Harry James Potter and the Power of a Prodigy

Summary: What would life be like if Harry was a prodigy? If his family was still alive, but think that Harry is dead? Will Harry accept his family if or when he goes to Hogwarts? Will he accept his destiny as the chosen one? Follow Harry through his years at Hogwarts with his family and friends, see what mischief he gets up to and how he attempts to defeat the darkness and abuse that is always following him.

Rating: K (for strong language and abusive nature. Rating may go up to M in later chapters.)

Pairing: None as of yet, but obviously JP/LP

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I just manipulate JK's characters to do as I want them too.


James Potter was incredibly happy, he had a beautiful, loving wife, incredible friends and his pride and joy, his one year old baby son, Harry.

He looked around his front sitting room in utter joy, his wife Lily was sitting next to him, practically on his lap, not that he was complaining about that, and they were watching their two great friends, Remus 'Moony' Lupin and Sirius 'Padfoot' Black, entertain their baby boy, who was on his back, between Sirius' arms, who was kneeling over him.

"Hello Harry, hello." Sirius gurgled in his best old lady cooing imitation.

Harry gurgled right back and giggled attempting to grab a hold of Sirius' long, silky hair.

"Ah ah ah Harry, what have I taught you? Don't touch the hair." he told the boy in a mock scolding tone wagging his finger.

Harry just gurgled some more before rolling on his stomach and crawling towards Remus.

"Nooo! Harry! How could you leave me for him?!" Sirius wailed.

Everyone laughed and Remus picked up the cute baby boy.

"Heya there cub. How are you?" he asked the giggling baby.

Ever since Harry was born Remus had a very strong bond with him, as the child of one of his pack members, Harry got the honorary title of being the first cub born in to Remus' pack, the others knew that as a werewolf Remus was obliged to love every member of his pack unless they did something to jeopardize that obligation. That is why they knew Remus was not the spy, he could never turn his back on his pack, even if he was forced to he would keep them safe no matter what, and they knew he would protect Harry until he died, just like Sirius had sworn to do as well.

That is why the family now gathered around were so close because they would each support and protect the other members of the close knit family, and they all had one priority, protect Harry at all costs.

When Albus Dumbledore had came and told them that Harry was the fabled prophecy child, they were horrified, they really did not want to believe it, their adorable baby, risking his life to save the world from Voldemort? Putting his life on the line for everyone else? Unbelievable! Preposterous! Absolutely no way in hell! But alas it was true, so now Voldemort was hunting down their baby, their precious one year old son. They had since moved in to a small village and cast a fidilius charm upon the house in Godric's Hollow, their secret keeper was once Sirius, now Peter Pettigrew, another great friend of theirs.

There was an important Order of the Phoenix meeting scheduled for tonight, and James and Lily were, for the first time, leaving baby Harry with a babysitter, as they weren't allowed to bring him to such horrendous meetings, where they talked of death and murder.

The babysitter was a very old friend of Lily's who had agreed to watch over little Harry. With the fidilius charm in place Voldemort wouldn't be allowed to get in to the house anyway, and they trusted Peter to keep their baby safe.

When the time came to leave and the babysitter was comfortable and Harry in bed asleep, the foursome took off to the meeting.

They arrived just as the meeting was starting and instead of seeing Peter in the meeting room ready to greet them, there was no sign of him, Sirius growled at one Severus Snape as he passed him, but otherwise didn't seem to notice Peter wasn't there.

As the meeting lengthened and Peter still hadn't shown up, things started to click in their heads, things that horrified and alarmed them.

"Is there something wrong Lily? James?" Albus Dumbledore asked them.

"Where is Peter?"

"I do not know, why? Is there a problem?"

James looked at Lily, then his two friends.

"Sir, me and Lily changed our secret keeper to Peter a few days ago."

Silence, stretched and stunned silence.

"Oh good god, what have I done?!" James raged before he stood up and practically ran out of the meeting room, Lily, Sirius, Remus and Albus close on his tail.

The foursome and the most intermediate of the Order apparated to Godric's Hollow, many of them wouldn't be able to get in the house but they could at least see it.

When they arrived at Godric's Hollow it was in absolute ruins, the front door was missing, there was black smoke rising in to the night sky and one of the walls had been completely blown away, this wall was none other than Harry James Potter's nursery wall. His crib lay blood stained and empty on its side, the room could be seen perfectly from where they were standing.

The body of the babysitter was lying not too far away from the group, very much dead.

Lily sank to the floor looking horrified, she clutched a stuffed stag that was at her feet and she cried. James sank down next to her and clutched her to him. No one else dared to move as the horror of what had happened hit them.

It was Albus who stepped forward first, he went into the house and they could see him appear in the nursery, he looked high and low and in every corner. He stopped on the far side of the crib and bent down to examine something. He then came back down and out.

"It seems that our young mister Potter has defeated Lord Voldemort." he said.

Silence once more.

"What do you mean?" growled Alastor 'Mad-eye' Moody.

"Voldemort's body is in Harry's nursery, he is gone."

Nearly everyone cheered and apparated away to pass on the news and celebrate. Severus Snape, who had followed, cast a look at his sobbing, once best friend's, face and apparated away.

"I am sorry to hear of Harry's passing away." Albus stated solemnly.

"He isn't dead." Lily said forcibly. "There isn't a body! No one can prove he's dead!"

"Lily love please, don't make it harder on yourself, there may not be evidence that he's dead but there isn't evidence that he's alive either, where could he have gone? There may not be a body, but do you really think Voldemort would of left one?"

Lily sobbed harder at this and buried her head in James' robes.

"Come, you shall be staying at Hogwarts." Albus told the foursome in front of him. "The ministry representatives will be here shortly to clean up and see if they can find Harry."

Sirius seemed to be working on automatic as he picked up James under the arms and supported his distressed friend to Hogwarts, Remus doing the same for Lily as she cried harder than ever over the loss of her precious, baby son.

But unknown to them, Harry James Potter was alive, bleeding from a deep gash on his forehead and lying, approximately five miles south of the village of Godric's Hollow, in a forest clearing, after the attack he had had his first bout of accidental magic and had apparated himself away from danger, but also away from the safety of his family's arms.

An old woman had found him and had kept him alive, in her forest cottage for three short years, then she abandoned Harry on the streets a few miles away, once she had gotten bored of looking after him.


Ten years later

James and Lily Potter walked in to the headmaster of Hogwarts' office, they were followed by their two best friends, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. The four had been living at Hogwarts ever since that fateful day ten years ago when they had lost their first and only baby, for Harry was always seen as a baby to Sirius who was his Godfather and to Remus who was an Uncle in all but blood.

Lily and James had been called to the office for an emergency revelation by Albus, who although didn't invite Remus and Sirius, seemed to expect them to come anyway, as his eyes twinkled when he saw them.

"You wished to see us Albus?" James stated, his happy face façade, ruined slightly by his haunted and sad looking eyes.

"I have made a startling discovery that I thought I should tell you about." replied the aged headmaster.

"You found Harry?!" was the predictable shout from Lily.

James and Sirius shook their heads sadly, even now after ten years she hadn't given up hope of finding her boy. She asked this question every time someone said they had made a discovery or had found something worth while. Harry's body had never been found and that was all the incentive she needed to start on her campaign that Harry really was alive, just lost. They didn't know how right she was.

"Lily love, please don't." James replied painfully.

"Actually James, Lily's right, I have found Harry. He is very much alive."

Stunned silence followed this statement, then hope and finally incredible happiness.

"Where? Where is he? Where is my boy?!" James demanded.

"I don't know."

Everyone's faces fell, if it wasn't such a serious matter they probably would of laughed at each others comical faces.

"What? But…" James stuttered at the aged headmaster.

"I have found Harry, but I do not know where he is, you see he is on the Hogwarts waiting list, I shall send him a letter and see if he replies back, if he comes to Hogwarts then you will, without a doubt, be reunited with him again."

"I…I…He's really alive?" asked James tentatively.

"Yes I assure you that if Harry really had died all those years ago, his name would have been removed from the list, also I feel bound to tell you that nothing can fool the list, not Polyjuice potion, glamour charms or false names."

"Oh my god, my baby's out there all alone!" Lily yelled.

"Lily please calm down, I have already sent the letter to him and he should be receiving it first thing in the morning. I have asked him to come immediately to Hogwarts via port key, if he wishes to come the port key will activate."


Meanwhile 400 miles away in an abandoned house, ten year old Harry James Potter, was sitting on the windowsill, of an upstairs bedroom, reading a magic book. He was incredibly intelligent for his age and had been practising wandless magic for the five years in which he had been able to read. He had had to teach himself everything, reading, writing, cooking and cleaning, although the latter two came easier now that he knew magic.

He had been abandoned on the streets by his so called 'carer' and then had proceeded to being chased mercilessly by a gang of older teenagers with knives when he had wished him self far away from them, somewhere safe, he had wished so hard that he had just vanished and reappeared in this dilapidated house, what's more is that he had been in this house before! As he had walked around here a mere boy of four, the flashbacks came thick and fast, some made him happy, others made him incredibly scared and sad. He saw his parents for the first time, he saw his 'Uncles' Padfoot and Moony. But he also saw him, the traitor Wormtail, Harry had always held a very personal grudge with the man, even when he was too small to understand why, he never let him hold him or play with him, not without a fight and Harry mostly ignored him if he talked to him.

He had also found a few toys that had sparked flashbacks of good memories he had of playing with his parents or his Uncles, but what he mostly treasured were the photos. Two whole albums filled with pictures of him and his parents right back to when they were babies themselves. It also held pictures of his Uncles and a few other people he didn't recognize.

After staying here for a few weeks he had found out that the food in the fridge seemed to reappear after he had closed the door. He wasn't complaining about this as he had no money and no wish to steal. He had also found the library, it was here that he spent most of his time, he started out on the baby books that were on one shelf, and taught himself to read by spelling out the words out loud. He then went on to slightly more complex books and after he got the basics of reading he came across a dictionary that he still read to this day. It had been his source for everything he knew, all the words he knew, it was the reason for his almost perfect pronunciation and grammar. Although he didn't know it he knew more words and complex sentence structures than most of the adults in the world. When he was five he had stumbled upon his first magic book and was so enthralled by it he never went back to his story books, he went straight on to magic, and after reading a lengthy introduction for beginners he had cast his first spell, the levitation charm. He had been so excited and surprised he had broken the connection and dropped the book he was levitating with his finger. He had progressed from there on to the spells he had needed to learn, like quick cooking and cleaning spells, after all he couldn't go on eating bread and fruit and living in a filthy house for the rest of his life. He had found the spells he needed and cleaned all the dust and, god forbid, blood from the house leaving it spotless. He had also found a basic and a more complex repairing charm and had used them to fix the doors, windows, vases and picture frames that were broken, he had then used the more complex spell on the wall to his nursery, he had always felt unsafe living in a house with no front door and no left side wall.

He hadn't counted on the magic making him so tired though, and the advanced repairing charm had taken so much out of him he had collapsed and fell straight to sleep then and there on the floor.

Now he was ten years old, almost eleven in fact, if the captions on the pictures of his birth were correct, which he had no doubt that they were.

He had rapidly progressed at casting his magic, he had gone straight through the library and found that nearly all of the books in it was based on magic. He had found old tattered books on spells and charms, journals and documents on potions and even a few books that looked pristine, despite how old they were, on ancient magic and blood magic. He was ecstatic when he found his first potions book, the other books he had read named a few potions in them, but never told you how to make them. Harry had set straight to work using a conjuring spell he had learned to get a cauldron and then searching high and low for potions ingredients, he found them in the attic of all places. He had set to work on making his first potion at the age of six and had quickly found out that it was incredibly difficult but that hadn't stopped him at all, in fact it had spurned him to try harder and harder at it and all he had done was merely found out where he went wrong by reading the journals and scriptures and try again. Only then did he realise that potion making was, to put it bluntly, an art, that needed precise measurements, steady hands and a lot of concentration.

He studied and studied, it wasn't like he had anything better to do, and by the time he was nine he had completed almost the entire Hogwarts curriculum (not that he knew that he had, he had just read and practised all the spells, and what not, that were in the library.) and then some. He was a perfect potion brewer, after learning from his mistakes he had trained himself to pour out exact measurements and to steady his hands to cut finely and perfectly. He had learnt many spells, charms and even hexes, jinxes and curses. He didn't too much like the curses but he had learnt everything else and he decided that he might as well learn them, you never knew when they would come in handy, especially in the future and especially if he needed to get away from anymore gangs. He was now reading a book on very advanced dark magic, it was frowned upon in society, but to be honest he had read absolutely everything else. He was currently sitting in his favourite spot for reading, he had sat almost everywhere in the house, in chairs, on beds, on sofas and even a table or two, before he sat on this windowsill, and he found himself sitting here for most of the day, every day, either reading or, when thinking deeply, looking out on to the horizon. He had come to a particular passage of curses and he knew immediately that he would never try any of them, unless he was in a dire situation, they were called the Unforgivables and any use of them upon a fellow human being was enough to land you a life time ticket to Azkaban, and Harry, after reading about Azkaban, had no wish to ever go there. He did however study the theory of them, and as the sun rose on the horizon Harry had no idea that this day would completely turn him upside down and change his life forever.


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