"Ocean Blue"

A young woman stands on a rocky beach

Off the coast of Maine.

Her husband, a merchant, had sailed away years ago,

Would she ever see him again?

The clouds, black stallions galloped across a darkening sky,

Their nostrils snorting lightning and rain,

And as the young woman remembered their last day, she prayed she would see him again.

He had told her he loved her, and that he'd always be true,

But, at least, just for now, he had told her lovingly, he had to go far away, to sail the

Deep Ocean blue.

For the first three years he had sent her notes,

Books, trinkets, and things;

For the first three years she had waited and hoped

That he would be back by the following spring.

But now alone she stands remembering,

Looking out across the horizon.

Until, suddenly, a deep foghorn sounds out

And she turns towards the dock to try to find it.

The horn came from the Coast Guard Crew,

Their schooner with its cross blood red.

The captain, walking towards her spoke,

"Ma'am, we have just been informed that your husband is dead."

The young woman was shocked; she was chilled to the bone,

And she couldn't comprehend

The words that were leaving the strong sailor's mouth, so she cried,

" How, where, and when?"

The guard, clearly stricken with sadness and grief at this beautiful young woman's plight

Looked down at his boots and replied very sadly,

"Ma'am, the wreck must have happened sometime last night.

His boat was found broken on the rocky coast of an island,

And we searched and looked for the cargo and crew,

But we searched and looked in vain, you see, because we didn't find your husband for you."

They took her back into her quaint little cottage on the rocky coast of Maine,

And there they left her, sad and lonely, for she was never to see her husband again.

She sat down by the fire, and made herself some soothing chamomile tea,

When down from the stairs came a little child, a little girl of about three.

She went to her mother and asked her in a most chillingly innocent way,

"Is Daddy coming home soon? Is Daddy coming home today?"

"No," her mother replied to her little girl, the girl that her father wouldn't see.

"No," she then said again, deeply moved, "No that will never be.

Your father is gone forever, my love, he will never come home to you.

Your father is now sleeping peacefully, forever gone in the deep ocean blue."