A/N: This was written for a challenge over on the AD/MM board but it was only supposed to be 100 words. Well, I couldn't get it down to that (it is 202) and I thought it was funny and cute so I wanted to post it anyway.

Disclaimer: JKR, yeah she owns it, but she wouldn't ever like to see them this way. Pity.

Sodden Dreams Tabby

Silently a gray tabby slipped into the room and bounded up onto the bed. She purred softly in anticipation of the welcoming warmth waiting for her in the form of the white-bearded man, Albus Dumbledore, sleeping soundly in their haven.

Albus shifted in his sleep causing the bed to erupt in giant waves like the open sea. Not expecting the sudden wavering, she began to lose her footing thusly extending her claws so as to remain on the bed. As she extended them, her claws punctured the bed. This resulted in a resounding 'pop' and suddenly a chasm opened in the bed creating a tidal wave which cast both Albus and the animal over the side. Albus jolted awake to the flood of water and a yowling, sopping tabby that landed on top of him as they hit the floor.

Minerva quickly changed back into her, now sodden and disheveled, human form and glared at her husband. Gently he cradled her drenched body and looked at her with a contrite face while blushing profusely.

"My sincerest apologies my dear! Would it make things any better if I promise not to transfigure our bed into a waterbed before I tell you next time?"