The sound of machines resonated through the caves. I was in a state somewhere between wanting to die myself and wanting to kill my own father. I wasn't in any shape to be doing much of anything. Yet, here I was, flying on an ancient hover fish and careening towards my fate. My friends beside me who just minutes ago had been ready to kill an entire race for a profit had turned around and offered a hand of support in ending the delusions of a man I was once proud to call Dad.

Needless to say, I had a bit of a problem on my hands.

I had the situation of wondering if my father really could kill me. He had killed Kida's father and captured Kida herself, and abandoned the whole crew in a dying kingdom, along with the only bit of flesh and blood he had left on this earth.

I steadied the hover fish under me as it rushed through the dormant volcano, and I leaned forward, determined, yet still uneasy.

The air was hot and tense as we came into the tunnel. The big, pointed red blimp was surrounded by Dad's uniformed men, all at work while Dad hooked Kida's chamber onto a chain.

"There they are!!" Milo shouted to everyone. My breath hitched as Dad spotted us and yelled something to his men.

"Please dad…stop…"

Shots rang from both the gunmen and the fish as the echoes rang in my ears. The men just kept shooting and the fish avoided every shot they could. A fish not far from my own piloted by an Atlantian soldier was hit and sparked, crashing into the ground. Another Atlantian soldier shot a gunman with a bow and arrow. The red blimp started to rise up into the air, and small aircrafts were launched. Their shots, more powerful and faster than the men on the ground, they came at us with reckless abandon. A shot was coming right for my head and I leaned fast to the side, the fish twirling with my weight. I narrowly avoided the shot and steadied the fish again. A shot nearly hit Milo and his eyes went wide.

"Holy smokes!! You told me he only had guns!!" he screamed to Audrey.

"What I said was he's never surprised!!"

The fighting went on, and I saw a gunman on the ground take aim. I followed his line of fire to Vinny and gasped, flying closer.

"Vinny!! Watch out!!"

He noticed my shouting and saw the shots coming at him. He pulled off a little, and the shots hit the side of his hover fish. I held my breath, praying silently. He was thrown a bit to the side and as his hand slammed down on the controls, a shot of blue lightning shot from the fish's mouth and hit a truck. As it exploded, a very surprised look rose to Vinny's face.

"Okay. Now tings are getting' good."

I exhaled finally, thanking whatever just kept him safe. I pulled up next to him quickly, careful not to ram into him.

"Are you alright?" I asked, my voice sounding panicked.

"Yeah. Tanks for da heads up." He said, smiling his oddly calm smile. I smiled back, turning my attention to the battle at hand.

"Vinny! Angela! Head's up! We can't let 'em reach the top of that shaft!!"

We both looked on through the explosions and saw the balloon had raised a lot higher, slowly making its escape. I panicked, my mind racing and flooding with anxiety.

'Think Angie…You need to get Kida out before something big happens…But how?"

The king's dying words to me flooded my ears over the sounds of carnage and destruction.

Stop your father…right his wrongs…help him see the light…If he is too blinded, then he shall lose the love of his daughter, and likewise, his life…

I shook my head. A few more bolts of lightning flew and more shots from the aircrafts came at us. I could see Packard and Cookie on their fish, Cookie waving his shotgun around and Packard taking pictures of the battle. I hit myself in the head, frustrated beyond belief.

'C'mon think!! You're a navigator! You're good at planning things! You're good at leading people out of bad situations!! Now, think damnit!!'

Then, an idea hit me. It hit hard. I flew closer to Milo and he whipped his head around to face me.

"Milo! I've got it! I've got a plan!!"

"A plan! Great!!" he smiled, looking optimistic. "What is it?"

"We need to be ducks!!"

He looked at me strangely. I caught my words and shook my head in frustration.

"I mean…uh…sitting ducks!! We need to draw fire from the others and get Kida out of there!! If a few of us go out, then a few sweep the bottom out of sight and release Kida's container!!"

"That's crazy! If we do distract them and they spot the others, there's no one to cover their backs! They'd get shot down faster than we would!!"

Audrey and Sweet pulled closer in their hover fish and leaned in.

"Kid, you heard the navigator! She's been right about everything else on the way here, why stop now!?" Sweet yelled over the loud destruction in the air.

"Yeah Milo, I trust in Angie! She's a great navigator, and I'll follow the plan of anyone who knows their way around an engine like she does!!" Audrey grinned at me.

I smiled widely, flashing the two of them a silent thank you. The both of them smiled back, showing their trust in all of this. Milo's face turned from a look of disbelief to full understanding and determination.

"Alright, let's hope this works, or it's over."

Vinny was bit ahead of the rest of us. He shot down a plane with his lightning and blew the remains in his face. He came back, his fish and body blackened by the remains. We all followed him closer as he pulled in next to Vinny.

"Vinny, new plan!! You and Angie and me are gonna be decoys!! Audrey, Sweet, fly up underneath that thing and cut her loose!"

"And moi?" a shrill voice rang. From seemingly out of nowhere, Mole had pulled up on the other side of Milo, surprising us all. Milo looked confused.


Mole looked at him with feverish enthusiasm, bouncing his fish in the air in sheer delight.

"…you…you keep an eye on Cookie and Packard! Make sure they stay out of danger!"

"Oui! I will not disappoint you mon capitan!!"

Mole flew off, snickering and giggling in his nasally way. Milo turned to the rest of us and regained his earlier demeanor.

"Well, what are you waiting for!? Let's do this!!"

"We're on it!" Sweet said. He and Audrey flew up underneath the tall balloon and got to work. Milo flew off quicker than I thought the fish could go. I looked at Vinny, and he looked at me. I smiled wide.

"You got my back?" I asked, hunching my shoulders over the fish in anticipation. He grinned, his moustache twitching as he did.

"An' you got mine!"

We flew in, Vinny shooting his lightning and I got closer to the ship. Helga was on the rails of the balloon and saw him. She started shooting at him with her handgun. I got in as close as I could to her. I was supposed to have his back, and he'd do the same for me.

"Hey Helga! You think you can shoot as well as you can bark orders!?!" I shouted. She glared and started firing at me. I pulled away as quick as I could, but one of her shots got my fish's side. I stared down at her, and she smirked.

"Apparently, she can…"

My fish started smoking and crackling with the blue lightning. I panicked, fearing the worst.

"Oh no no no no no!!!"

It blew up from under me, and I shut my eyes. The warm air and smoke from the explosion surrounded me, and I could feel a sharp pain in my arm. I could feel the blood start to run down it from the new wound.

'Is this it for me?' I thought. 'Is this really it? I can't go now…"

I felt myself fall farther down, my hair whipping around my face. Then, I felt someone catch me with a thud. I could only hope it was my backup at this point, and not that I was imagining things in my last few moments of life.

I opened my eyes to find my savior. It was Vinny. I was shocked that I had survived and happy to see him at the same time.

"Dat was quite a hit ya took Angie. I tink you should sit dis one out."

I looked to my arm, seeing the gash in it from my fish's debris. I ignored the feeling of panic rising in me and turned to him once again.

"Vinny, you gotta take me back up there!"

His face turned pale with shock.

"Back up dere? No way would I do dat!! Look at chu!" he shouted, his voice full of dread. "I can't let chu go back up de-"

I pulled his face into my hands and stared him straight in the eyes.

"Vinny, I swear, if you do this one thing for me, I'll do anything you ask me to! I'll learn Italian! I'll buy you the best dynamite ever made! I'll comb your mustache!! Just help me stop my dad and take me back up there!!!"

He looked at me, his eyes wide and his brow furrowed. He looked like he was fighting his conscious on this one.


He hesitated, but then he set me behind him in his fish and turned it to face the balloon once again.

"Hang on to sometin' Angie!"

We shot straight at the ship, I went backwards a bit, but grabbed around Vinny's chest. I sat my head against his back, partly to keep the rushing wind out of my face and partly because I was so grateful to him.

"Thank you Vinny…"

We came up to find Milo circling the ship, getting closer and closer. Dad had a huge gun and was firing a shower of bullets like a madman. I grit my teeth.

"Vinny, how good is your aim with the lightning?" I asked him. He grinned, his mustache twitching again. He pulled above Dad and slammed his hand on the fish, sending the lightning out and shattering the gun in his hands.

"Dat good."

Dad held his wrist, glaring up to see his attacker, his teeth grit in an angrier way than I'd ever seen him. Vinny smiled and saluted him, hovering near for a few seconds. Helga ran to his side, seeing us. Dad's line of vision turned to me his expression changed. I looked at him with a pleading gaze. His rage flaring, he pulled a handgun from his waistband and aimed at us.

"Dad, don't! Please! Call it off! You can still save yourself! You can still save these people!! PLEASE!!!" I screamed, the desperation clear in my voice. Vinny looked ready to move if he had to, but stayed still. Dad let his anger fade for a moment, lowering the gun.

"You're my baby girl Angie!!" He shouted. "Your mother would not be proud of me!!"

I smiled. Maybe, just maybe, I could save him, just like the king said I could. Dad looked at me with an apologetic smile. I gave the same look back.

"I can't do it Angie."

A grin slowly spread on his face. Without a second thought, he handed the gun to Helga.

"But she can!!"

Helga grinned and aimed, firing at us. Vinny pulled out sharply, the bullets missing us by mere inches. I grabbed around Vinny's chest again, feeling like I couldn't breathe.

"Angie, I'm sorry." Vinny said to me. "I know he's your dad and all, but he's not one of us anymore."

"I know Vinny…I just wish I could've changed his mind…"

Out of nowhere, we heard the sound of an explosion. We both whipped our heads to see Helga dropping small bombs on Sweet and Audrey as they tried to free Kida's chamber. Before she could hit them with the second one, Sweet pulled Audrey off into their fish and flew off. I let out a breath of relief.

I may have done that too soon though, because right after that, we saw Milo speeding right for the balloon with no sign of stopping. He careened towards it, and I held my breath. He took what I can only describe as a leap of faith and jumped off, the fish crashing into a side balloon and popping it in an explosively loud boom. The balloon started to sink a little, and I saw Vinny lean in.

"We gotta grab 'im!" he shouted. I looked to Milo expecting to see a look of terror, but instead I saw a look of pure determination and fury.

"Vinny! Don't!"

"What!? Why not!?!" he shouted back.

"If I know Milo half as well as I think I do, he's got a plan. The best thing we can do for him is stay close by until he's finished!"

Vinny looked at me, nodding and turning away. We got away from the ship and caught up to Sweet and Audrey. Mole was with them, as well as Packard and Cookie. Mole seemed to have lost his ship and was hanging onto Packard and Cookie's.

"Mole?" I shouted. "What happened to your fish?"

"Eh heh…I was-uh…shot down. Why? Were you worried about me, mon cheri?" he snickered. I rolled my eyes, smiling a little. Vinny snorted.

"Vinny! Angie! We couldn't get the container off!" Audrey yelled to us.

"It's fine! Milo's got a plan and he'll be okay! I know it!!" I yelled back.

A booming explosion from the airship reached us all, and we saw the whole thing go up in the flames.

"Oh no…" Audrey said in an unusually meek voice. Sweet and Vinny's eyes went wide, and I gripped around Vinny's chest even tighter.


'It wasn't supposed to be this way…Dad was gonna take me on this mission with him, and I was gonna learn something...I was gonna make him proud of me…And now…'

"Wait…Look!" Sweet yelled. We all looked back to see the balloon in flames, but to our surprise, and our relief, and our horror, Milo and Dad were on top of Kida's container. Dad was swinging an axe at Milo. The panicky feeling I'd been repressing rose up and I swear I felt my heart stop.

Dad swung the axe down at Milo, but he missed by only inches, hitting the glass window of Kida's container instead.

And then…something I can't really explain happened. Dad had Milo by the throat and then…he changed. Amongst the carnage going on around us, and everything we'd all gone through today, Dad was changing into something else…

A monster.

Milo avoided the attack from him and led what I thought was my father into the spinning blades if the balloon's airship and he exploded. The canister and Milo fell with the debris and smoke that came from it.

"Oh my god…"

Everyone was just as horribly confused as I was. I pushed it out of my head and got back in the game.

"C'mon! We're all gonna need each other to get Milo and Kida's container out of here!"

Mole grinned and saluted as he climbed into Vinny's fish. It bobbed a bit with his weight, but it could hold. We all took off to help our friend.

Milo had jumped out of the way from a flaming ball of wreckage, pushing Kida's container first when we reached him on the ground. Sweet, Vinny, and Mole had jumped off to get him when the ground started to rumble and groan, echoing throughout the chamber. Audrey stepped off her fish and felt it too.

"What is that?" I asked from a top Vinny's fish. Mole started to shake and jitter about, breathing heavy.

"Ze Volcano!!" he gasped. "She AWAKES!!!!"

"Ey! I ad noting to do with it!" Vinny said, a lit stick of dynamite in hand.

"Vinny! This is no time for your dangerously off-putting sense of humor!!" I yelled. Vinny looked at the stick with suddenly wide eyes and put it out.

"This here'd be a good place not to be!" Cookie shouted from his fish.

"No, wait, we gotta get her back or the whole city will die!!" Milo shouted, attaching a hooked chain to the steel container that held the princess we all knew as Kida.

"And if we don't get out of here, we'll die!!" Audrey shouted, running up and taking the chain into her hands. Milo looked at her with angry yet pleading eyes. Audrey was upset with it, but she decided he was right. Though, I know she'd never admit it out loud.

Vinny climbed back onto the fish and caught the chain as Audrey threw it to him. Everyone worked to hook Kida's container onto Vinny's fish. When it was, Milo and Audrey jumped onto the fish as well and our group started to pull out. The chain snapped and we looked back in horror as the lava started to rise from the ground. Milo lowered himself the ground to hook it up again.

"Milo, no!" Audrey shouted, afraid for him. I looked at him with a bit of a grin on my face.

"For a cartographer, and a linguist, you gotta admit, he's a brave fool." I said to Vinny. Vinny nodded as Milo avoided the lava bubbling from the ground and hooked the container up again.

"GO!!!" he screamed. Vinny nodded and flew the fish out, Milo hanging onto the steel box for dear life. It waved like a kite tail as we pulled out of the now active volcano, a number of Atlantians on fish in front of us, as well as Sweet, Mole, Packard and Cookie. The magma started to pour down the cavern we were escaping from and it was a river below us. If we slowed down even a little, Milo would most likely be dipped into was I can only describe as the fiery liquid hell. But Milo clutched the steel prison, protected what seemed to be not only his own life, but Kida's as well.

"Vinny!" I shouted over the rush of the magma, clutching around him as not to fall off. "Whatever you do, don't slow down!!"

"Wasn't plannin' on it." he said in his usual calm voice.

All the hover fish poured out of the cave near the waterfall, the magma following suit. It enveloped the digger below us and even with all of this going on, I could still hear Mole crying ahead of us. We came to the city in the stone ritual circle we had arrived through. The sky was darkening, only a thin horizon of red clouds was left of the daytime. Vinny slowed down as we lowered, Atlantians who had remained in the city came out to see our arrival.

The container lowered onto the ground, Milo hopped off, and an Atlantian soldier approached him quickly with a spear. Milo took it from him and tried to pry open the hatch door. Vinny, Sweet, Audrey and I stepped off the fishes, looking worriedly at the cracking mountain side as it teemed with magma.

"Ze fissure! It is about to eject its veroplastic fury!!!" Mole shouted, hopping around in a fit.

"Milo!" Sweet shouted. "Mole say the wall's gonna blow!!"

Milo kept prying and prying at the door until it finally cracked a bit. But it seemed that that little bit of escaped power made the whole thing split open. The crystal consumed Kida was free from the walls, and they began to orbit around her. Vinny pulled me back and we moved as far away as we could. We all knew that Milo was the only one who could do whatever needed to be done.

The ground began to glow through lines between the stone linings of the city. It glowed that ghostly and somehow calming blue glow and it enveloped everything. But then, the ground shook, the color fading as stone carvings and split the ground under Kida. They glowed the same blue glow, and each had a different face on it. They rose up to Kida and encircled her.

I had no idea what was going on, and by the looks on everyone else's faces, neither did they. Even Milo seemed confused by it, but more so, he was worried for Kida. The stone faces began to spin around Kida and formed a ball of energy. We all looked up in amazement and disbelief. I couldn't stop staring. It seemed so pure but so powerful…

It shot a beam of itself into the city. Then another and another, and all around the city, stone mean rose from places they seemed to have been resting for forever. They towered over everyone, their eyes the glowing blue.

The magma was now bursting and gushing from the mountain. The stone men, even when being hit by the chunks of mountain flying at them, didn't stop moving. They encircled the edge of the city from everywhere, clapping their hands together and releasing balls of the crystal's energy in an enveloping dome, protecting the city.

I would never forget that for the rest of my life. The sheer beauty, amazement, and oddity, of it all would see to that. Everyone looked on in fear and astonishment as the magma poured over the entire city, covering the dome of energy and solidifying. It only took a few moments for the energy to break through and crack the hardened magma. It crumbled off piece by piece and it seemed a bit more peaceful. The waterfalls began to flow again.

Through the misty clouds that hovered over the city, Kida appeared. She floated down from a beam of light. Milo, unsure at first, caught her around her waist, cradling her as if he was afraid she would break. She laid in his arms and slowly came around. She looked up at him with eyes that seemed brighter than before.

"Milo?" she said, her voice tired. He smiled at her warmly, and she gave a tired, but warm smile back. She hugged him, and he didn't hesitate in the slightest to hug her just as tightly.

I covered my mouth, feeling as if I could cry. Everything was okay…Everything was back to what it was. Milo had kept his promise to the king...

Vinny put his hand on my shoulder, looking down at me when I looked up at him. He smiled, reassuring my last remaining worries that hung by a thread. Everyone looked over the cliff to the newly reborn city.

Nobody was talking, but everyone was thinking the same thing.

It was perfect.

We were preparing to leave. We all gathered around Kida and Milo near the ship to shove off. I suppressed the urge to swear as Sweet redressed my wound.

"Atlantis will honor your names forever." Said Kida, placing a crystal necklace around Vinny's neck. "I only wish there was more we could do for you."

"Eh…you know, thanks anyway…but uh…"

He looked back at the pile of gold being loaded onto the ship.

"I tink we're good."

Kida came up to give me my crystal, though I didn't feel like I deserved it. Kida saw my troubled face and tipped my chin up.

"Angela. Life will be hard for the both of us without our fathers to guide us." She said softly, in a kind voice that I needed to hear. "But, even without them we must go on."

I nodded, still feeling a bit unsure. She saw it and grinned a little grin. She slipped the necklace over my head and leaned in close to my ear.

"It will not be that hard though." She whispered. "We both have someone we love by our sides to help us."

I pulled away, looking at her, puzzled. She motioned her head behind me, and I turned around. She was looking…

…at Vinny?

He saw us looking at him and raised an eyebrow.

I looked back at her, confused, but blushing for some reason I couldn't understand.

"You told me to go after Milo. I am returning the favor!"

She gave me a strong hug, smiling. I was so…confused.

'Me and Vinny?' I thought, racking my brain. 'That's…weird, and crazy…and-'

I looked at him. He saw me and smiled, his mustache twitched a little bit when he did.

'…and…not…such a crazy idea admittedly…' I thought, my face feeling warm.

"They'll take you as far as the surface." Milo said, looking at the lot of us. He seemed a bit sad to see us go. Kida looked at him with a knowing smile.

"We're really gonna miss you Milo." Audrey said, sounding sad and happy at the same time. Vinny started towards him.

"You know, I'm gonna reopen da flower shop." He said, grabbing Milo by his arms. His voice sounded a little wavering, like he could cry. "And I'm gonna think of you guys every single day. From Monday thru Friday. Nine to five. Saturday 'till two…Sunday, I'm gonna take Sunday off probably…maybe I'll go in for a couple hours, you know? August, I'm gonna take August…"

He was in his own world now, that lovable bomb-tossing fool. Cookie went to him next.

"I ain't so good at speech-ifying…but I want you ta have this!" he said, sounding like he would cry. "It's the bacon grease from the whole trip."


But Cookie got too emotional and cut him off, coming back to the group. Milo smiled.

Audrey snuck up behind him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Ah! Two for flinching!" She hit him lightly on the arm a couple of times, smiling. "See ya Milo."

She flicked his glasses as Mole came out from the ground behind him.

"Eeeeeeehhhhhhhh Milo!!" he laughed in his way. He was covered in dirt, flies buzzing around his head. He had his arms out for a hug. Milo obviously was hesitant.

"Oh ho oh ho…Mole! Wow…hey-well…Goodbye Mole." He said with a well intentioned pat on the head. Mole looked terribly confused

"Now, you sure you wanna stay?" Sweet asked him, sounding like he already knew the answer. "There's a hero's welcome waiting for the man who discovered Atlantis."

"Nah…I don't think the world needs another hero. Besides, I hear there's an opening down here for an expert in gibberish."

"You take good care of yourself Milo Thatch." Sweet told him, reaching out a hand.

"Yeah…" Milo said, embarrassed. He held out his hand, only to be pulled into a tight hug. I could hear his back cracking. Milo's face was scrunched in pain.

"Uh…Sweet, before you go, could you-"

Sweet twisted him around, popping his neck as he once had.

"No problem."


"Oh…" Sweet laughed in his deep voice. "You're getting' a bill."

He smiled at him. I felt a sense of sadness wash over me, seeing him stay behind. He saw me, and his smile stayed. I stepped closer to him, feeling a bit depressed.

"So, this is it, eh Milo?" I asked. "You think we'll ever all see each other again?"

"Hey!" he laughed. "Anything's possible. You take care of yourself Angela."

"I told you a million times Milo-"

"Gotcha. See ya Angie."

I felt some sense of happiness come over me. I reached into my bag, pulling out my gift to them. It was the jade disk necklace Dad gave me years ago.

"Here Milo. This is something that means a lot to me…Dad…gave it to me, back when he was still, you know…sane." I laughed under my breath. "I…I want piece of him here that isn't…tainted with evil and all that…"

He looked at me, a sad expression on his face.

"Angie, I'm sorry I had to-"

"No! Don't say it, or I'll never get out of here without crying." I laughed, already feeling a lump forming in my throat. He smiled again, pulling me into a hug. I hugged him back, not letting myself cry. This was a happy moment.

"And besides…" I said, catching my breath. "Think of it as…an engagement present."

Milo turned red at that, smiling and stuttering a bit. Kida grinned and held his hand. They were cute together.

"Can we go home now?" Packard asked in her usual drone.

"C'mon y'all. Let's get one last shot in front of the fish!" Sweet said. Everyone gathered by the narwhal ship we were about to board. I stood next to Vinny, for, now obvious reasons to myself. He picked up a spear and posed with it.

"What d'ya tink Angie? Do I look like a brave soldier or what?" he asked, turning his chin high and steeling his face. I rolled my eyes, grabbing his arm to snap him out of it.

"I think your brave enough, alright." I laughed. I pulled his face closer to give him a kiss on the cheek. "And that's just one of the reasons I love you."

His eyes went wide for a moment, and I just smiled at him. He looked back at me, rubbing his cheek, his eyes returning to normal.

"I can live wit dat." he said, pulling me closer to him. I laughed, hugging him.

"Say yacccsh!!"

"Yacccsh!!!" we chimed together. A split-second before the camera went off, Vinny leaned in and kissed me, and that's how we remained in that picture, for years to come.

We all saw each other again about five months later, in Mr. Whitmore's house. Everyone certainly seemed the same, save for their clothes. They seemed to have spent their money wisely…

I had kept in touch with Audrey, and she kept on touch with Sweet. She opened that shop with her dad, and took the liberty of keeping Milo's cat, Fluffy. Sweet had opened a healing center, which used both his medical and his spiritual healing knowledge together to help people. He was a well respected doctor now. Cookie and Packard seemed to only have been enjoying their golden years, and that was as it should be. The world wasn't really ready for a chain of Cookie's home-cooking diners anyway, and Packard just needed the time off. I didn't know what Mole had been doing, but that was probably for the best.

And Vinny? Well…we had actually been dating. He opened that flower shop and I got a job there I could see him a lot. It's kind of funny in retrospect. I spent so much time and effort getting fancy college degrees to impress my father and I end up working in a flower shop to be near a guy. But spending my days tending to flowers while watching my boyfriend get hounded by teenagers for corsages has made it all worthwhile.

Mr. Whitmore looked at us. He flipped through the pictures Packard had taken throughout the trip, retelling the story we'd designed so no one else would travel to the once lost empire called Atlantis.

"Now, let's go over it again, just so we got it straight. You didn't find anything?"

"Nope." Vinny said. "Just a lotta rocks. And fish-Little fish…Sponges…"

"What happened to Helga?"

"Well, we lost 'er when a flamin' zeppelin come down on 'er-"

Packard hit Cookie on the head with her umbrella.


"That's right. And Rourke?"

"Nervous breakdown. You could say he went all to pieces." Sweet joked. I cleared my throat, and he sat up straighter. I knew Sweet meant well though.

"In fact, ya could say he was transmorgafied, and the busted into a zillion-uh…he's missing too."

"What about Milo?"

"Went down with the sub!" Audrey told him. Mole had stripped himself of his nice clothes and proceeded to dig himself into Mr. Whitmore's potted plant, chuckling in that nasally way.

"Lord give me strength…" Sweet said under his breath.

"I'm gonna miss that boy." Mr. Whitmore sighed. "But at least he's in a better place now…"

He opened Milo's package, finding his crystal inside, along with his note.

I looked at my friends, the people who had been helping me through these hard times, and I smiled, as strange as they looked in their new clothes, they were still themselves. Although I tried to tell Vinny he looked absolutely silly in that tux and diamond earring, he said it made him feel fancy. I have to say, I can't ever carry on fight with that man. Once he makes me laugh, which is quite often, it's over for me. I'm done.

We said our goodbyes to everyone, promising to keep in touch and meet up again soon, and we parted ways. Vinny and I stayed together, needing to go back to the shop and water the plants for the night. It was very cold out that day. I shivered, breathing on my hands. Vinny pulled me into his coat and smiled at me, his mustache giving a twitch. I grinned.

"Vinny?" I asked, leaning into him for warmth.


"How do you think Milo and Kida are doing?"

"I'm sure they're doin' just fine. Milo's probably glad he's not here for winter."

"Do you think they're happy?"

"If what Igot right here is any clue, den yes. I tink they're very happy."

I smiled again. For a guy who loves explosions, Vinny sure was a romantic thing.

"Hey, Angie. Remember back in Atlantis, when you said dat if I took you up to yur dad, you'd do anything for me, say yes to anything?"

"I seem to remember something like that. Why? Have a request?"

"Hm…not yet. Sometime soon though…"

Walking with him that day was a very special thing, even more special than I knew back then. Because in the pocket of that coat was something that Vinny had been debating on when to give me. Not today, he decided. It's too cold. "I want that day to be perfect" he decided.

So, if you were wondering…Yeah. There are definitely some fireworks between us.


It's been so long since I updated this. But it's done! And I'm happy with it!! Huzzah!!!

Anywho, I'm glad this story got added to that community, whatever it's called. If that's where you saw this, please tell me!

If you're thankful this was completed, if you're still reading it, thank kali yugah. Kali kicked my butt into gear with the ending and gave me some of the ideas on how to end it. Although, I have to admit, I was really surprised when some of her ideas were what I had in mind, but decided against earlier.

The reason this is so late? Well, let's just saw after scrutinizing the movie for all the other chapters, I got kind of burned out on Atlantis. I found myself watching with my old mentality once I started writing the last chapter. I literally did it in one day. It took many, many, many hours of that day and into the night, but I finished it.

If I have to say one thing, it's that during the fight scene near the end that went on forever, I noticed that they lost track of characters! A first, Mole was alone, then he just disappeared, then he was on Vinny's fish, even though we clearly saw Vinny alone on his fish. And Cookie and Packard just were shown in the middle and then at the end of the fight, so that was confusing.

So, in conclusion, thank you for sticking around this long. Thank you for reading and staying by Angie's side through all of this. Thank you for the encouraging words, and thank you for reading Fireworks.

And did 'ya see what I did with the title at the end? I thought it was funny to have it mean romantic fireworks and Vinny's explosion addiction. Anyway, thanks for reading!