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"Hana, I'll see you tomorrow!" a boy yelled as he waved, grinning. The girl he was waving to was holding her father's hand as he led her away from the park, practically walking backwards to say farewell to her friend.

"I'll be back!" the four year old girl answered, her braided pigtails swinging with her effort to wave goodbye to her best friend. "I promise!"

It's rather sad when promises aren't kept.


Eighteen Years Later

A seemingly young girl stared at herself in the mirror, only stopping after she was sure her eyes were gray and a mask covered them. She let loose a shuddering breath, running a hand over her short hair as was her habit, only messing it further. "You'll be back soon, right J'onn?" she said to the empty room, before leaving through the only door.

She made her way down the hallway, her footsteps echoing as she passed through the empty hallway. She entered the cafeteria, amazed Batman had simply owned such a spectacular hovering…building? She accepted a tray of food by a leaguer who seemed surprised to not recognize her. She didn't get out much.

A table nearby was occupied by Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, and the Flash. She passed by and they, too, seemed surprised to not recognize a leaguer, let alone one who looked as if she were twelve. She began her meal at another table, not noticing the Flash coming towards her. He had lowered himself down to her level with a kind smile. He had always been kind to children; they thought him mature. He opened his mouth to speak, but the fastest man alive was too slow, for Mr. Terrific's voice filled the room.

"Several prison breaks have occurred in Metropolis; multiple supervillians are thought to have escaped, including Toyman, Cheetah, and Bizarro. All able leaguers are asked to report."

And so it begins.