"Professor, you cant be serious?" a four inch Hermione Granger asked her headmaster.

"I am truly sorry Ms. Granger, but this is a potions accident and it is best left to a potions master to figure it out."

"Sir, might I suggest she stay with the person who put her in such a state?" Professor Severus Snape interupted.

"Not possible Severus. Mr. Potter may have been the cause of her current... situation, but he is not qualified to make sure Ms. Granger is not stepped on or otherwise hurt. He is also not the best one to try and get her back to normal size."

"Professor Dumbledore sir, please isn't there another option? Isn't there a spell or potion out there already that will put me right?"

The old headmaster nodded solemnly, he knew this was a horrible situation for both his professor and student to be in but there was no other way around it. The potion Harry Potter accidentally spilled on Hermione was not the intended potion for the days brewing, as a matter of fact, the potion Harry had created was not the normal shrinking potion that in fact did have a counter potion to cure the effects. The potion they were meant to brew was one that increased the hearing of the drinker, something Professor Snape said all the students could use. Harry was distracted with the thoughts of Ron, who was in the hospital wing with a broken nose due to a dare he had ordered Ron to do, he never expected Ron to actually try to kiss Madam Hooch.

"Ms. Granger, again I apologize, but this is the best way to get through this. Professor Snape will be able to work on a counter potion for you while making sure you are not hurt due to your size. I know you can usually handle yourself, but this is different – you cant even use your wand to protect yourself as a stunning spell would merely feel like an ant bite to the intended. This is the safest way."

"Do I have any say in this?" Severus asked, really hoping the headmaster would change his mind. The last thing he wanted to do is make sure a student the size of tinker bell was kept alive.

"My decision is final Severus. I expect you to help Ms. Granger do things that she cannot do herself. I expect you to bring her to the great hall for meals in which she will stay with you, and I expect you to work on a counter potion for her."

"What about my other classes?" Hermione squeaked as her voice matched her size.

"There is no need to go to your other classes right now. You are to small to use magic or do anything physical... besides, you are ahead of everyone as it is, you will be fine."

Severus and Hermione sighed at the same time, they knew this was how it was going to be and the decision really was final.

"Can my things be sent down to his rooms? I would really hate to wear the same things over and over again."

Dumbledore smiled, "Of course Ms. Granger. I will personally tell the elves to shrink down your belongings to suit your size."

Hermione nodded and leaned back in the chair. Forgetting her size, she landed on her back earning a chuckle from Severus on her temporary stupidity.

"It's not funny Professor, how would you like to be the size of mouse." she huffed.

"Hopefully I will never know." he said with a smirk, earing an eye roll from Hermione.

"I still don't understand why you can shrink things to my size, yet you cant enlarge me to my normal size."

"You know we have already tried everything we know. This will not be a walk through the park for me either." Snape said dryly. Severus then turned to Dumbledore, "If we are finished here, I need to get back to my rooms so I can set things up for her. I would rather not spend the entire night trying to make sure the fairy princess is comfortable."

Dumbledore gave Severus a frown but dismissed them none the less. Snape stood from his chair and picked up Hermione, settling her in the palm of his hand before leaving. The pair went through the halls gaining laughs for the passing students but Hermione didn't care. All she wanted was to curl up into a bed and mope before going to sleep.

When they finally made it to his rooms, he dropped her down on the coffee table like he would a set of keys. Hermione glared but knew she was about as intimidating at lady bug with gas.

"Stay here while I prepare something for you." he ordered and left the room.

Hermione looked around the place that she was sure no other student had ever seen. The general idea was that his rooms would look like glorified torture chambers with a ceiling full of beams so he had his choice of sleeping places, she did not however, expect the rooms to look like those of an actual human being.

The room she was in was obviously the living room type area considering it had an actual couch, coffee table, a black leather chair and many, many book shelfs full of books that she was too small to even consider. The floors in the living room were a dark green, almost black looking carpet but she could see that the floors in other areas were the same stone that existed through out the castle.

Hermione sat down and laid back on the table while waiting for her grumpy professor to make space for her, she didn't need much, hell a small box would probably make her feel like she was in a Manor of some sort.

It took about twenty minutes before her professor came to her, "I have made a corner of my room available for you. Your belonging have already been resized and I have made a living area of sorts for you."

"Umm, sir, Don't you have a spare room?" she asked, terrified of having to share a room with her professor.

"My spare room holds my private labs in which I will need if I am to find a way to get you right again. I can assure you that I have arranged things so you will have your privacy as will I."

Hermione sighed and nodded, today just wasn't her day. Severus put his hand down on the table for Hermione to climb up on so he could show her the area. They walked down a small hallway and through a large wooden door where the professor slept. Hermione scanned the room looking for the beams but only found a huge bed that took up a great deal of the room.

"So much for sleeping like a bat." she mumbled in a soft voice.

Severus walked her over to what appeared to be a doll house.

"This will be your area. Your things are already inside and I have transfigured some furniture for you as well."

"Thanks" she mumbled, crawling off of his hand and to the door, "I am going to retire if you don't mind."

"Not at all." he replied but inside he was happy, the chit was going to sleep and he would have his silence.

He waited until she went inside before turning and walking away, silently cursing the headmaster for sticking her with him.