This is a vignette focusing around Linus writing a speech, aiming to persuade the Peanuts gang to wait for the Great Pumpkin with him. I originally wrote this for school, and I got a pretty good grade, so I hope you'll like it. It's kinda pointless, though.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. Although I'd love to own Snoopy - what a cute little dog!

My friends, – oh, and Lucy – for practically all of my seven years, you know that I have repeatedly sat in the pumpkin patch yonder, watching for the Great Pumpkin with an eagle eye. All of you have called me a fool, a blockhead, etc. But this year will be different. I assure you that this year; the Great Pumpkin will appear before our very eyes.

Now, moving onto the question you've pondered at every year. Why should you skip trick-or-treating to wait for the Great Pumpkin? I'll tell you why! That candy will just rot your teeth, and why dress up when you're just going to be a ghost like everyone else? There's no creativity at Halloween in this neighborhood!

Plus, when was the last time you spent an idyllic October evening with nature, surrounded by pumpkins and the crisp, fall air? And to be out all night, sleeping under the stars with the excitement of a little child on Christmas Eve bubbling inside of you…it's a Halloween miracle! Tell me, now would you want to spend the night at someone's house, dancing to the "Monster Mash" over sitting outside in the cool, crisp, air waiting for the Great Pumpkin and looking up at the Harvest Moon?

I know I have disappointed several of you in the past – I'm still sorry about last year, Sally! But isn't it obvious that an event came up in the Great Pumpkin's family, making him stay at home last year? Of course it's obvious!

Oh Lucy, put away that scowl! You know you want to spend the night with me in the pumpkin patch, anxiously waiting for Halloween's Santa Claus! We will proudly sport our "Welcome, Great Pumpkin" signs, while tapping our fingers excitedly on the pumpkins! And when he arrives…my, it'll all be worth it! The Great Pumpkin will hand out toys to every single one of us - yes, even you, Lucy! He'll laugh and beam jovially at our flushed, happy faces. Maybe if we've been very well-behaved this year, he'll distribute candy, which would be even better than walking from door to door to collect sugary sweets!

My friends…Lucy…thoughtfully consider my words! You will soon realize my major points, and I will see you in the pumpkin patch on October 31st – you won't be dressed as ghosts, clutching bags of candy and laughing at me, you will be sitting besides me, waving your welcome signs and saying how it was the right choice to wait with me.

This year, this Halloween, the Great Pumpkin will definitely be in our very own pumpkin patch!

Now, if you excuse me, I need to go make my "Welcome, Great Pumpkin" sign…

I don't expect it to be perfect, so feel free to leave me a review of what you think!