bed.

A series of pounding noises could be heard coming from the other room. Hikaru rolled her eyes and walked over to the wall.

"They better not do this tomorrow."

She pounded the wall and yelled, "Shut up already! We would like to get some sleep!"

"Get it later!" came Hidan's aggravated yell.

"I mean it, Hidan!" Hikaru yelled. "I'll come in there and slice your head off!"

Kyo stared at Hikaru, wondering if she was serious.

"I'll get Kakuzu to sew it back on!" Hidan yelled.

"Just shut the fuck up already!" Hikaru yelled, pounding the door once more for good measure.

"Think that'll do it?" Kyo asked.

"Of course not." Hikaru shook her head, taking her hair out of its ponytail. "But you can't say I haven't tried, now can you?"

"I guess not." Kyo said.

Both got in bed, but didn't fall asleep.

"Hey, Hikaru?"


"Do we have any missions tomorrow?"

"I don't think so." Hikaru said, taking out her iPod. "If Leader-sama didn't tell you already, then we probably don't."

"What are you listening to?"

"Marmalade Chainsaw by Dir en Grey." Hikaru said. "Wanna listen?"


Hikaru found her iHome and plugged her apple green iPod into the music player. Soon loud rock music began to fill the room. The songs cycled from Follow by Breaking Benjamin to Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd to Augen Auf by Oomph. Kyo took note of the songs on Hikaru's iPod, trying to figure out if this was the girl from his childhood, or if she was just another girl named Hikaru.

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